Black Bean Soup | Slow Cooker Meals

Today I am super excited to be participating
in KIN Community’s New Year, New You Collaboration! Now for this collaboration dozens of YouTubers
have gotten together to post a new video every day through January with tips and tricks for
making 2015 your best year yet. For my part in this collaboration I’m sharing one of my
very favorite recipes that is perfect for #MeatlessMonday. Now this year I am really
concentrating on trying to eat less meat, and participating in #MeatlessMonday is a
great way to do that. It’s good for the environment, it’s good for your wallet and it’s certainly
great for your health. Today I’m going to share with you my recipe for my delicious
black bean soup, and the coolest part is it all cooks up in your slow cooker so it’s super
simple, you can just set it and forget it. For this beautiful soup I’m going to get started
with some red onion some celery and some diced red bell pepper. Now you have two options
here you can either dump these veggies straight into your slow cooker, that will totally work,
or if you want to get a deeper flavor you can saute them first on the stove, that’s
what I’m going to do today. So I’ve just got some oil heating up in a frying pan and to
that I’m going to add my veggies. To this I’m going to be adding some minced garlic
and some minced jalapeno. Now if you don’t like the heat you could totally leave the
jalapeno out but I totally enjoy the heat so I’m going to go for it. We’re going to
saute these for another 30 seconds and then we are going to add our spices. Now I love
to toast my spices before they go into the slow cooker because the flavor gets a lot
deeper and richer. So I am toasting up some cumin some chili powder and a little bit of
oregano. I’m going to heat these spices up for another 30 seconds and then I’m just going
to deglaze the pan using some vegetable stock. I’m going to pour with whole mixture into
my slow cooker and then I’m going to build the rest of my black bean soup. For this recipe
I’m using canned black beans, you could totally use dried black beans as well but you’ll want
to remember to soak them overnight to make sure they soften up enough. If you are using
canned black beans you can just dump the entire can straight into the slow cooker, you don’t
have to worry about rinsing or draining them. So I’m adding my black beans to my slow cooker
and to that I’m going to add some salsa. Now you could totally use just plain diced tomatoes
that will work just as well but I find that adding salsa adds even more delicious flavor
to the final soup. Super Good! And then the last step is topping up your slow cooker with
more vegetable broth. How amazing does this look, and I can tell you the house smells
incredible already. All I’m going to do is give this a really good stir, put on the lid
and then set my slow cooker for 6-8 hours. Of course the longer this simmers the more
delicious it’s going to be. Once your soup is ready you can use an immersion blender
to puree it. Now if you don’t have an immersion blender like this don’t sweat it at all you
could totally use a traditional blender as well but I will tell you, you need to be very
very cautious when you are blending hot liquids. So, watch this video for full directions on
the safe way to blend hot soup. You just want to make sure that this is in the soup before
you start blending otherwise you can make quite a big mess. Now I like to only puree
it half way so it’s got that smooth rich texture but it also still has some chunks of black
beans. That’s the best way as far as I’m concerned! Now that our soup is pureed we’re just going
to add one more delicious element. We’re going to squeeze the juice of two limes into our
soup. This is going to give it a really refreshing tangy flavor. I promise you that you do not
want to skip this step. We’re going to give this a good stir and then it’s time to serve
our soup. I like topping mine with a little bit of sour cream, some fresh avocado slices
and some fresh cilantro. How amazing does this look. Totally effortless to put together
and the final result could not be more delicious. I hope you’ll give this tasty recipe a try
and if you do be sure to tweet or instagram me a photo because you know I love seeing
what you’re coming up with in your very own kitchens. And of course be sure to check out
all of the other awesome videos in this New Year, New You collaboration, you will not
regret i!

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    Yum!! I love slow cooker recipes that uses fresh ingredients. So hard to find and this look delicious!!!

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  4. Espurrrxd says:

    yummmy!!! Do we have to blend it? too lazy haha. 

  5. Elli Gill says:

    Nice!!I Make It Almost The Same Way!All same Ingredients Only Difference I Add 1 Tbsp Of Tomato Paste,It Makes The Soup Thicker,I Never Blend But I'll Definitely Trying It And I Also Add Some paprika And A Little Cheese As Well..I Just Join Your Channel Couple Weeks Ago,Love How U Make Everything So Healthy Tasty!😋👌

  6. Studio Knit says:

    Can't wait to make your black bean soup! So healthy, filling, cozy, budget-friendly, and convenient! Happy New Year!

  7. Dishali Kaushik says:

    U didn't add salt..any reason

  8. stef Hubbard says:

    Wow, this looks amazing! New to your channel and am loving watching your videos 🙂 Do you think this soup would freeze well?
    Thank you x

  9. Abel & Cole says:

    We're loving your recipes & videos. Keep up the great work!

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    (HUG) Love all your recipes –  do you have a list of your healthiest videos?  healthiest muffins, cupcakes, soups, love o watch everything you have that is the healthiest:)

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    I love your videos, you create such great recipes. Could you please do a recipe with flaxseed. Thank you.

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  15. Mai Christine Yamane says:

    My boyfriend noticed that there is more calories in canned beans compare to dried ones. I know you opinions about canned tuna, do you have any preferences/opinions on other canned items?

  16. Jason Huynh says:

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    This soup looks delicious! My husband makes a vegan black bean and kale soup all the time for lunch and I'm going to share this with him to give him some more ideas for ways to change it up! We just got one of those immersion blenders too so this would be perfect for us. 

    I just posted my KIN New Year, New You video today too so I'm super excited to join you guys on this playlist! 🙂 I hope you're doing well. 

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    This was amazing! I had two servings, my husband three 😉 I had to adjust it a little bit, because not all of the ingredients are easily available in Italy. In particular, I think I may try to squeeze in some lemon or even an orange next time. Lime is imported here and doesn't really taste that much. Still I enjoyed the fresh flavour it added to the whole concoction. While stocks last (I cooked a big bowl that should get me through another couple of meals) I'll try to hit the ethnic market for some cilantro, I think that will really be the icing on the cake if I can find it 😛

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