Blueberry Pancakes | Easy Breakfast Recipe

– Hi, I’m Lisa and this
is An Appetizing Life and today I’m making the most delicious, the most fluffy, yummy
blueberry pancakes ever. So let’s get started. (upbeat music) I am so happy we’re making
fluffy pancakes today. Now, before I get started,
you can mix these by hand or you can take a hand mixer and do that. I am using a stand mixer
courtesy of Wolf Gourmet. Thank you very much, Wolf Gourmet. I love this product. So we’re going to mix it
in the big stand mixer and you’ll see that in a little bit. So let’s get started. I’ve got my all-purpose
flour, organic flour. Sugar. Baking powder. And a little salt. Then I’m going to put all
the wet ingredients together. So I have my milk. One egg and I’ve melted some butter and I want to mix that really well. Trying to turn it so you
can see it without spilling. Technique. I’m getting strong too, all that whisking. There we go, so it’s
all blended really well. So we put the bowl in. I love how easy it is
to just raise that up so that it can get in
there and do its thing. I’m going to turn it on low to start and then I’m just going
to slowly stream that in. Turn it off and we’re ready
to add the blueberries. There’s my batter and I’m going to gently
fold in my blueberries and we’re ready to head to the griddle. Griddle’s hot over a medium heat. I’m going to add a little
bit of butter on there. Just going to get that going. You can use olive oil too if you’d like but the butter’s going to give
it a little bit more of a brown and I’m just going to come in. See if I can do this and not be too messy. This is probably about
a fourth cup of batter. I’m just going to do three. So my grandmother told me,
we’ll see if grandma’s right, when the edges start to look cooked and you have little bubbles happening, that’s when your pancake is ready to flip. You can blame my grandma
if that’s not right. (calm music) These are ready. All right, I added a little syrup. I am so excited. If you like this video,
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really well with this, you can click one of the two videos above and you know what I have to do? It is what? It’s two o’clock in the afternoon. It’s time for blueberry pancakes ’cause any time is time
for blueberry pancakes. Come on now. Don’t fight me. Mm. Oh yeah. I’ll see you in the next video. Yum.

4 comments on “Blueberry Pancakes | Easy Breakfast Recipe”

  1. APinchOfSpice says:

    Looks 😋

  2. Jenny Kim says:

    I love perfect pancakes! And that Wolf mixer looks awesome!

  3. Tony Graham says:

    Yes, Grandmother is absolutely right. However, you could burn those pancakes and I still would eat them. Or I could just cook you breakfast " Baby Boy" style.

  4. K Weaver says:

    Just in time for Saturday morning breakfast….😁

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