Casa Bolivia – Visiting a Sponsored Child

So we’ve been at work in Bolivia now as a church for about the last four years and this was some of our initial trips to go Mitch: Was this your first trip
getting to go to- Ginny: Yes this was actually
my first missions trip Mitch: So how did you
get involved in sponsoring kids? So when we first
had the original Compassion child sponsorship I was looking for
a little girl to sponsor You know, looking at it from
the perspective of the child being in need Ya know, that was the first
thing that drew me to it and then second, if we were doing it as
a church family I thought it would be
a great opportunity to help, ya know, a child
in Bolivia Tell me about Estrella,
the child that you sponsor Ginny: Just adorable beautiful, I remember when I
first saw her picture She’s so tiny, and petite just like really
really little, and I loved the clothing that her mom
had put on her and she just just so precious, just
such a big smile I just- it drew me to her It was just exciting it was an opportunity to get out of my comfort zone and really learn about Bolivia and and the people that are there. Mitch: So beyond sponsorship why should somebody go
on a trip like this? Cause I mean, that’s kind of a
next-level commitment beyond just doing the
sponsorship every month why would somebody
take this step to actually get on a plane, and go and spend
a week in Bolivia It will change you It will change you
from the inside It will give you a different
perspective on your own life on how you treat others Talk about how that
happened for you as you got on the plane, as we
got to go down on this trip My intention when I got on the plane was I was gonna do all of this
amazing stuff, right, like It is nothing like that At all it is so humbling They’re so thankful, and they’re
grateful that we were there I think for me the
emotional piece was just to see the children Kids go from just these simple pictures you get
on your refridgerator and the letters that come to Man, here- here is
this real family ya know, here are
these real kids that are living everyday Ginny: Even from the perspective
of our translators that we had We had some very young people
that were with us and them talking to us
about the opportunity for them to be young adults who grew up through
Compassion as well It just brings joy to
me to know that Estrella could potentially grow up and be a translator for another group of
our Canyon Ridgers Mitch: And what are your
hopes and dreams for her? That she has
the opportunity to Obviously continue her
relationship with Christ and to have her dreams,
ya know, fulfilled as a child in Bolivia Ginny: I feel like they
changed me completely how I feel about mission how I feel about giving how I feel about sponsorship
of the children their day-to-day life It’s just such a beautiful thing
that, ya know, you- I thought that I was
gonna go and change the world if you will, and they changed me deeply

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