Betty Crocker Crispy Skillet Potatoes

hello thank you so much for coming back
to join me for today’s prepackaged item so I have the Betty Crocker crispy
skillet potatoes so if you’d like to get more about these plus see how good they
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way you are notified okay so these are new at my local grocery store I did pick
up the roasted garlic and herb and I guess these are try like an all gone
potato but they’re crispy so they’re ready in 20 minutes there are four
servings so prepare 210 calories let’s see yeah looks pretty good so what we
need is we need one and a half cups of water and three tablespoons of vegetable
oil so I’m going to go ahead and get those ready okay so I have my water my
oil and I just turn my stove on to high and then go ahead and add the potatoes and we’re just going to go ahead and let
this come to a boil hey so it’s come to a boil so I’m going
to go ahead and turn it on to medium and I’m going to cover it and let it cook
for about ten minutes okay so I’m gonna go ahead and sprinkle the seasoning
packet over the potatoes and give it a good toss okay I’m going to let go ahead and let
these cook for another 10 minutes uncovered and we’re gonna stir it we’re
going to stir them once in a while just that way they can get a little bit crisp okay so here are the finished potatoes
I’m gonna go ahead and give them a try I’m gonna try too many but there we go
let’s go and try these it’s no good Oh I don’t think I I don’t really like the
Betty Crocker skillet potatoes the Christy Scylla potatoes um I think I
just prefer like regular ah gratin or scalloped they almost don’t feel like
they are cooked enough and then some of them are crispy and then there they
taste kind of greasy but I mean there is three tablespoons of vegetable oil in it
so I’m gonna see what Shawn things about all let you guys know down below in the
description box what Shawn thought of it but I don’t know I I don’t think I like
these very much I think I’d rather just do a gratin or scalloped so yeah if you
like crispy stop or I don’t know then you might like these but for me
personally they are a no-go so um but thank you so much for watching I hope
you did enjoy this week’s prepared item if you did who’s going to give the video
a thumbs up and share it leave a comment down below have you tried the new Betty
Crocker crispy skillet potatoes what did you think of them I would love to know
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