Can Made In Handle Alinea’s Kitchen?

I’m Nick Kokonas. I’m Grant Achatz. The chef and co-owner of Michelin 3-star Alinea in Chicago. When we first heard about Made In, we
were very intrigued. In order to put it in Alinea, we needed to put it in through the ringer. We tested them extreme heat. And we tested them extreme cold. Was the performance precise enough? Could it handle the toughest ingredient? Was it strong enough to stand up to anything? Was it pretty enough to serve in? And most important of all, could it make the simplest food taste amazing?

2 comments on “Can Made In Handle Alinea’s Kitchen?”

  1. Jim Burns says:

    Passed with flying colors! Never had a doubt!

  2. Learn to BBQ says:

    Are you open to product reviews from other YouTuber? Your product would work well with the new (well actually old) Sana Maria Style BBQs. I am starting a series of videos on how to cook complete meals using these grills. It normally uses cast iron but your product might show there is a better way. I hope you respond and thanks.

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