Cara termudah memasak Dumpling/Dimsum dengan Rice Cooker

Welcome to Anna Simbolon Channel Okay, now I’m gonna cook everyone’s favorite food I think So, I’m gonna cook dimsum Dimsum comes from China And everybody likes it In Asia, Europe and in America who doesn’t know dimsum? I will make dimsum that easy to make And it will be fast Because I don’t like to make it complicated So, let’s get cooking! So, the first step Provide the ingredients that is 6 pieces spring onion 2 to 3 cm ginger one tea spoon of fish sauce, i like it very much so, that’s why I add it 6 pcs garlic If you like garlic, you can add it more the garlic that I have now, it’s not so strong like garlic in Indonesia one tablespoon sesame oil 250 gr shrimp I like it also, so I make the 1:1 with the minced meat If you don’t like shrimp, you may reduce it And then 250 gr minced meat It’s pork and beef 1 tablespoon soy sauce And don’t forget dimsum skin Now, let’s start! first, cut the spring onion and then the garlic the ginger After everything is mixed We have to mix them, with hand or with spoon until the shrimps have smooth texture keep mixing it, and if I smell it smells delicious I want to eat it as soon as possible Mix it well Don’t forget to add salt. Don’t add it too much because we have soy sauce already add it depends on your taste and also add sugar one tea spoon sugar Now, prepare the bake paper to put in the freezer the reason why we use bake paper after we fold the dimsum or dumpling after that we put it in the freezer it gets frozen then we put the dumplings in the plastic bag So, it won’t stick And we can cook the dumpling later Don’t let air inside the skin So that when we would like to steam it. It won’t break Smear it with water to make the skin fast The dumplings are frozen now We can put it in the plastic bag to cook it later Let’s steam it Wait till the skin are soft and brown It’s ready now! Do you prefer with sambal or without? It’s almost run out Don’t be nervous XD Delicious! Actually it’s really easy to make, cheaper and more hygiene than to buy from the shop Don’t forget to give me a comment subscribe and share If you have any suggestion for me to make other foods, don’t forget drop comments down below See you in the next video!

4 comments on “Cara termudah memasak Dumpling/Dimsum dengan Rice Cooker”

  1. Privacy 000 says:

    Aaaihhh ngakak abis di awal kak. Hahaha.. tapi bagusss

  2. Fanny Arafanny says:

    Maannttaapp… udh cantik plus pinter masak, istri idaman bingitttsss.. hahaha

  3. Efrata Kristina says:

    makasih udah share ini masakan boleh dicoba, pasangan serasi, suami ganteng dan istri cantik. Mana pintar masak lagi. Aku request dong resep masak BBQ ayam kecap

  4. NatsKirstin says:

    siapa berani bully kesayangan gueee?? bilang gue sini biar gue biarinnn 🙈

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