what’s up guys welcome to the vlog
welcome back to my channel today is such a beautifully warm day out here in Los
Angeles California it actually feels like summer and what we’re going to be
doing today is we’re gonna be taking advantage of this warm summer day even
though it’s the middle of winter and we’re gonna be in the pool we’re gonna
be doing biggest splash wins we got Bailey and stuff up there we’re
gonna take this Lego house is being modified as we speak because we are
going to move it closer to the deep end so it’ll be more easy to jump off from
the top into the deep end of the pool so we can do it the biggest splash
competing in today’s challenge we got quite the lineup starting over here on
the left we got to enter we got let’s go already know I’m gonna win good Lizzie
do you Lizzie the only girl competing in today’s challenge you guys give Liz a
thumbs up oh my okay you think you’ll have the
biggest flush today yep up next we got stuff I’m gonna have I mean do we got
stuff you say big strategy in today’s Flash challenge and of course I will be
competing in today’s challenge because it is a hot summer day well it’s
actually whatever but it feels like a hot summer day out here in LA and we’re
taking advantage of it today by being in the pool so let’s get sort of at level
one yeah yeah shad you have been thinking about overnight you know how I
got to land in the water but you’ll see later in order to measure the height of
each splash we have a state-of-the-art camera tripod it all on this side of the
pool where we are going to watch in slo-mo the height of each splash that
way we will know who had the biggest this challenge will have three levels
the first level will be on the ground on the little mini trampolines we will then
move to the double stack trampoline and then finally we will go all the way to
the top of Lego tower and jump into the deep end the smallest splash will be
eliminated after the end of each round we’re gonna keep doing that until we go
to only at one person the person with the biggest flash is going to win all
right first batter up I need the runway
cleared please you hit about a 10-foot splash pretty
good hey you know off the trampoline 1 foot 10 feet as we have a tough
competition and what can I say hey hey prepare all you have to do is not be the
smaller splash to move on to the next round you don’t have to be the biggest
not yet ok it is not the smallest let’s people and do Iranian prints did you
hear what my splash is gonna sound like that’s me
we got Flat Stanley why am i Flat Stanley Ryan you got 5 seconds alright
look at this limo you had a score of 4 feet which puts you in second place
behind bailey’s a 10-foot splat pretty big all right I’m up Splash Mountain is
up I just got to be four feet yeah that’s nothing
are you ready three two I’m actually kind of scared one I think it was less I think it was worse
I don’t even think slash Malik did not splash
snow of your final score was three feet which puts you’ve won football right
flash man you letting me down but you know how you drop something so heavy
it actually makes no splash that’s what happened here I think all right you’re
up next if I can get a bigger splash than Splash Mountain we’ve got a problem not bad I can tell you that be tried and
so initially let’s look at the slow-mo we’ll see if it fails the final score is in you got seven feet
all right failure one not bad not Hangul we still
got Liz and I Oh everyone’s still in the running
right now stuff you might you know you’re in last right now the smallest
splash of this round does not move on to the next row but we still have Liz and I you should be scared of round two or
round three that’s scary I lose is going for a not to run up she’s just going for
just the jump that was the closest you had a weird jump on take off can you not
put in the video it’s embarrassing oh we got to leave it in I can’t tell if yours
with smaller than stoves or stoves was smaller so it might be a tie but we’re
gonna revisit that I still have to go if mine’s worse than I’ll lose but
otherwise we might be able to do a little tiebreaker out on this first
round but here we go I gotta go bail and hand it off to you guys vote for me Team
Carter let’s go I got soaked now that was higher than
the trampoline I think we’re gonna have to review that footage it’s massive that’s what I’m saying what
are you guys talking about I think I might owe one well I would say I’m
behind Tanner I got six I don’t know if I beat Bailey or if I beat Tanner by for
sure beats splashing into flats Daniel is non-existent there’s no splash there
all right guys so the way this is gonna work because stove and Liz are both the
smallest splash they about tied it’s hard to say who is actually smaller than
the other because they’re both teeny tiny we’re gonna I’m gonna give you guys
a bye and if you can do a belly flop successfully off the trampoline then
we’ll let you move on to the next round otherwise you are eliminated and you
will not be winning the $10,000 today so that’s the only way you guys can stay in
the challenge is if you do a belly pop off the little trampoline okay you can
do a belly flop you will stay in today’s challenge you ready yeah I’m ready
all right she’s going for the belly flop no way Liz my god she’s soaked the camera guys all right
stove you’re gonna be eliminated unless you could send a belly-flop just like
