Buying A Pressure Cooker for Canada

So friends, recently I was searching for this Pressure Cooker for a long time And I was not really getting the good deal Or probably not liking what they are selling So, I went to nearby shops, and then to Big Bazaar and then Online on Amazon also But I was little bit afraid for ordering it online don’t know why … I saw some bad reviews about it Today I finally … Bought my pressure cooker for canada from nearby shop Let me show you Oh btw, I also bought this Sauce Pan for tea making This is … Compatible with induction also and whenever you buy this, make sure it has this Insulated plate at the bottom Because it will gonna work on Gas stove, Induction cooker On Hot Plate, like a Hob So ya, And I got this for Rs.200 This is here … Finally The Pressure Cooker This is not an unboxing video, So, you can skip this part I’ll get a knife And one more thing Do not try this at home 🙂 Do it at your own risk, and be careful with knives Nice User Manual Weight Ta-da !!! Okay, I got this extra Gasket And … This little fellow This is actually the valve, Safey valve It can be mounted here, In case it gets damage due to the pressure blockage So ya, this is pretty nice Induction based, Handi shaped, hard anodized Outer lid 3 Litre Those were my specifications Whenever I went to search for it Nice and firm So … Why did I choose this, not the regular one? First of all I’ve read online and saw so many videos That This shape actually cooks Faster than the normal straight wall cooker And also this is good for Preparing Pulao or Biryani That’s the one thing for the Handi shape Another thing is this black Hard anodized is safer than the normal aluminum The normal white one Like, in this picture This one is better Because it’s not … It doesn’t leach Aluminum into your food That’s the basic thumb rule Another thing is I got the Full Anodized Means the Pot and the lid itself is hard anodized There are some cookers in the market where the lid is made of steel I don’t go for it Aluminum is anytime faster in cooking Than regular steel So, it’s better to go for Aluminum That is why I didn’t go for the steel lid If I want an Aluminum cooker, I would love to have Aluminum lid as well, right. Another thing is, it has one extra Valve. This little fellow And this comes in this model only I didn’t see in other models I liked this, cuz this is an extra safety for you Yeah, perfect! I was going to buy one extra weight But, he told me that this normally works for 2-3 years So, don’t need to buy extra

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