BONE MARROW Compound Butter, Raise your STEAK GAME!

[Music] when we’re talking about steaks whyyou is the obvious choice the greater of your steak is halfway there eating a what you steak is an experience by itself it’s incredible but today we’re gonna do something different I’m gonna show you how to take a choice great steak and make it taste like a million bucks raising your steak game to a different level so let’s do it and these are all the ingredients we’re gonna be using for the cook today remember exact amount and ingredients always in the description down below we start off with two beautiful ribeye steaks these I chose great even though their choice you can see has a great marbling be sure to choose wisely when you’re choosing yours it is important to season the steak well an under seasoned steak is plain and like always I’m seasoning with salt pepper and garlic powder even though I don’t always show in my videos I always season both sides including the edges you want your seasoning to penetrate deeply into the meat so every bite is flavorful my recommendation is to let it dry brine and what that means is that you’re gonna let your steaks it in the refrigerator seasoned this will allow the salt to penetrate deeply into the meat as the salt is penetrating some moisture will escape but if you let it sit you will go right back in this is the best method to season a steak to ensure that every piece will be seasoned to perfection I like to leave a brownie for at least an hour but for best results leave it overnight this is bone marrow you can get it from your local butcher or order it online like I did the dark parts you see inside of the bone marrow is blood here’s how to remove it fill up a container with water add some salt and throw them inside leave them overnight in the refrigerator the very next day pulled them out and you can see the difference to maximize the flavor we’re gonna be smoking it and I know some of you don’t have a smoker that is not an excuse I’m gonna show you several different ways to do it first get some aluminum foil and throw in some wood pellets these wood pellets are Hickory now roll them up tight and make a burrito when smoking anything you want some oxygen to go inside if not the fire will be completely put out to start the fire make a much larger hole this will make things easy to line it up on a very large pan that has a lid adding the bone marrows throw in your smoking burrito and light it up when lining it make sure you let it catch good before you close the lid and once that’s done let it smoke for two-and-a-half hours the next one is perfect for anyone that lives in an apartment or wants to do this indoors this is a smoke gun and it’s awesome adding a bunch of wood chips connect your hose turn it on and light the fire you will need additional smoke every 30 minutes but this is a great way to do it indoors the next method is my favorite and it works like a champ it is a cold smoker you add in your wood chips take it outside to your grill and light it up this method is great because there will be no refill needed you just set it and forget it now we’re gonna make this with maximum flavor and bacon is gonna help us get there but for this recipe you want to get a center cut bacon that’s the bacon that does not have a lot of fat we already have plenty of fat with the bone marrow this will add an amazing Amami taste it’s pretty straightforward let it cook in low heat to get maximum browning be patient and let it brown nice and slow you also want it as crispy as possible as we’re gonna be turning this into bacon bits once you’re done frying them up dry them very well we don’t want any additional grease throw them into a food processor or a blender and blend them fine once that’s done dried them well and our bacon bits are ready the smaller they get the better by that time my bone marrows were ready just by the color itself you can see the difference that that smoke made get a really tiny spoon make sure you get all of it out and there you have it the butter of the Gods and now we have all the ingredients we’re gonna be using to make the most incredible compound butter the next step is pretty straightforward start off with some garlic the bacon bits followed by the bone marrow a whole stick of salted butter and finish it off with some parsley make sure you blend everything well to a fine paste you really want to make sure that all the ingredients are combined well together once that’s done there you have it the best compound butter in the world this will take your steak game to a different level the next step is to put it in some clinch paper roll it nice and tightly and put it on your refrigerator so you can firm up after dry branding mistakes you can see there’s no longer any salt particles and the red color is a sign that the salt penetrated deeply into the meat and that’s what you’re looking for but now that we have these beautiful steaks ready my compound butter has also firmed up from being the refrigerator and once I opened it up and I sliced it oh yes I’m telling you right now you can put this in anything and you will make it ten times better I’ve even used it on pasta and it’s always a hit but now that everything is ready I’m gonna be front searing these beautiful steaks then I’ll be cooking them in indirect heat with my compound butter I’m shooting for a final internal temperature of a hundred and thirty five degrees Fahrenheit but I say it is enough talking and it is time to grill them so let’s do it [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] alright everybody we have our beautiful steaks here I got my nephew Angie oh he’s friend – Kay you ready for some steak – Kay absolutely just look Wow well let’s correct that he had steak many times but never on camera because anyway we leave that amount of time they want to see us try to stick so we have kind of a little experiment we have a beautiful steak a and B on our which one you guys like best sounds good yeah no you do don’t matter what it is I ain’t you go for it then this one first yeah don’t matter go for it okay steak a everybody cheers damn steak heaven everybody [Laughter] Wow just had a little piece of fat with it mmm I have enough mm-hmm so it is what we call a premium steak it’s not prime but it’s so good that it feels like almost prime right super super tender okay ready for the second steak let’s go come on over join you guys like let’s go for it yeah oh this one extender is just a standard steak number two cheers everybody oh boy no bacon you feel a little bigger than the angel a little bit different smokiness from the other one a lot better yeah yeah you feel a little different smell yeah this is good wow this is like wow this is like a ball it’s like it that’s the winner just so you know that is the winner it is a different level would you say it’s like a different level type of steak absolutely keep eating guys keeping when you make this kind of steak everybody regardless of what type of steak grade it is you can use it for choice you can use it for prime you can use it for it enjoy it that’s important to enjoy the state does not matter the type of steak by doing what I did which is guys I made a very special compound butter it has a little bit of bacon has a little bone marrow bone marrow has a little bit more garlic he’s just he’s just an extremely flavorful steak overall with a nice Pleasant you know what do you doing today I’m shaking your head okay hold on yeah but it’s the same steak it is the same exact steak no it tastes much more superior because of that butter over there and then additional flavor it completely changes it yeah changes it anyway guys I hope you guys got the point take your steak to the next level by doing that compound butter if you enjoyed this video make sure you give it a thumbs-up if you’re not a subscriber be sure to subscribe for future videos remember if you are interested in anything I use everything is always in the description down below thank you so much for watching and we’ll see you guys on the next one

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  1. Guga Foods says:

    Happy 4th of JULY 🇺🇸 everyone, may this COMPOUND BUTTER bring your 4th to the next level.
    Put it on EVERYTHING it's crazy good on BURGERS, Pasta, Bread, Prime Rib and FILET MIGNON!

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  3. Moreno Alverino says:

    What if you use it on Wagyu A5

  4. A S says:

    For this kind of steak, is it better to do a front sear ? Or can I try this using a reverse sear method?

  5. LAsHoGuY says:

    Angels pallet is on point lol

  6. Adrian says:

    Can I just vape on the bone marrow?

  7. Lisa Albarras says:

    This video is straight up carnivore porn!

  8. bigmouss919 says:

    you put saltbae to absolute shame man. i love your videos.

  9. Brandon Gagnier says:

    this guy has spent more money on steak then I'll earn this year. I envy you Guga! You're one hell of a COOK.

  10. muhd danial says:

    You are so friendly!

  11. Just_kickin_It says:

    Soon as i read "bone marrow butter" i clicked instantly

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