Can This Chef Make A 3-Course Meal With A Rice Cooker? • Tasty

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  1. Hessa Mohammed says:

    Alaxa needs to use an easy bake oven

  2. Michelle Orellana says:

    Can this chef make a three course meal with a bread maker?

  3. Rand alKhonaizi says:

    Waffle maker!!

  4. ielline says:

    We used to cook meals on a rice cooker before.. literally every single meal because my friends and I are broke and can't afford anything else before lol

  5. Grisquirrel R says:

    “Something has to be wrong with this appliance, I KnOw ApPliAnCeS!”
    Me: this white girl has never used a rice cooker in her LIFE! Those a good quality appliances! They even have the steaming attachments!

  6. LoveJikook WithAllYourHeart says:

    What about a stand mixer? Since she always wants that😂 let's see what happens tho😂

  7. ielline says:

    There's nothing wrong with the rice cooker, just put something to wedge that button that's how it works

  8. Alex Schick says:

    Thermomix 😁

  9. Hannah Wolf says:

    Ryan is so cute

  10. Wenqi's lonely videos says:

    Use a curling iron

  11. ray malfoy says:

    fyi, teenagers that already go to college in indonesia live in a… kinda an apartment, but a lil low budget. so they only pay for like.. 30-50 dollars a month, and.. they probably will cook with only rice cooker. like they will cook everything with this rice cooker bcs prbbly they like… out of gas to cook with a stove or smth like that. lmfao huhu :((

  12. Ze says:

    Up next: incandescent heat lamps

  13. Raphael Ubales says:

    Most asians would understand that the rice cooker goes back to "warm" mode automatically when the unit gets too hot. It's kind of a preventive mechanism to avoid burning your rice. The tip here is to either force the pot down so you can switch back to cook, or stick a folded paper onto the lever to prevent it from switching back up to warm.

  14. Silp Valdez says:

    Her dress is like a mechanics outfit

  15. Daddyfat Neck says:

    Instapot next!!

  16. Grace Sawyer says:

    who else wants Make it Fancy and Chef out of Water to do a colab????

  17. Sara Nazim says:

    U are awesome Alexis😘😘😘

  18. Jessica Vestal says:

    How do we get him in more videos? I loved him. Lol

  19. marabellscute says:

    You should let her use only an oven but it can only go to some crazy temperature like 250 degrees or 500 degrees

  20. lee bags says:

    I’m tired of her , it would be nice to switch it up .

  21. Honeyza Azam says:

    In Malaysia we can cook almost everything a rice cooker ..especially when we r in university or hostel..hahaha..

  22. Tamara Fawziah Utama says:


  23. Julisa Ochon says:

    You should long press it until its stays in cook. We use rice cooker in cooking our meals in our apartment

  24. Farah Al Juhani says:

    Can she please make a 3 course meal with only a stand mixer

  25. Sanjo Santhosh says:

    How about a hair dryer…. Or like a blowtorch

  26. Nathalia Sanchez says:

    “Let me know what you’ve done in a rice cooker”

    Everyone: um…. RICE

  27. Princess Carolee says:

    How abt 3 meal with grill sandwich machine???

  28. Arce007 says:

    She should use a quesadilla maker.

  29. George Moise says:

    this is pure cancer because of the gayness in every video…

  30. Shania Abdat says:

    6:48 you supposed to put napkin on the lid so the water on the lid ain't drop to the cake batter and you will get the prettier cake

  31. Briana Helton says:

    Use a bread toaster next!

  32. mohd izz mohd yacob says:

    You just need to find some sort of a stopper at the switch so it stay "cook". It'll shorten the rice cooker life. But it works.

  33. javier castaneda says:

    12:25–12:32 why is that me? 😅🤣

  34. Clarise Ann says:

    I see Alexis and I click. What if she will do 3-course meals using a waffle toaster?

  35. fOr EStz says:

    Just a asian watch a chef using rice cooker ◉‿◉

  36. Cookiz Playz101 says:

    Her: Tell me why you've made in a rice cooker.
    Me: rice


  37. laotravida says:

    the steamed cake reminds me of roti kukus 🙂

  38. Karen says:

    +tasty I've used a rice cooker to bake ham, chicken, lasagna, and cake… Coz my small apartment doesn't have a conventional oven. When the rice cooker gets too hot, it switches to warm. The trick is to let it cool for a few mins before switching it back to cook. It must be some fail safe standard rice cookers. The downside is that it takes forever to cook… Hahaha

  39. Nina Anwar says:

    Gosh, rice cooker is ur best friend for food cooking survival. It's diffinitely a win against a coffee maker. That being said. Next episode, waffle maker 😉

  40. janneta says:

    I always use rice cooker for cooking an instant noodles :”)

  41. janneta says:

    I always use rice cooker for cooking an instant noodles :”)

  42. nq raisha says:

    For the next video electric kettle

  43. Ella Watson says:

    You should do the next one with a curling iron

  44. Rex Productions says:

    How about a 3 course meal with a stand mixer

  45. Umk Noob says:


  46. piyali cristopher says:

    You should use a blow torch

  47. Krizia Manchus says:


  48. B says:

    Can she make a 3 course meal with a toaster? 🤔

  49. colorsheeep says:

    Alexis: Can you guess what appliance did I use to cook these meals?


