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– Hey guys, happy New
Year, I hope everybody had a fabulous holiday season and I’m sure you’re all ready for something a little bit healthier and lighter after all of the
decadence of the holidays. I know that I am. (laughs) So I thought today I would share how to make my delicious,
easy white chicken chili which is healthy but also comforting so you don’t feel like you’re
sacrificing on anything. You can make a big batch of it to last throughout the week which you can use for quick and easy dinners
or even the lunchbox. Let me show you how to put it together. So the first thing we’re going
to do is cook our chicken. I like to use skin on,
bone in chicken breasts. You can put those on a baking sheet and pop them in a 350
degree Fahrenheit oven for about 40 to 45 minutes just until your chicken is cooked through. Then you can allow them to cool while you prep the rest
of the ingredients. Then in a large Dutch oven you’re going to add some olive oil. You’re then going to add two
cups of diced white onion. And you wanna cook those onions just until they become
translucent and fragrant. And then to that you’re gonna add eight cups of chicken broth, one can of cannellini beans that you’ve drained and rinsed, and one bag of frozen corn. Now if you can get the frozen corn that’s already charred, I’ve been seeing that a lot lately, that’s even better ’cause you’ll get a nice
smoky taste with it. But if not regular corn works too. Then to that you’re also gonna add half a teaspoon of salt,
three garlic cloves that have been minced, three teaspoons of ground cumin, a
teaspoon of smoked paprika which I love just because it gives you that really nice smoky flavor. A teaspoon of dried oregano, and then I also like to add some cayenne pepper. So depending on how much heat you like you can go anywhere from
an eighth of a teaspoon up to a quarter of a teaspoon. If you don’t like spicy things, then I would probably leave it out because the green chilies
that we’re gonna add are gonna add some heat as well. So you wanna simmer this just until the beans and the corn are warmed through and softened and then at this point I like to use my immersion blender. So if you were lucky enough
to get one for Christmas, this is a really great way to use it. Which is just to go into a soup, to blend it a little bit
but not totally puree it. Because we do want our chili to still be a little bit chunky. If you don’t have an immersion blender at this stage you could also transfer it to a regular blender but just
don’t puree it up all the way. Then at this stage you’re going to add four ounces of green chilies. I find the easiest ones,
especially this time of year when you need it to be simple, is just to use the canned chilies and then that way you can also get the fire-roasted kind which I think also adds an additional flavor to this. And then we are going to add our chicken. So you just wanna remove the skin, take it off the bone, and
shred it into bite-sized pieces and then you can add your chicken. I do like to add two tablespoons of chopped fresh cilantro
just at the end there. And then with chili for me
it’s all about the toppings. So here’s how I like to top it. I like to do a sprig of cilantro, some sliced avocado which you can do by slicing the avocado in the actual skin and then scoop it out with a spoon and then you’ll have really nice slices that you can fan out onto the chili. And then I also like to do
some toasted tortilla strips which you can either make in an air fryer, they do so well in that
and it’s so quick and easy. Or you can also put them in the oven. And then I also like to serve this with some fresh lime
wedges because I think it really brightens all the flavors. And then if you’re craving something a little more comforting with this chili, I tell you it pairs really well with my cheesy, chivey cornbread. And if you haven’t seen that
video you can click here. And if you want more warming soup ideas, you can click there. All right you guys I hope you enjoy this recipe, let me know how it turns out and I will see you back here
next week, until then bye!

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    It's looking awesome Beth!!! I'll try this one too! We love you😍

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  7. Matt C says:

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  8. susanreedy29 says:

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    Great recipe Beth. I've been having problems with link provided in the Find of the month spoiler alert email. It's showing the December item, not the January item.

  15. Entertaining With Beth says:

    Hi Guys, for all of you who signed up for the "Find of the Month Club" the link in the email that was sent yesterday for some reason is showing the wrong video! So sorry about that! Here's the correct video! Hope you enjoy! 🙂

  16. jack rudden says:

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  42. Nataly Valdez Berthet says:

    I love this! Beth is it too much to ask you for a Must haves for entertaining (I mean from the dish es to the silverware and everything in between). I WOULD LOVE TO WATCH YOUR TIPS.

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