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Word up Foodtubers, Mr Oliver here. Today is a very exciting day because I am gonna get the chance to cook with an incredible indian cook. The lovely Maunika Gowardhan. Hello darling… Hi Jamie. We’re gonna cook some amazing food. The dish is Murgh Makhani. So Murgh means chicken and Makhani means butter. It’s full of flavour. It’s decadent. So you’ve got the sweet, sour, spicy, hot, tangy all of it. What can I do to tell the story? You can… Peeling, chopping? Yeah you’re peeling and chopping I can’t believe you’re following my guide! For a change. What I need you to do is we’ll first make the marinade for the chicken tikka itself. so I’ve got your four cloves of garlic. Your pinch of peeled ginger Half of this chilli please. Half of that chilli So we’ll make a little paste of that That’s perfect. Now, I’ve taken about four tablespoons of Greek low fat yogurt and I’ve also added some chick pea flour, which is ground flour, so about two tablespoons and we’ll just give that a quick stir Guys if you’ve never used ground flour before, it’s just grounded down dry chick peas. So no lumps in that Jamie. Nope Sure? No, well… I am now Ok along with that, just a few more ground spices. So I’m using coriander. Just about a teaspoon isn’t it? Yeah a teaspoon. Pinch of Cinnamon. now this is Kashmirri chilli powder. It’s
really smoky it’s got a good amount of heat as well but it’s got colour. It’s hot and we’ve also got some cumin powder and this is a pinch of saffron which actually adds the colour to the marinade as well So in with all the ground spices and a pinch of salt. Great to do this overnight, if you can in the refrigerator. but if you cant then even 20 minutes, half an hour is perfectly fine. So the ginger, the garlic and chilli in the marinade Now, what do we do next. Do I just stir this in? Mix it and then you add the chicken to it. Ok… you’re going for chicken thighs Why would you do that? I think much more succulent cut of meat and also I find it’s still quite moist when you add it to the gravy So what’s next? Next is to skewer them on. Ok. Now we’ll just grill this. You want the edges to be nice and charred and you want the meat to still be quite moist. So once it’s done then we can add it to the curry Ok now we’ve made the gravy sauce for it. So add about half of this butter in the pan Jamie please. and peel and grate half an inch of ginger and the chilli Half these and de-seed and just length wise is brilliant. Along with it and adding a few spices. Can I have a little taste. Sure. This is the outer… Ah Liquorice! Almost like that, but this is the outer covering of the cinnamon and I’ve got six pods of green cardamom and about 4/5 cloves, now this will add the warmth to the gravy and they’ll start to sizzle in the pan. Jamie if you could please chilli and the ginger. Yes ma’am Half of this onion and you don’t want them to brown or colour, you just want them to become softened. That’s gorgeous. Three heap teaspoons of tomato puree So you want that little bit of colour Now the kushmirri chilli powder. So a good heap teaspoon of that and a good teaspoon of coriander powder as well. Nice. So now all the spices are going in. So they’re going to kind cook all the way through as well Double cream and I think in some parts of the world you call it heavy cream Basically this is the richer cream I’m also adding some honey. So a teaspoon of honey. There’s a few more things I want to add to it. Dried vinaigrette leaves. Fresh coriander and a pinch of salt. All we need to do is actually add the chicken to the sauce Leave it to soak in all the flavours So you can see the charred edges. Whose bits is what’s actually going to add the flavour Perfect. So… It smells incredible Give it a stir please Jamie. You can coat all the chicken so it soaks in all the flavours of the gravy as well. You can add a little bit of Lemon juice and how much would you like? That would be perfect… brilliant. and it does give that curry a nice little finish The colours are phenomenal… and it smells outragous and we’ve got some salad so I’ve got a pickled onion salad, diced onions, lemon and salt. and just some lettuce. Simple green lettuce. We’ve got our chutneys… the reason we do this channel is because of this… got some of the chicken and sauce. The meat is tender. Nice, moist and succulent. Yay! It’s so good! Maunika… thankyou for coming into the world of Foodtube Absolute pleasure Wonderful authentic recipe. A pleasure and privilege to cook for everybody and for you and with you… it’s been brilliant. Phenomenal. That’s buttered chicken. Please, please try it. Thankyou so much… Until next time… lots of love

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