Buying Pots & Pans : How to Pick a Dutch Oven

Hi my name is Brandon Sarkis on behalf of
Expert Village. Today I’m going to show you what to look for when buying yourself a set
of pots and pans. Okay here is our Dutch oven. With our matching lid. Nice big matching thing.
Dutch ovens are designed for one-pot cooking which means this is designed for doing a whole
roasting. This is designed for doing into-the-oven stews. It s designed for long time cooking
in the oven. It’s not something you ‘need-need’, but it’s something it’s definitely something
that once your cooking reaches the advanced state. It’s something that you’d wish you
had. It’s definitely better than throwing a sauce pan in the oven and putting a lid
on it. It heats more evenly. It’s definitely a better way of doing it because of the high
sides here. What you want to look for in one of these, they make them in a bunch of different
sizes and shapes, and they make round ones, square ones and oval ones. I always go for
the oval ones because most of the time when I’m cooking be it a pork leg or a leg of lamb
or anything like that, like a pork roast, it will fit in here perfectly because of it’s
shape. The square ones, I don’t understand why they make those; it’s kind of a weird
thing. I’ve also seen really shallow ones which kind of confused me. I always go for
something that s about five or six inches deep. You want to makes sure first of all
that it’s not something that you can’t pick up. This one probably weights a good forty
five pounds. I’ve seen some this size that weight sixty five to seventy pounds and there
is no sense in buying it if you can’t pick it up to use it. This isn’t going to be something
that you’re going to use on your stove top. A lot of recipes will call for you to start
on you’re stove top, you know just saute the vegetables or whatever then throw them in
the oven. I never do that because I fear for the enamel surface on it. Something else you
want to look for, make sure your lid is the same material. And make sure your lid fits
on there well. Once my lid gets on you can see there s not a whole lot of tolerance.
There s a little bit of movement in there, but not a whole lot. And you want to make
sure that you buy a reputable brand because the cheaper ones in all honesty don’t last
that long. This one wasn’t cheap and this one will probably last me, I don’t know if
I take good care of it my kids can have it. My grandkids maybe can have it. Another thing,
integrated handles their pretty much the norm for Dutch ovens. You want to make sure that
you’re handles are part of the whole thing. Because it’s a sign of enhanced build quality.
Also I look for making sure the edges here where the iron is exposed; I prefer the ones
that are exposed. Because I find the ones that are actually painted, the lid tends to wiggle a little more under
steam, I don’t know why. But, you want something that will last you a long time in the oven.
You something that will last you a long time and something that looks good that sits on
the table, because you re suppose to serve them just like this. Right in this thing.
Next we’ll move on to our next pot.

3 comments on “Buying Pots & Pans : How to Pick a Dutch Oven”

  1. Scootermagoo says:

    Okay everyone here is the deal. That is a la cruesete(spelling) cast iron enameled pan. Cost about 100 dollars. There isn't a better pan you can get of it's kind. 2 that pan might weigh 15 lbs with the lid. 3 it needs to have the iron edges cured or they can and will rust. 4 as long as you do not chip the inside that pan will outlive you. 5 that coating is ceramic and is fired at 2000f+ for 12-24 hours a stove top burner wont hurt it. Just don't heat it empty and pour in cold water..

  2. mrwildman1 says:

    yeah, i never hears of an dutch oven weighing enough that i cant pick it up, WTF?? are you week or something? why is expertvillage full of idiots?!?
    is OBAMA going to do a video about being pres on here???

  3. Scootermagoo says:

    Being an american I'm used to le Crueset I've never seen a Staub and I know about lodge.

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