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Hi hello and welcome back to my channel If you are new here my name is Sandhya i do easy and quick indian recipes on my channel do check out my channel If you like it do subscribe,like and share Todays recipe is brinjal masala This can be a side dish for chapathis There is a lot of demand for chapathi side dishes so i thought i’ll make this Iam using the long green variety of brinjal for this dish You can use any variety of brinjal The detailed ingredients list is in the description box. Do check it out So lets start Lets have a look at the ingredients finely chopped onions, finely chopped tomato turmeric,coriander powder,red chilli powder and garam masala ginger garlic paste and fennel seeds We are using the green long variety of brinjal here If you dont get this use any variety of brinjal Cut it lengthwise I have put them in water so that they dont brown We will also need oil to make this dish So lets start cooking First put a kadai on fire and pour 2 tbsp oil into it Iam using normal vegetable oil You can use coconut oil if you want But vegetable oil is better for this dish Let it heat up Once its hot lets add the fennel seeds to it Once it gives out its aroma add the ginger garlic paste Cook until raw smell disappears Once the ginger and garlic is cooked Add in the finely chopped onions Cook the onions until light golden brown The onions have browned lightly Now lets add the finely chopped tomatoes Once the tomatoes are a little soft lets add in the turmeric,coriander powder and red chilli powder saute the masalas until cooked and the oil should seperate lets add salt to this now the tomatoes will cook faster if you add salt masala is ccoked and oil has seperated At this stage add in the brinjal pieces Add little by little and keep mixing in the masala I have mixed the brinjal well and the masala has coated it well at this stage add the garam masala Mix that well lets close this with a lid and cook on medium flame I have closed it with a lid and brought the flame to medium let this cook for 10 -15 min stir it occasionally or it will catch to the bottom of the kadai The brinjal has cooked well. Lets mix it once more This is ready Brinjal masala is ready As i told you earlier you can have this as a side dish for chapathi or paratha It can be a side for rice dishes also I hope you liked today’s recipe If you did then try it at home and mention in the comments Dont forget to subscribe ,like and share my channel Ill be back with a new recipe. Until then bye

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