Beth’s 15-Minute Chicken Dijon and Asparagus Recipe

– Hey guys. I have another real time
recipe for you this week, and today we are making Dijon chicken with sautéed asparagus. It’s one of my favorite dinners, and this could be the
easiest real time recipe yet. You will amazed how quick and easy this dinner comes together. Okay, so the first thing we’re going to do is get our chicken sliced. So one of the things that
really makes a difference when you’re trying to cook something fast is make sure that your meat is very thin, because that is going to help
this cook up a lot quicker. So all I’m doing is just
cutting the chicken breast, so you can see, on the side here. Thinning the slice. And opening it almost like a book. You can see that? So this would be called butterflied, if we were going to butterfly it. We’re not actually going to butterfly it. We’re going to actually keep going, and we’re going to cut it in half. So what that does is give
us two cutlets there. And the reason we want to do this is because this is a recipe for four, so it’s a little more economical this way because now we have four chicken breasts that we made out of two. And then we’re going to pound it. We’re going to actually pound it thin, which is going to make it even thinner and allow it to just cook all the faster. I just took a meat mallet, and I’m just gonna give it a whack. Don’t go too nuts, because
you don’t want to really pulverize the poor thing. You just want to pound it, see? And that’s also going to create a more even surface, so when you go to sauté it, it’ll look better. See, just like that. I’m just going to put them on my plate. And I’m going to do the same
exact thing with the other one. We’re just going to take– The thickest part of the
breast I think is the easiest. And then you’re just going to cut it. It really helps if your knives are sharp. I’m a big fan of getting
your knives sharpened every now and again. Okay, there we go. See, I’m just going to cut it like that. And then cut it down the middle. Almost looks like a heart. And then we’re going to give it a pound. And just reuse it. Just a little wax paper, but you could use parchment paper too. Okay. There we have it. All right, I’m just going
to go dump this in the sink. Hang on. Stick with me. And then I’m just going to wash my hands so that we don’t have
any cross-contamination. Here we go. Rinse, rinse. Okay. Now the next thing we’re going to do is we are going to season our chicken with a little salt and pepper. So for something like this, because the chicken is so thin, I’m actually not going
to season both sides, because then it would just be too salty. So because the chicken is so thin, you really don’t need
to season both sides. You’re just going to do one side. And that also will save you time too. All right. Then we are going to heat
some oil in our nonstick pan. Now it does help that this is nonstick. I would recommend that,
because it’s just easier to get a really nice sear on your chicken. I’m going to use some coconut oil. This is my new favorite oil of choice when I’m sautéing meat at
a very high temperature. Because it has a higher smoke point, and apparently it’s a little
healthier than olive oil when you’re dealing
with high temperatures. So we’re just going to
take like a teaspoon. See it’s actually not even that much. And it also melts really quickly. So you’ll see this will
not take much time at all. So we’re just going to wait
until this is nice and melted. Now I love this recipe, but I have to say I’ve gotten into some really funny discussions with my
husband about this recipe, because I tried to feed
this to our children once and he said, “Beth, don’t feed children “mustard at an early age.” And I said why is that? And he said, “In France we don’t do that “because it starts to
affect their palate.” I burst out laughing. I’ve never heard that before. So I am asking all of
my French subscribers: Broderick, Cecile, Claylea, is this true? Did you guys grow up eating mustard, and if you did, then I think
it’s one of his things. Sometimes I don’t know. Is this a French thing, or is this like one of his funny things? And I’m sort of beginning to think it’s one of his funny things. Okay, so we’re going to
put our chicken in there. Let’s make room for all of it. Let’s see. Here we go. And it’s okay if like your
breast starts to come apart like this don’t worry
about it, that’s okay. We’re going to cover this
whole thing in sauce. No one will ever know. This is the only reason why
I like these nonstick pans. You see how I’m actually able
to move this chicken around? If this was not a nonstick pan,
it would be stuck on there, and you couldn’t move it at all. It would start to break apart and turn into a really big mess. So I highly recommend a
large nonstick skillet in the kitchen, ’cause
it’s a great thing to have. So we are just going to
let that cook and sear and get nice and brown. I’m going to go put this in the sink. I’m going to do another
rinse just in case. All right. Now the next thing we’re going to do is prepare our asparagus. So I love asparagus,
especially this time of year, ’cause you’ll start to
see it come into season. And it’s a beautiful vegetable
to make in the Spring. Now one of the things that I hear a lot when people hear about asparagus is they kind of make that face like, “Hmph, it’s so mushy.” I think because a lot of
people have steamed asparagus, and that’s not the best
way to eat asparagus. Personally for me, I think the best way is at a high temperature. So either roasted or sautéed, and that’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to sauté it so
that it gets nice and charred, and it still remains green and crisp, and is really the best
way to eat asparagus. Just going to give this
a rinse real quick. In here. Just because you never know. You want to rinse off your veggies. All right. Asparagus is something I’ve always wanted to see if I could grow. Unfortunately, I don’t think
it’s cold enough here in L.A., so I have not attempted it. But who knows, maybe next Spring I will. And in fact, if you guys
are interested in gardening, today is the day that I have
launched my gardening channel. I am so excited about this channel. So you guys have been asking me, “When are you going to launch?” Today’s the day. So after this recipe is done, you can head over there and
you can see my garden tour. It’s the launch episode, and
it’s basically an updated tour of everything that is
growing in my Winter garden. So I hope you subscribe. I hope you check out the videos. I’ll be posting things probably once every three weeks or so. Okay, so back to our asparagus here. So what I’m going to do is
probably flip this chicken. It’s probably time. You can see it’s time