that that was insane that was beautiful at out and smack the water yeah would
you would you say that’s left yeah that definitely swamped that’s what are you
gonna do you eliminate it are you going for the bill I’ll attempt at it you know
I can’t be eliminated just like that Splash Mountain can’t be eliminated if
it’s a splash challenge come on are you ready okay that does not count sub did
not successfully do a belly flop so he is eliminated he will not be moving on
to round number two but everybody else will so everybody else is still in the
running for the $10,000 grand prize let’s move on to the double stack
trampoline and see who can get the biggest splash round number two Bailey
you’re up what gets you up on the double stack cop Bailey your splash is pretty big it
was ten feet again so it actually wasn’t any bigger from going off it was like
more water but the height was only ten feet I got to change my technique all
right I was experimenting just to see the Sun else would work to get me more
splash but I’m gonna change something last if I get into the next round
all right remove it onto a flat Stanley where you at right what does that even
mean Ryan doesn’t even know if my family is guys comfortable look you read that
book flat seven What did he say early rewind that
did you hear what my splash is gonna sound like no one right I actually heard
that noise when you judge but he did accomplish a goal but there wasn’t a
splash I think we had like two feet let’s look at the replay okay you guys are counting you guys are
talking to droplets from kids and then it’s like the top right you just went
off a double stack and you only had a three and a foot splash it doesn’t make
any sense you’re a technically in second place for
this round here we go guys Tanner is going for round number two I think he’s
got something interesting up his sleeve let’s see what he can do how high it
looks through the lens but I mean six feet and this is only round two we still
have a lot higher to go in that Lego tower it look decent I’m gonna look at the
slope oh wow all right Liz you did good you got six feet I guess I’m up next
it’s time for me to show you guys how to do this guys I grew up on swim team
jumping off a diving board and stuff and we kind of saving it I’m gonna send a
huge 15-foot splash on this one it is a little scarier once you get up
and you’re looking down you know if I need a cool nickname the stove’s gonna
be Splash Mountain Oh Big Kahuna look out this
I like the vid all right here we go looking at my technique on that what I
just came to created I did not deliver what my plan was but that being said I
wasn’t a small splash I think I’m safe on this round let’s see who gets my gear
out we might actually out you had a splash of three feet off of something
that was like six feet with a nickname like Flat Stanley how do you expect me
to do it’s gonna refer to prove people wrong you’re supposed to stand up to the
stereotypes of being flat oh man all right guys well there’s only
four people left Bailey toad Liz and myself we’re moving on to the Lego tower
it’s a $10,000 big splash whoever’s got the biggest on this one is gonna take it
home I’m ready yeah I need another son ready you ready I’m ready anticipation
over I’m cold so it’s time to get it ready yo you were up there dude oh that whole look at the title way of
coming through we drove up apparently y’all sound excited some I’m not there I
mean you thought height limerence really changed is your difference alright I
mean who’s next is it no it’s an Emmy this is six feet up this is tonight I don’t know if it was higher than
Bailey suppose a solid splash I’m so scared I’m literally so much oh this is
so sketchy should I actually do it or just win
okay okay ready three two ready yeah she did it lives you overcame your fears
you did it she’s dumb she’s outlaw me this is the last round the only thing
that’s left is for me to go and we’re gonna judge the winner based on who has
the biggest flash to see who won so Bailey you actually had the second
smaller splash out of the four of us in this last round yeah it was lives of the
smallest year the second smallest so the winner really comes down to being Tanner
it’s hard to say who had the bigger splash I’m not sure if I could
definitively say which one was bigger look you guys can let me know what you
think so I think the settle this we’re gonna do rock-paper-scissors and Tanner
might take home $10,000 today and he won an iPad in the other challenge video who
is that so let’s see if he’s gonna be a little bit of a winning streak right oh
he won an iPad so it’s just what it’s gonna be it’s gonna be one round $10,000
rock-paper-scissors oh all right everybody we’ve got the
$10,000 on the line Rock Paper Scissors shoot finally we have Tanner on the
right and Carter on the left swap that around cuz I’m on this side and three
two one Rock Paper Scissors shoot we share comes out on top with a super
unexpected paper play oh what a video guys biggest splash wins it was like a okay yes five sadly really came and helped me when today’s videos like a
summer day starting to get chilly now so we’re in the hot tub
hope you guys had fun we’ll see you guys in the next vlog ten thousand dollars oh
my god peace also guys team are just dropped some new t-shirts so if you guys
want one make sure you go check out tomorrow calm

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