Buying Pots & Pans : Understanding Your Culinary Needs

Hi! I’m Brandon Sarkis on behalf of Expert
Village. Today I am going to take a few minutes to show you what to look for when buying yourself
a new set of pots and pans. Okay, so the first thing you should do before you go out and
look for anything is to determine what you are going to need. So do you do a lot of Asian
cooking? Do you need a wok? Do you need dutch oven? Do you do a lot of single pot cooking?
Do you need a small little sauce pan with a pouring spout on the side? Maybe you make
a lot of sausage that you like a lid on the stuff. Maybe you would find a grill pan you
know handy. You know you are probably going to need something like this, a five or six
quart sauce pot like for cooking pasta in or what not. Do you need a stock pot? Do you
ever need this much room to cook in and also with the stock pot, do you need a pasta insert?
These are all valid questions that you will need to ask yourself when it comes times making
your purchasing decision because there is no point in buying a wok; for example, if
you are never going to use it. Unless you are like some sort of collector completest
and want to own every single piece of a set, there is no point in buying a dutch oven if
everything you do is you know, sauteed or boiled. You will never use this. Also, there
is no point in owning this tiny you know, butter melting pan if you always cook for
a lot of people because this won’t hardly be enough of anything. Say if you have a large
family of eight or ten people, this isn’t going to work for you. This is good for melting
butter for you and that is about it. Once you have made your decision as to what you
need, then you can proceed on to the direction of okay, I know what I need now. I know that
I need a wok, I know I need a saute pan, I need a sauce pan here and I need a grill pan.
So at that point, you can move forward and make your decision based on what kind, what
materials you want. If you want non-stick or not, things like that. Let’s get more into
the rest of that process and we will take a look at sauce pans.

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