Broken Wheat Uppuma /Sooji Gothambu /Gothambu Nurukku Uppumavu In Pressure Cooker /Recipe no 149

Hiii!!!! Namaskar!!!What’s up?? Hope you all are doing good.I’m also doing good Today I’m going to make a broken wheat upma I’ve told you about this recipe in my rawa upma recipe I’ve been getting requests for this recipe. Its very easy to make in cooker The preferences regarding the texture of the upma differs from person to person Some people prefer upma in a dry texture whereas some other prefer it in a mushy form Decide the amount of water depends on the texture you prefer I’ve used 2 3/4 cup of water which gives almost a dry upma but well cooked If you want you can add about 3 cup of water to make it more mushy Don’r forget this important point I’ve explained in detail about the number of whistles,in the middle of cooking.Please note it down Without wasting any time,let’s go and make broken wheat upma Don’t forget to send me your feedback Do LIKE and SHARE Let’s start now Here,I’ve used the bigger sized broken wheat Wash it properly till the water becomes clear and strain it well Take a pan and pour some oil into it and heat it in medium flame Add the washed broken wheat,when the oil is hot enough Roast it well till the raw smell goes Roast it in medium flame for about 5 minutes The advantage of doing this step is that,when you cook it in the cooker,it won’t stick together It won’t be mashed that much because of roasting it in the oil It gives a nice smell also Earlier,I used to soak it in water,then make it in the cooker Once I tried this method of roasting,it came out well.So we can easily make broken wheat upma in cooker in a very less time with this method Its a very good dish for the diabetic people.And it has got so much of fiber in it It would be good for your health if you include broken wheat dishes in your diet Here,I’ve taken 1 glass (240ml) of broken wheat Wheat rava is available in the market.But this is broken wheat .Both are different Here I’ve taken,Brahmin’s Brand in which they have clearly written,”broken samba wheat/ sooji gothambu nurukku” I’m just showing you this only for the viewers who are not aware of this broken wheat You can buy broken samba wheat of any brand When it is roasted well, it starts to crackle. Its almost done.A nice smell is coming out of it Its done.So transfer them into another plate and let it cool down Place a cooker on the stove to make the upma Pour 1 tbsp of oil and let it heat well When it is hot enough,add 1 tsp of mustard seeds When it splutter,add 1 tsp of urad dal You can add chana dal if you prefer Add some finely chopped cashew nuts You can also add peanuts or whatever you like Add 1 finely chopped onion A small piece of ginger finely chopped Add 2 green chillies finely chopped(it is not too spicy). 1 is enough if you give it your kids Saute them well till the onion become transparent.No need to make it into a brown shade Add salt to taste.Be careful while adding it When it is almost done,add finely chopped vegetables of your choice I’m adding,1 small carrot finely chopped and 4-5 beans finely chopped You can add potato,green peas cauli flower etc. as you wish I’ve added only these 2 vegetables now Saute it well.Its really a simple recipe Healthy also Here,I’ve used sunflower oil.Instead of that you can use ghee/butter as you wish I don’t prefer the smell of ghee/butter.That’s why I’m doing it in sunflower oil Add some curry leaves I used to have this for my dinner also because I love this upma very much Sugar is my favorite combination with this upma You can have it with banana,chutney,sambar or whatever dish you wish I’ve been getting complaints like I’m not giving any healthy recipes for the people who are diabetic etc So I thought to consider your complaints and to do a video for you people I used to remember the taste of the upma which I had once in my school days I think that was prepared using corn,I’m not sure I still have that taste in my tongue I’ve been searching for that recipe for so many years like a mad woman.. Hehehehe…. I asked so many people.But i didn’t get that recipe till now Till my 4th std,I studied in Ayyapan memorial lower primary school,Perinjanam 2 schools were there named “Kunji Karuvathi and Valiya Karuvathi” My school was “Kunji Karuvathi” In my school,they used to give upma instead of kanji for the lunch My home was near by the school.So I used to go to home to have my lunch One day,when I returned to school after lunch,my friend safely kept some upma for me. It was soooooo delicious.I’ve no words to to express that taste Then I became addicted to that upma After that,Ajitha,my friend always keep a small part of her upma for me,when I return back . When I told my mother about this matter,she scolded me a lot “Its for the poor people,the school authorities serves upma for lunch.You are not supposed to have their share”,my mother said Then I felt so guilty and I never repeated it again But I couldn’t forget that yummy taste still When I searched for that old woman who used to make upma at school,I came to know that she died long back I asked so many people but I didn’t get the recipe If anybody knows the recipe,kindly share it with me Atleast 1 person would be there,who know about that recipe I’ve been searching for that recipe for so many years.Last year,I’ve posted a write up regarding this upma as a memory in my FB page Some people used to share their memories with me that time If you have such nostalgic stories regarding “upma”,feel free to share with me.I love to hear such stories Still I’m waiting for that old upma recipe just like a Hornbill/vezhaambal I’ll share that FB post here in this video.I thought to share that with my youtube subscribers also Add 2 3/4 glass of hot water into the cooker Boil it well in high flame.Mix well the whole vegetables in the water Only after boiling,add the roasted broken wheat Mix the whole ingredients properly Check the salt and make adjustments if required My green chilly isn’t that spicy,that’s why I’ve added 2 green chillies. If your green chilly is really spicy,add only 1 Add some sugar which enhances the taste of the upma ( optional ) Also add 1 tsp of lemon juice.Do not add more It gives a good flavor and helps to avoid sticking of the broken wheat The sourness will increase if you add more lemon juice The water has boiled well.Now add the roasted broken wheat into the water Mix the whole very gently Boil it well even after adding the broken wheat. Check the taste once again and make necessary changes accordingly Its perfect now Now,close the cooker by putting the weight on it. Cook for 2 whistles in medium flame After 2 whistles,take it off from the stove and let the pressure go automatically.Then open the cooker But it varies with the type of cooker If you are using the cooker,in which the whistles come one after the other immediately,then you can cook this wheat for 5 whistles If you cooker whistles takes a gap between two whistles,you can cook the wheat for 2 whistles Do not forget to put the weight 2 whistles are done and the pressure has gone automatically Now let’s open and have a look Mix the whole from the bottom level using a fork,as I shown in the biriyani video Adding some fried raisins also.Because me and my husband loves it It gives a nice sweetness to the upma while having it. You can add more fried cashew along with it. This is perfect for me Because the whole water get dried in 2 whistles and also it has cooked really well It varies with the cooker type.Do not forget the important points If you want you can add coriander leaves to this Its really hot now let me check the taste Its a good combination of vegetables,cashews and raisins with broken wheat Its easy to make and tasty also Try it at home Keeping the whole important points in mind,you can make an easy and health broken wheat upma Hope you all will make a try at home How many of you have tried my masala dosa recipe?? Those who haven’t tried it yet,please do try.And watch the remaining videos also If you liked this video,don’t forget to like,share and subscribe See you all with a new recipe.Till then,Thank You My FB post regarding the memories of “upma”

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    Chechi etra cup wheat rava edukkanam.athil etra cup vellam

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    2 cup wheat rava etra cup vellam venam. Eniku epozhum vellam athikam avunnu athukondu chothichathu

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    Sanal kumar 9946749256 Kerala
    സ്കൂൾ ലൈഫ് ഉപ്പ്മാവ്—- Processed ചോളപ്പൊടി—- (imported from USA)

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