hey guys ! today we’re gonna do caramelised
spiced pineapple ! that’s very hard to say for French dude ! so the recipe is really
simple it’s very fast it takes about 15 minutes, it’s really nice dessert ! for
that you’re gonna need : sugar and butter as main ingredient, 4 spice, cinnamon,
some chili powder, and salt. And at the end we’re gonna flambe it with some rum ! so
let’s get started we’re gonna cut the pineapple ! I’m gonna show you how to cut
a pineapple very fast. So cut the head with a bread knife it’s much easier !
cut the bottom, if your pineapple is ripe, it’s much better for this recipe ! and
then you’re gonna do one first cut to the pineapple and then you’re gonna
follow this line again, and every time you cut you tend to have the blade
cutting the edge, you just follow the edge you have a whole pineapple -we ate a little
bit yesterday evening- but if you have a whole pineapple, you’re gonna end up
having one two three four five six seven eight nine sides. From there you want to
cut from the center, you want to cut a big slice like this. If the heart is here
and if your pineapple is whole you’re gonna cut like, this and then just like
that. So follow the heart, and then you end up with this big guy, and then we gonna do our cuts… Here we go ! It gives us slices like this. There is still a little bit of fiber here, so it’s gonna
stay whole. And then it’s about … a centimeter. For the rest of the
pineapple you cut the two other sides and do the same trick again, so you’re
gonna end up with your heart, here … And here you’re gonna have two
nice slice, that you can again cut like this ! so all you need for this recipe is
a PAN ! the biggest you have because then you can do more at a time. So first butter
obviously ! The more butter the better ! It’s a it’s a saying in English right ?
the more butter the better ! For the pineapple you need about 40 grams, but
I’m not gonna eight anything, I’m just gonna go for it ! So I’m not gonna put my
spice on my Ananas before I’m gonna caramelize it. So I’m gonna start with
4 spice, if you don’t like 4 spice just put cinnamon. My chili – this is
homemade chili powder – Okay ! Little bit of salt.
I did that side, I’m gonna flip them. So that’s a very good recipe for
Christmas time! It’s really nice and it’s so easy to make, if you like chili you
will love this recipe ! Okay so the butter is now melting, I am
gonna turn up the eat ! The Heat ! I’m gonna turn up the eat ! And once you can hear the butter singing, we go ! So in this
box is brown sugar mixed with granulated sugar, you can use a mix, you can use
brown sugar if you want, as you want especially not white sugar please this
is very bad use unrefined sugar ! Yeah unrefined sugar !
Now I’m gonna put about 30 40 gram of sugar onto my pineapple about 3 spoon, and we’ll come back to the
other side. Now you can leave it for about 3 minutes, to have some color and
then we’re gonna flip it. So from now it’s been about 3 minutes and you can
see on the side here, the bubbles are getting thicker which means that the
sugar and the butter are starting to caramelize a little bit, so we can flip
our pineapple. My pineapple is flipped, I’m gonna give a last little sprinkle of
sugar. So once again wait about 2 to 3 minutes you’re gonna see once again the
bubbles coming to start to caramelize. You can give a little shakey shake, so
the liquid is going everywhere ! Now we can leave it for 2 to 3 minutes again. So
you can see again on the side of the pan the bubbles are starting to get thicker,
I’m gonna flip one last time my pineapple and then we’re going to get ready to
do the flambe ! you can see it’s nice brownish, just starting to caramelise ! Okay so we’re about to be ready to flambe
it, in about a minute. I’m just gonna show you meanwhile this rum ! this rum is
called Coqlicorne ! My brother is producing it, in France ! It’s
one of the only distillery of north west of France, and it’s one of the only one to make
French rum in France metropolitan because in France we have a lot of
islands and, like Reunion and Martinique and those are known to be very famous
places to make rum, as it’s in the Caribbeans, but this one is
from northwest of France metropolitan ! Coqlicorne ! and if you wanna check it
out, we’ll leave a link down below ! So you can see from now, after you flambe
it, the sauce is really caramely and gloopy, it’s nice, it’s like, you can see it’s
thick and uniform. So I just turn off the heat right now Cool so now it smells Christmassy and delicious and you’re ready to plate ! So I’m just going
to put my slice of pineapple So for the chantilly, I’m just cutting half a vanilla ! you start with your blade and you don’t go through the both sides you’re just gonna
cut one side. Okay and then place your blade inside here, then you pull it
all, and SBAM ! because it’s not cut in half we can do it at once. Really efficient !
Cool ! So to do a quick Chantilly, I’m actually never using any measurement but, if you
have to ! The chantilly is ten percent of sugar for the amount of cream. So for a chantilly first, you’re gonna whip your cream till it gets little bit thicker and then you’re gonna add your sugar. Little pro tip, if you want to make the best chantilly in the world you’re gonna add up to your chantilly ten percent as well of mascarpone !
and it’s gonna make the most incredible chantilly you’ve ever tasted ! okay so right now my cream is just
starting to get thicker, I’m gonna add my sugar ! If you have crystal sugar, it’s the
best, but we do with what we have since we’re in a van ! You’re gonna see from then, it’s going to go really fast ! So now you can see as you’re giving
the whisk, the cream is solid, so the chantilly is finished ! Charlotte ? Okay so finish the plating ! I’m now just gonna dispose some chantilly. And just finish with some cinnamon – so it
looks good- and VOILA ! you have your caramelized spicy pineapple ! Charlotte
how is it ? Super yummy ! Guys if you liked this recipe don’t forget to Like and subscribe, and leave us a comment ! Let us know what you think !


  1. RiverOfBlood says:

    Great! I’ll use it to top cake slices!

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    Looks soooooo yummy

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    Wow never thought of this mix, very nice

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    Subbed to your channel and all the very best, do check out my YouTube channel. Loved the cooking

  5. Travis Heinze says:

    What's worse? Caramelized pineapple or pineapple pizza?

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    omg… yum… saving this recipe for sure! We live on our sailboat, sailing around the world. 2 people, one cat lol

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