Buffalo Chicken Chili

[Amanda]: Hello,
welcome back to class. I’m Amanda, your
Substitute Teacher, and not only do I love
making healthy substitutions, I love making quick
and easy recipes, and I have one
just for you today. I have our slow cooker
Chicken Buffalo Chili. The first thing I have is
one pound of our chicken. The original recipe used
one pound of ground chicken. However, you have to bake
that and cook that ahead of time. With this, I put my chicken
right into the Crock-Pot raw and it’ll be just fine,
so it’ll cook all day long. So, an easy substitution
with our chicken. The next ingredient
is using one can of our fire roasted
tomatoes with garlic. Next, I’m using one cup of
our frozen corn kernels. Another substitution I’m using
is one can of our navy beans. This is using the
no-salt added variety. Now, I will add a half of a cup
of our Buffalo sauce. Now, this is where
it gets a little spicy, so if you want to
cut back a little bit, a fourth of a cup
will be just fine. The next ingredient is using
two cups of our chicken broth. Again, another quick
and easy substitution to make it healthier is using
the no-salt added variety. Another trick
that I like to do, is I like to take my can of
my fire roasted tomatoes, that’s already
been emptied, and I’ll add my
chicken broth right to it to get all
those extra flavors that are still sticking
on the side of my can. Dump that in. Again, this
is two cups. Now we’re ready
for our spices. Another substitution that I’m
using from our original recipe, is using one tablespoon
of our ranch dry powder. The original recipe
called for one entire packet, and I feel that’s way
too salty for our recipe. So one to one and a half tablespoons of
our dry ranch powder is just perfect. I have a half of a teaspoon of our
onion powder and garlic powder, as well as a half a teaspoon
of celery salt, and a half a teaspoon
of dried cilantro. Another substitution,
I’m going to use four ounces of our
reduced fat cream cheese. With our cream cheese,
just put it right on top, and we’ll let it cook
right on top all day long. We’re going to cook
for four hours on high, or eight hours
on low. Our slow cooker
Buffalo Chicken Chili has cooked
all day long and it smells
so good. So let’s go ahead and
get that chicken out. We’re going
to shred it and then add it right
back into our soup. The last thing we have to
do is stir it all together so our cream cheese
is mixed throughout the entire batch
of soup here. Our slow cooker Buffalo
Chicken Chili is ready to eat. For this recipe,
and more, go to Substitute Teacher
on HSTV.com. We’ll see you
next time in class!

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