Breakfast On The Gas Grill- Cook Breakfast on Your Barbecue

make breakfast on the grill cook breakfast on a gas grill hi it’s AlaskaGranny it’s busy around here this any morning
and I’m making a breakfast with my cast iron on my barbecue and I
thought I’d share with you when I’m in I came out fifteen minutes ago and
turned it on I have a pot of boiling
water and cast iron dutch oven or skillet so around here people like spam I have hickory smoked spam place it in the skillet to fry simply potatoes southwest style hash browns they are already seasoned then I took my scrambled eggs I already put them in a baggie flavored with pepper drop it in boiling water put the lid down for 15 minutes been about 15 minutes still noisy around
here and I’m going to grab my baggie of eggs use freezer bags for this spam and fried potatoes on my grill scoop up potatoes spam eggs who can’t be happy with eggs potatoes on the grill for breakfast try it learn more at please subscribe to AlaskaGranny channel

3 comments on “Breakfast On The Gas Grill- Cook Breakfast on Your Barbecue”

  1. Larry Blisard says:

    Eggs in a bag!  You are amazing!

  2. GoTigers330 says:

    AG you can certainly work the grill! all these grill videos it's like crockpot cooking for campers, delicious! should get a kickstarter going and publish a cookbook


    Hum making me hungry!! Going to try it next weekend and surprise the wife! Thanks

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