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New Taco Bell Buffalo Wings Welcome to The Poor Man’s Gourmet Kitchen
where we share gourmet recipes at a low budget wonder. Now Check this out. What once was
cheep and easy to find is now a pretty penny and often scarce. But these wings are organic
and for some reason they’re half the price so we’re going with it. Preparing the wing
is really very simple and not much different from our own arms. You have the bicep, the
forearm and the wrist. Now we’re going to cut through at the elbow and separate the
upper arm from the lower arm. Very simple. Now the wing tip will come right off at the
wrist. Right through the center comes right off no big deal. Now you
literally can knock all of these out in just a matter of minutes even if you’ve never done
this before. Seriously. Now all we’re gonna do is drudge it in a little bit of flour.
But we’re gonna season it a little bit here. A little special blend here. Little Cayenne
Pepper, Paprika, little bit of garlic salt. Stir that up give it a good mix. And then
we’re gonna drudge all the wings in it. Now I know for a fact that my fryer can handle
ten to twelve of these at a time and that’s in a crock pot size fryer. Now what you don’t
want to do is over crowd your fryer. But what you do want to do is make sure that everything
you’re frying is evenly coated with this here dredged flour mix. Okay now make sure you
give them all a complete solid toss before you throw them in the fryer. Frying, Peanut
oil, 375 degrees. Cooking time eight to ten minutes. Now I know a two minute window seems
like a pretty big gap. But that depends on how cold your wings are going in. The colder
they are the longer they’ve got to cook. Once the time is expired you can see that they
turn a beautiful golden brown. At that point feel safe to know that you can pull them out.
So don’t be shy go ahead and reach out and grab that handle lift them up and out and
let them rest for a few. If not paper towel them at least to soak up the grease. While
those are resting get yourself a good size bowl and then dump the remaining wings in
the bowl so you can toss them in your favorite sauce. Now this is what I’m going to use the
reason why is because I think it’s the perfect sauce. Mostly because of how user friendly
it is. It’s not too spicy and it’s not mild either. You know so you get a real happy medium.
Even though the label says hot it’s really not. But you’ll like it all the same because
all the flavor’s still in it. Just give it a good toss and then get ready to serve. Oh
yeah these are the goods! Look at that zoom in close it’s still seaming. hahaha Oh those
look good. I know how good they are gonna taste because I’ve already had them. Hahaha
not to rub it in but there you have it. Buffalo wings In the Poor Man’s Gourmet Kitchen.

6 comments on “Buffalo Hot Wings with Taco Bell Hot Sauce – PoorMansGourmet”

  1. ILLRELLIK says:

    Looks awesome. Might have to make them for the Superbowl!

  2. slvmnr says:

    New format, new look, new music, really made it. Good job!
    Also easy great reciepe for a super fast snicker snaker.

  3. William Weaver says:

    I just never understand how people make it to adulthood without knowing things like how to break down a chicken, even in the modern world where most people get their meat in a grocery store. It is sad to me that simple culinary tasks like this need to be explained. And god forbid you kill something in front of most people, they will FREAK OUT.

  4. glen moss says:

    Hey PM. Just FYI, I can't find this recipe on your homepage.

  5. Dolores Boston says:

    Yum yum 😋😋I’m salivating already.

  6. Dominic Molinaro says:

    Ur killing me looks great

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