Can you make the PERFECT hamburger? (part 2)

Let’s make some goddamn hamburgers Last week, I made some of the finest spaghetti ever known to man AAAAAAAAAA But today, we’re making goddamn ham ber ger *Hamburger meme effect* Now I never done hamburgers before, so hopefully this will go okay alright? Let’s just start by getting a pot I actually know how to make hamburger, okay? I know you’re gonna be like *Unintelligible mutter* Alright. I knew – I know how to do it, and I’m gonna follow the recipe, because this time, I know how to play the game, So I know what I’m doing (Very questionable Felix.), Okay? Just add a little bit of olive oil, and the meat is in here, right? There it is. Look at that beautiful burger meat. Hamburger. Put it in. Alright. Cook that baby It’s hamburger soup. You’ve never had hamburger soup? Let’s double up on the beef. Oh wow. That looks good. Can we add a third one? My God it’s a hamburger tower. Can we get a fourth one? Aww that’s beaut – AAAAAAA!!11! NO!!1! Goddamn it! uh- let’s add some cheese on it let’s add some f–[weird voice]: (hamburger) cheddar— Does that melt ? Alright, that’s how you cook hamburger NOW We obviously wanna make some fries as well so just grab your potaters Jacksepticeye will like this a bit (watching his family get roasted) so just chop your taters Just like that This is a hard potater A very hard potater Doesn’t wanna get chopped Whatever, I don’t care Alright, so let’s put these in the fryer I think I have a fryer, yeah Cool Cool, well most of them hit So now let’s Oh, cool! Alright Oh that’s awesome you can fry stuff! Ok Let’s check how the burger’s doing Oh that looks…….. Maybe we need to add just a hint of olive oil To cover–oh god, the cheese! Why’s the cheese not melting, dude? Alright, maybe that’ll do it Alright, let’s check on our golden boy Are they supposed to be black? Oh, ok, ahh, that looks awesome! Alright, let’s put that in What else can you fry? I’ve always, like, wanted to experiment with frying things Like, I’ve always wanted to fry my… pumpkin Dunk it! Here we go [airhorn] And he scores. Alright Let’s just let that simmer, baby Alright, I think our hamburgers are done Uh, so let’s just take this here Aaand let’s grab a plate I’ll probably grab the biggest plate Because I don’t want— [shatter] [weird voice]: h am burger Alright we gotta make it look good How do I put it down? There we go But let’s pour our hamburger soup Oh yeah Oh yeah, that’s what came out of it [laughter] The cheese looks so good Oh, sh**, let’s not forget about our fries Okay, they look good. They’re good How’s the pumpkin? Okay, so we need to get the hamburger bread So what you wanna do is you wanna just Put it on top of here There you go Just cook it directly Alright, that’s cooked Now, let’s put that down on the plate How do I rotate it? Rotate… Okay, perfect Put it down… Goddamn it! Rotate, put down Rotate, put down Alright, let’s just throw it–no? [shatter] ARE YOU F—[weird voice]: h am burger How is that even possible? How do I put it down? Are you done? Yeah, it’s done Destruction hamburger bread Alright, let’s maybe grab a smaller plate [shatter] God– [weird voice]: b u r g e r frick ok Careful now, we will put down, very gently, put it down I NEED IT TO GO UPWARDS! [shatter] AHHHH [explosion] I have an idea. We need the..err…Oh god the pumpkin. [sad music] That does not look good I have more pressing matters Ok, I got it. We need to u- That’s fine! Five second rule, five second rule! FIVE SECOND RULE, FIVE SECOND RULE! There it is Ok, put it down Gently, gently Are you f– Goddamn it! [applause] I did it, I did it, i did it, I did it [applause] Okay, I don’t know how I did it, but I did it Now let’s grab the burger ok, ok, ok, ok What the hell is happening? It’s hovering! What? [laughter] Game of the year, everyone Move down vertically [shatter] You know, I can’t be bothered getting another plate I can’t even see where you’re going! Oh my god fu– And where did the bread go? Goddamn itttt Drop it Move down vertically, move down vertically And then drop it Drop it Drop it DROP IT! [gasp] OH MY GOD THAT’S PERFECT Ok We got this, fam How-how’s the pumpkin? [sad music] Pumpkin’s fine Now, all we have to do All we have to do is get that burger on top of— [gasp] OH MY GOD I DID IT! HE’S SO HAPPY, HE’S DANCING! I know! We did decide to double up, ok? Why is it yellow? Why does it look like that? What is this? what? Is that the ch– Oh the cheese melted! It worked! The cheddar cheese melted This is gonna be delicious! Alright, so I literally just pressed ‘E’ [ding] [airhorn] [gasp] OHHH! OHHH! That’s what I’m talking about! Now, let’s get another hamburger bread We gotta put–this one we just gotta put down on top [ding] [gasp] OHHH! Alright, let’s get the fries, let’s get the fries Dude, I’m a culinary genius Gently Gently I mean that’s good enough for me–oh That’s good enough for me Goddamn it, it’s seeping out! I think I know the trick now No… AHHHHH Five second rule! Awww 🙁 No NOoo Alright, good enough Alright Now, I like cheese, so I’m going to get some extra cheese on top How do I get the pumpkin out of there? Spatula! Of course! [laughter] That looks SO good! [laughter] [sad music] NO! NO! COME BACK! Alright I know I’m not supposed to do this cuz of how it went last time But I really just want to melt my cheese Just a little bit Oh god, what’s happening? [explosion] AHHHH! GODDAMN BLOWTORCH! I just wanna—oh god no! [sad music] It’s still a potato YOU! YOU DID THIS! [sad music] Oh god, no, nono not again! Goddamn it! Awww not my cooking book! Save the cooking book! The f***ing door is on fire! Why does this keep happening to me? This does NOTHING! [sad music] Alright, so for dessert, We’re gonna make pumpkin pie Which is basically, pumpkin and… lime juice That looks good And then you wanna fry it again Then you wanna add little bit of extra power on it It’s fine, I’ve done this before don’t worry about it And then let’s put that pumpkin down And there you go, there you have it Goddamn itttttt!! AHHHH! And there you have it, everyone Hamburger with pumpkin juice How is that still on fire? Put it out! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!!!? HOW DO I PUT THIS OUT?!!?! Alright, well, that was a hamburger pumpkin pie… Delicious—ohhh not my fruits! My fruits are on fire!!! See you guys next week, where we will make Pewdie Pie [weird voice]: Hamburger *Download tuber simulator available for free and that’s a great price *

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