    Literally No One:

    Guest: A baththub 14:26

  50. Michael Sacamos Parody (Official Channel) says:

    Sous Vide is next…

  51. CJ Matugas says:

    Waffle maker, pleaaase.

  52. Sweet Cherry*iceScReam* says:

    I made a lot of recipes in rice cooker because… well that's what I cook with. Lol. In my family we always cooked in rice cooker.

  53. Crownie says:

    These chewing sounds from ryans mouse kills me…

  54. Tintin Högnell says:

    You should try using hair heat styling gadgets like a hairstraightner (I am well aware of the fact that I spelled that wrong)

  55. candyvodka says:

    Easy. Biryani.

  56. Alphif says:

    mobile phone ore graphic card or just basic fryer

  57. Curly's Craziness says:

    Hey random person scrolling through thinking about a funny or humorous to comment to get more than 1k likes…………………

    If you've never got more than that….. Just me then!
    P. S. Have a wonderful and boring day.
    Get tired without doing anything!

  58. Jam Bofill says:

    I think in Philippines, some boarding students use ricecooker for everything?
    ~From Philippines

  59. Yip Heather says:

    hair curler

  60. Shrek ! says:


  61. Deanna Joan says:

    a 3 course meal with a black car left outside in the LA sun for 24 hours

  62. Brooklyn Marshall says:

    Why is it called chef out of water

  63. summerbayy says:


  64. summerbayy says:


  65. summerbayy says:


  66. Alex Miller says:


  67. Salty Stephen says:

    Her next appliance should be a stand mixer since she desperately needs one

  68. Ilax Ilakiya says:

    12:28 in the DARK. I relate Ryan, i relate

  69. Bruna Iglesias says:


  70. Cihan Fatihi says:

    14:26 Use a bath tub next time! 😀 With hot water, you can do anything.

  71. Ana 15 says:

    am i the only one who thinks ryan is just such a sweetheart? 😂🥰

  72. Turquoise Heron says:

    It is you…. just unplug and plug back in… not that complicated…. 😒

  73. Bruna Iglesias says:

    George Forman Grill !!! That would be cool to see her use

  74. Elisabeth K says:

    Her face in the thumbnail lmao

  75. Isabelle Miller says:


  76. Ju Parisa says:

    We used to have gas problems like in our area during noon the stoves used to run out of gas so my asian mom used rice cooker to cook rice and curries and saved the day lol

  77. Tomas Farkas says:

    Waffle iron next???

  78. Megumi Mary Joy Mercurio says:

    Yeah I'd go with the Stand or hand mixer! hahaha cause every coking is easier with a mixer hahaha

  79. Aaron Ax says:

    Do a GRILL next loser!! HaHA let’s see if you can do that BUZZFEED

  80. James Lee says:

    not gonna lie… rice cooker is pretty easy. i think she should try the curling iron

  81. Seth Organs says:

    This girl is really pretty and seems like a great chef but she sounds pretentiously annoying. I couldn't stand someone speaking with that condescending tone for more than a couple of hours.

  82. Hassan Bakhsh says:

    Yes stand mixer next time !

  83. kitcait xox says:

    CORNWALLLL represent

  84. YS_ Awarevening says:

    Here after it’s on trending

  85. I Fouroukoulou says:

    A waffle maker would be sooooo coool

  86. Ember Kim says:

    They do know it's doesn't look good for them to invite an Asian to taste food made out of rice cooker….

  87. Justin William says:

    His hair…
    God I love his hair😍

  88. __cinnabun__ says:

    still waiting for the hair straightener

  89. Edvard Munch says:

    Laughs in gay sex

  90. Novan Tan says:

    Nice pit stain

  91. Aaron D says:

    EZY BAKE OVEN would be great!

  92. __cinnabun__ says:

    Ryan: last night I had plain pasta and plain chicken… in the dark
    Me: woah woah woah that is-

  93. Emile Ramrekha says:

    Hmmmm, curling iron, great idea ryan. 😶

  94. Alycia Yang says:

    Try a mixer, see if you can make anything from a mixer!

  95. slkbfly0183 says:

    I love how Alexis always doubts herself when things go wrong. Her reactions are so genuine and sweet. She's clearly a fantastic cook. Keep it up, Alexis! Remember it's a challenge. 😊

    Wonder how she will do with an actual toaster?

  96. Aaron D says:

    Although I love this series Alexis is going to be able to win almost every challenge because she gets to decide what she makes. I guess the entertainment value of the show is seeing how she goes about winning, rather than if she wins or losses… which I guess I'm fine with.

  97. Dessrina Ismi says:

    I'm not a chef, i'm just an ordinary student, and I used to do all the cooking with rice cooker everyday 😬

  98. Josua says:

    That rice cooker is pretty much the "el cheapo" of rice cookers. Mid-grade ones have more options in cooking. High-end ones have pretty much every setting, with fancy displays and thermometers and such (probably).

  99. shanky Ronin says:

    Next time go indian traditional "TANDOOR"

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