Black Forest Cake on Pan | ব্ল্যাক ফরেস্ট | Pressure Cooker Cake | Recipe #34

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I’m Salma Welcome you all to your fav channel, SalmaTheChef My daughter’s birthday was on Jan 13, 2018 On occasion of my daughter’s birthday Made the black forest cake at home The cake had a stunning look And it tasted awesome too Today, I’ll share the same cake recipe I baked the cake in pressure cooker & pan Watch this video You will note, how easily You can bake black forest at home The ingredients needed for black forest cake All purpose flour 250 g Cocoa powder 35 g 100 g sugar Powder the sugar in mixie 100 g melted butter 3 eggs Boiled milk, 350-400 ml 1.5 tsp baking powder 1.5 tsp baking soda 3 tsp vanilla essence For cake & cream To make cake whipped cream 100 g sugar Grind into fine powder You can sieve the powder sugar After that add 1 tsp cornflour And refrigerate Till the cake is baked In this way, you can make icing sugar You need this to make whipped cream Take fresh cream [Heavy cream is better] Refrigerated the cream overnight After introducing the ingredients, I’ll put it back in fridge Till we … Start making whipped cream Please refrigerate the cream from previous night This makes the cream solid & remain on top And water settles at bottom 100 g cherry for decoration Finely chop 25 g cherry And we need … A big dark chocolate Now, we start preparing cake bater Let’s preheat pressure cooker before it In a pressure cooker add… 300 g – 400 g of salt Spread it uniformly Place a old steel bowl So, the heat is not in direct contact with cake tin If you place the cake pan directly on salt Then the cake may burn Do not put the weight valve of pressure cooker Remove the gasket too So, no pressure forms inside cooker Cover the lid & heat on low flame for 10 mins Meanwhile, we make the cake bater To make cake bater, first we… Need to sieve flour & cocoa powder Add flour, cocoa powder… Baking soda And baking powder in a sieve Mix with a spoon Then sieve it In a mixing bowl add melted butter… And finely powdered sugar Little by little & mix thoroughly You can use manual hand beater too It is readily available in market But, I’m using a electric beater You can see A creamy mixture is formed from sugar & butter Add one egg at a time And beat it Like this add 3 eggs one by one And make a smooth mix I’m making a 3 layer cake So, I make 3 different size cake Will make the big one in pan And the smaller 2 in pressure cooker First, I’ll make the middle layer cake Grease the pan like this Add little flour in refined oil Brush the inner surface Then stick butter/tracing paper The mixture got prepared… Add 2 tsp vanilla essence to it And mix it thoroughly again After that pour 1/3 portion of the mix In a separate bowl Note this down Once cake bater is made.. We cannot keep it long outside So, do not make all the cake bater at one go Make bater of 1 layer & bake Now, add 1/3 portion of flour-cocoa powder mix First need to mix it Use a hand beater like I’m using Cake bater gets nicely done by it Then add boiled milk little by little And mix Don’t pour all the milk at a time Then bater may get thin Don’t make the bater too thick And not too thin also When you make bater, stir in one direction only Else lump may form And air bubbles can form Notice my bater Make bater density like this Then the cake bakes perfectly Cake bater is made Now Pour it in greased pan To prevent air lock inside Tap the pan lightly Then place the pan in preheated cooker Cautiously In same flame, means in low flame Bake the cake for 25-30 mins Since, the bater quantity is less The cake will bake within this time On another burner I put a non-stick pan on low flame You can also use iron or… Aluminium pan to bake the cake Similarly, add salt … And place steel bowl & cover the top If you want In a single cooker 1 by 1 You can bake the cakes Notice, since the last layer is bigger in size Cake pan may not fit inside pressure cooker In that case use a big kadai It takes less time to heat non-stick pan So, 5 mins pre-heating is enough Now, we will make the bottom big layer of cake In this case take egg-butter mix And flour-cocoa mix little more in quantity And rest for the smaller cake Since, I already showed how to make bater I’m not showing again Else the video will get lengthy Almost 25 mins baking done Now, open the pressure cooker lid & check Take a rod or tooth pick Pierce inside the cake & check If bater sticks to rod [should not] Bake the other cakes like this too Bater did not stick to inserted rod Our cake is baked Turn off the flame All 3 of our cakes are spongy Allow all of them to cool down Meanwhile, we make sugar syrup And lightly boil chopped cherry in sugar syrup To make them pulpy For sugar syrup, heat pan on medium flame And add little water & sugar Mix & boil till light syrup In same pan on medium flame add little sugar Chopped cherries & water Boil for 3 mins & turn off the flame Cakes have cooled down Carefully remove the paper from cakes Then With help of a knife slice off a thin layer from cake top So, sugar syrup gets absorb nicely After this we need to make the whipped cream Take some ice cubes in a utensil Utensil that fits in this one Take another utensil like this Then cut the fresh cream pack And take out cream from top Discard water at bottom Electric beater is must to make cake cream Taking manual beater instead of electric beater You will lose patience to make cream with it Keep the electric beater running Till the thick foamy cream is formed After 30 mins, you will notice Cream gets tight Then add 1 tsp vanilla essence And half of icing sugar in it And run the beater again [Run for 10 mins] Then add the remaining icing sugar And continue running the beater Till a thick foam cream is formed [Total 1 hr time needed to have thick foam cream] Like to caution you all Give some rest to beater at 15 mins interval Running the beater continuously may burn the coil You can see the cream had thickened Need to run the beater for some more mins If ice melts at bottom Add some more ice Perfect whipped cream ready for cake Now, assemble the cake Good if you have turn table like this Else assemble the cake on A flat plate I could not get a cake board, so made it at home Put some cream on top And place the big cake So, the cake remains at one place Add little sugar syrup on it And wet it Then only the cake will be soft & tender After wetting add little whipped cream And spread uniformly On top Add boiled cherries Black forest cakes have chopped cherries inside It also adds nice flavour After adding chopped cherries Place the medium sized cake Similarly, brush sugar syrup And add thick layer of cream Then as usual add the pulpy cherries Place the small cake on top Similarly, brush sugar syrup After that… Put thick cream all over Creaming done on the 3 layer cake Now, from the dark chocolate Peel chocolate with a potato peeler After that With these chocolate peels Like I’m doing Decorate the cake You can use your own creativity You can guess now Cake will be very tasty Please try this recipe at home And if you like this recipe Share this with your friends Please sub my channel SalmaThechef to.. Help me move forward Now, take icing bag & … Nozzle of your liking Fill the icing bag You can buy icing bag & nozzles online or in sup market Without this bag & nozzle It is not possible to decorate nicely I used this nozzle Friends, isn’t the cake looking nice! Give a LIKE, if you like this recipe Share with your friends Put comment And to get update of my new recipes Subscribe my channel SalmaTheChef Also click the BELL icon So, as soon as I upload recipe video You get the email notification Please keep well Good Bye!

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