[MUSIC] Breaker, breaker one nine,
this is the Hungry Loon. And I’m in the mood for some breakfast. Can anybody tell me where
I can get some breakfast?>>What are you doing?>>[LAUGH] It’s my CB.>>No, it’s a potato ricer.>>Well I’m in the mood for some taters.>>Good God.>>[LAUGH]
>>Hey, everybody.>>[LAUGH]
>>Welcome to How to feed Loon, I’m Kris>>And I’m Wesley.>>The crazy, sleepy, hungry loon. Folks were so excited because today, in
case you didn’t pick up on our hilarious humor, we are making some
incredible potato breakfast food.>>You almost said it.>>I’m going to make some Hash Browns,
okay.>>[SOUND] [LAUGH]
>>So let’s make these incredible hash browns.>>Let’s do it!>>Lots of folks, including myself,
over the years have tried to make hash browns at home and
they’re always kind of good.>>Yeah.>>Sort of crispy on the outside, but
a lot of times they’re just sort of gray. And mushy on the inside.>>Gross.
>>And I’ve heard so many people, including myself like,
why can’t I make them like you get at your favorite drink stop or
your favorite diner?>>I know.
>>Well, there’s some tricks. And I finally have gotten it down. And I’m going to show-
>>We finally have it got down.>>We have got.
I’ve learned the technique. And you’ve mastered-
>>Eating it. [LAUGH]
>>Eating it. But it really, this is what works for
me every single time. And actually my dad kind of
clued me into this.>>That’s right.
>>Back when he was a kid, he, and his mom and dad had a diner, and they made
hash browns, and I did some research. So thanks, dad, this is the way to do it.>>[LAUGH]
>>All right, so first of all, there are two schools
of thought on how you can do this.>>Two schools.>>First of all, you can make your hash
browns with you refer to as raw potatoes.>>Yep.>>You just stick ‘ into the skillet and
some people kind of prefer that technique.>>Right.
>>If you’re going to do it that way.>>We’re. Yes. Yes.>>A really important thing to
remember is you need to get rid->>Of all the water.>>Of excess water,
potatoes contain a lot of water.>>Tons.
>>So you want to get rid [LAUGH] tons.>>[LAUGH]
>>You want to get rid of it, and you can do that with a CB.>>You want to
>>I mean, is it?>>It’s not a CB. [LAUGH]
>>It’s a. [LAUGH]
>>[LAUGH]>>So funny, it’s a ricer, and you know a potato ricer,
it’s a fancy way to make mashed potatoes. If you don’t have one of these-
>>Squish.>>You can just get a kitchen towel. And just wring the heck out of them,
and you can absolutely do that. I’ll tell you another technique
if you’re going to use raw potatoes in just a moment, but the way
I really like to do it is I like to get about four nice size russet potatoes. And then I put them into
a pot of just cold water. And then I bring that pot to a rolling
boil, and then I turn the heat off, and I let those potatoes sit in
that hot water for ten minutes. And then I remove the potatoes and
just let them cool, and then they’re going to stay,
those are called parboiled. And they stay partially cooked. It just sort of just magically
removes that excess fluid.>>You’ve actually kept them
in the refrigerator for like overnight and
they were still perfect the next day.>>It’s no problem to
do them ahead of time.>>Do it the night before if you
know you’re going to have a big family breakfast.>>Yeah, yeah, and I like it because
it kind of makes them a little, it gets that starch going and
gets them a little gummy like this. And anyway, I’ve gone ahead and
shredded three of those potatoes.>>Yes and I’m going to shred this one.>>I’ve got my food processor here,
I’ve got my medium shredder out. If you don’t have a food processor,
you can just get a box grater.>>I am, my name is Wesley. I’m not the food [INAUDIBLE] [LAUGH]
>>More of a box grater.>>[LAUGH]
>>But that’s a whole other story. Anyway, so now he’s going to hopefully
[NOISE], just, there you go!>>Oops, let’s get that little thing.>>No, that’s okay.
There’s always a little chunk at the top.>>All right.
>>But that’s okay. All right, so take that out. Now, again, I’ve already tested to make
sure there was no excess fluid in my little ricer, there wasn’t, so
that step is not necessary. So go a head, let’s just do this.>>Take that out there.>>If you do it, it’ll take till tomorrow. And then we are going to-
>>Here, take this with you.>>I’ll just put these in the fridge. Here is Eb, hi, Ebenezer. I get the fridge and
the sink mixed up a lot.>>And I’m going to move this.>>Okay, so now let me tell you what else
we’re going to add to this flavorful, it’s really pretty simple. I’ve got probably about, not probably, I’m going to do about half a teaspoon of
kosher salt that I’m going to mix in here. I’ve got a nice healthy pinch of black
pepper because I love black pepper. And then I’m going to take about two
tablespoons of finely diced onion. That is not necessary.>>The onions taste so good.>>But-
>>And I mean, they enhance the flavor.>>Yes.
