Can You Use Raw Chicken Marinade to Baste Your Chicken? | The Rachael Ray Show

What the cluck! Chicken questions. What the cluck? What the cluck? You guys get to ask some chicken related questions. We’re gonna start with Kerry. Hi Kerry. Hello, hi I have a question. Come on Kerry give it to us. After raw chicken is marinated, can I use that marinade to baste the chicken? Oh you sure can. Now the only thing you don’t want to do is use that raw marinade in a sauce because then of course you would be eating the marinade that came into contact with the raw chicken. So as long as when you baste it. It’s still cooking. That’s still cooking and it’s going back in the oven you are absolutely fine to do that. Good question. That is a good question. Yeah, just don’t put it on at the end. Yeah. (audience applauding) Debbie, where’s Debbie? Debbie, Debbie, Hi Debbie. Hi, good morning. My question is I love to use a slow cooker. And I want to know what’s the best chicken to use in a slow cooker? Oh, good question. The old classic French dish, Coq Au vin, the cock is literally the male bird, right.
Yeah, tough So it’s the rooster, an older, tougher chicken. Yep. That you cook really slowly so if you can find a boiler chicken, something that has a bit more age to it. And it will also have a bit more flavor. But it will be tougher so the slow cooking will help that out. Okay, thank you. Good luck. (audience applauding) And in any Coq Au Vin, I do leave, I let it sit in wine over night. Yeah. Do you do that? Oh yeah, for sure. Yeah, you let the wine work on the chicken if you’re making Coq Au Vin, that is a slow cooker throw it in the oven kind of thing. But I let the bird itself sit in wine and a little chopped vegetable over night before I brown it and cook it and all of the rest of the ho ha. It’s delicious. Well anything soaked in wine is! (audience applauding)
(upbeat music) Thank you to Curtis again and thank you for joining us you guys and we’ll see you when we see you. Cheers everybody. Cheers guys. (audience cheering)

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  1. Ieuan McRae says:

    First yasssss finally

  2. C Delgado says:

    When he said older chicken you don't find Fowl Chicken in a lot of stores I never used one in a slow cooker but for Soups and stews is very good older chicken which is called Fowl . My grandmother used to cook those all the time

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