to flip when the chicken starts to become white around the edges. Then you can just give it a good flip. We’re going to cook it on the other side. Again, we are just going
to trim this asparagus. And all we have to do really
is just cut off the edges. But you know what, before I do that, let’s get our olive oil going in this pan. So I basically just want
to heat up some olive oil. Now I do like to use olive
oil with a vegetable, because we’re not going to be searing it at such a high temperature. We’re just going to be
lightly sautéing it. And also there’s so much
more flavor in the olive oil, which is really great for the asparagus, because we’re not going to
put a ton of seasoning on it. Just a little drizzle will do it. And then we’re just going
to quickly chop off the ends of our asparagus. Give that a chop. Now I love to try to feed
asparagus to my kids. I try to tell them they’re
Mother Nature’s french fries. Doesn’t always work. But you might try that with your kids. See if that works for you. They’re so delicious. It’s such a great combination with the mustard sauce you’ll find. And this recipe is really
good also for entertaining. So it’s great for a week night meal, but if you have like guests
that are dropping in, and you need to do something
quick that looks good, this is a great go-to recipe. ‘Cause you pretty much
have everything on hand, and all you really need to do is go out and get the
asparagus and the chicken. All right. I’m just going to let that sauté. And then we’re just going to
season it with a little salt. And a little bit of pepper. Now you can just let
them hang out in there, because as I mentioned, we’re just going to want to let them char. As it’s cooking, they’ll
sort of char and sauté, and we can just keep flipping them. All right. So now our chicken– Our chicken is looking pretty good. It cooks so quickly when
it’s pounded thin like that. Let’s give that another second. All right, let me get rid
of my little scraps here. You can make room for everything else. Basically what we’re going to be doing– We’re going to be making a
sauce and it’s really easy. We’re just going to take
half a cup of chicken broth. A little bit of mustard. Now this Amora mustard. This is a French product. This is what I bring home from France. Everybody always asks me, “What do you bring home
when you go to France?” Like a case of this stuff. It’s the best mustard. It’s great in salad dressings. It’s great for this. I know it’s a very common thing in France. You find it in all the grocery stores, and people who are French always laugh, and they’re like, “You like that mustard?” And I’m like yes, it’s really good. So if you have any
trips planned to France, pick up some of that. What we’re going to do– We’re going to get our serving
platter all ready to go here. So we’re basically just going
to take off our chicken. And we are going to put it on our platter. And we just want to kind
of let it rest here. While we get the rest of the meal ready. All right. Oh, that’s sizzling. Kind of quiet it down there. Okay, so we got our chicken ready. Our asparagus is looking good. Okay. Now for the sauce. First thing we’re going to
do is we’re going to take a half a cup of our chicken
broth and pour that in there. And then we’re going to
take some of our mustard. You’re just going to add about
two teaspoons of the mustard. So I’ll take one, two. And then we’re just going to whisk this up just to combine the mustard
with the chicken broth. And then we’re going to add a teaspoon of this dried tarragon. So I love cooking with dried herbs, especially during the week
when you’re really busy, because you don’t have to chop them. All you gotta do is just measure it out. And you still get a lot of flavor, and sometimes more concentrated flavor with the dried herbs. So really just a teaspoon will do it. And we’re going to stick that in, and as this sauce starts to heat, that tarragon is going to start to infuse the broth and the mustard. So it’s almost like making a little tarragon tea if you will,
because the tarragon flavor really comes out with the hot liquid. Okay, then we’re going to
just see if our asparagus is looking good, which it is. All right. You can start to see
some of those beautiful charred marks on the asparagus. It really brings out their flavor. That can really just hang out there. So now we want to bring this broth to a little bit of a boil. Because what you want to do is, you want to reduce this
sauce down a little bit so that it’s not so liquidy. And then while that’s happening– Here, we can just clean
this up a bit here. I’m going to add some heavy cream. I know. It’s just a little indulgence, but it is going to make
this sauce so delicious. Now if you didn’t want
to add the heavy cream, if you’re trying to watch what you eat, totally get it, then you
could let this sauce cool down and then add about a tablespoon
of low fat sour cream. But you want to make sure that the sauce is really cooled down or
it will start to curdle. So see I’m just going to take a tablespoon and maybe a half. And then we’re going to stir that up. And I’m going to turn off this asparagus. Make sure we don’t burn it. And then this… sauce. We just want to let that simmer and kind of thicken up a bit. So it will just take a minute or two. Now we’re going to take our asparagus. So this is looking delicious. And we are just going to
put this on our platter. Just like this. There. Here we go. You can see how beautiful that is. Such a pretty color. All right, we’ve got our last ones here. Here we go, okay. And the sauce is looking good. And we are going to
pour this over the top. See you can see how
beautiful this will look. You can either pour it over the top, or you can serve it on the side. Either way. But see how elegant and
beautiful and quick this was? So this would be great for a dinner party. On a weekend or a week night. Either way. Now I will say this. If you have time and you wanted to add 20 to 30 more minutes onto this recipe, this goes really well with my fool-proof roasted potato recipe. So I’ll leave a link in the description. And you can check that out too and really round out the meal. But there you have it.
(bell dings) Dijon chicken with a sautéed asparagus made in less than 15 minutes. I hope you guys give this one a try, and let me know what you think. And I will see you back here next week for another easy recipe. Until then, bye. ♫ You know I coulda been a painter ♫ Mix in some color to your lives ♫ Create a disaster piece ♫ Named the man and he is God of the wife ♫ Some day ♫ La la la la la la ♫ One way ♫ La la la la la la la la ♫ Some day ♫ We can make it out of here ♫

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