>>But you’d never know if they were there.>>It’s one of those things again that
you eat it and you’re like, there’s so much onion in here.>>Am I eating a Whopper?>>Yeah.>>[LAUGH]
>>It just blends and it blends, and it gives a wonderful, wonderful flavor. So now, I’ve got-
>>You know what? I’m going to have a little coffee,
since it’s breakfast [LAUGH].>>You’re having some coffee,
that’s sweet. Okay, so now, I’ve got a skillet
here over medium high heat. And what I’ve got is I put three
tablespoons of bacon grease in there. And now you may be saying, bacon grease?>>Ooh, dear.
>>Believe me, I grew up in the South. You’re always going to
have a little jar of->>Everybody has a little jar.>>Whenever you make bacon, strain it and save it because it is
a great thing to cook with.>>Don’t they even have fat drainers,
little tin fat drainers?>>God, wouldn’t it be nice
if we had a fat drainer?>>[LAUGH] I know, stick me in it.>>But anyway, if you don’t have bacon grease you can
certainly use vegetable oil, no problem. And then what you’re going to do is you’re
just going to take these potatoes that you’ve shredded.>>That have no water in them.>>That’s right,
you’re going to put them in there.>>I mean,
you’ve got rid of the excess water.>>Yeah, you definitely do not want that,
any excess water to go in there because then it’s just-
>>Except for that oil.>>Yeah, that would be problematic.>>[LAUGH]
>>Okay, so now we’re going to just kind of get
these a little friendly with that bacon fat.>>I’ve seen you smash them down before.>>Yeah, well that’s what
I was getting ready to do. So I kind of get them sort of
nicely coated with the grease.>>With the oil, okay.>>With the oil.
>>Or the-
>>The bacon fat, yup, yup, yup. I mean, talk about flavor town. And then you’re just going to-
>>Would it be horrible if I had a little pinch?>>You can add another pinch.>>I like a little dose of pepper in my-
>>You like to pepper your life with.>>It reminds me of my dad. My dad would always put a lot
of pepper on his hash browns.>>My god, would you like
hash browns with your pepper?>>[LAUGH] All the time.>>Anyway, so now this is going to
cook for about 15 minutes, and you don’t really need to bother it. Don’t disturb it, you can if you
want to cut it up a little bit. What you have to remember, hash browns,
it’s a hash, so it doesn’t have to be like this beautifully formed casserole, but
after 15 minutes, we’re going to come back and we’re going to flip it, and it’s
going to be nice and gold on the bottom. And then you’re going to cook it for
another probably 10, 12 minutes and it’s going to be perfect.>>Yes.
>>Now, let me go back real quick and tell you if you are cooking these raw,
that’s great, but they need a little help in cooking because by parboiling,
I’ve already started the cooking process. So at this point you would want to cover
them, keep that heat on medium, so it really cooks as they brown. And then you’re going to be fine.>>Got it.
>>Okay, all right, yay! So we’re going to flip these and
then they’re going to be done.>>Bye, no, not bye, see you. [LAUGH] [MUSIC]>>All right, folks, so
we’re back, we have this->>Hey, welcome back to the Chris and Wesley morning show.>>[LAUGH]
>>Mmm.>>Hope you’re enjoying your day so far.>>[LAUGH]
>>Because we are loving ours because we’ve got this incredible finished
dish of hash browns, now look at this.>>Yes.
>>These are just perfectly cooked.>>Amazing.>>They are really crispy on the outside,
but they’re soft on the inside.>>Yes.>>They’re flavorful, they’re exactly
what you want in a hash brown.>>Yes, and those are exactly what we
get at a nice diner or a truck stop. Truck stops, I love truck stops.>>I know, I know.>>All right, [SOUND] here we go,
I’m going to taste it.>>Wonder what the hashtag would be for
these hash browns?>>[LAUGH] hashtag hash browns. I’m not going to put any ketchup on it. because I want to get the true
taste of the hash browns.>>I know, God, they smell so good.>>Are you at I-90? [LAUGH]
>>I-90 truck stop in my mouth.>>My God.>>Wow, those are so good. I’ll tell you that bacon fat really
lends itself to these hash browns.>>It makes pretty much
everything taste better.>>It is so good,
now those are 100% Loon approved. [LAUGH]
>>Yeah, I sort of knew that one, all right.>>Yes!
>>I cannot wait any longer, I have got to-
>>Yes.>>There is something truly
magical about hash browns. I’m going to just to a little dip a dip-
>>Look at you->>Ketchup, I don’t care.>>[LAUGH]
>>I’m using my fingers.>>Yeah, now you can get this recipe and
many more on>>I always have to talk
after experiencing this food.>>Euphoria.>>It’s euphoria,
it’s hash brown euphoria. I can’t hash it. I’m going to hash through this. Anyway, go to our social media. Be sure to like us,
thumbs up, do everything and you’ve got to make these hash browns,
guys, they’re so good. My gosh, this is really great, my gosh.>>Yes, they are so good.>>My gosh,
hashtag hash brown deliciousness. Something like that. You guys come up with it. Make this and hashtag it. [MUSIC] [LAUGH] Hey, everybody!>>Now, if you like what you saw, make
sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel.>>That’s right, and to get more recipes,
more breakfast recipes like this, all you gotta do is click right here
>>Yah!>>So click, click, click!>>Click and subscribe,
that’s the easiest thing in the world.

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