Celebrity Chefs Recipes: Jen Biesty’s Ancho Chili and Chocolate Braised Short Ribs

– [Narrator] Celebrity
Chefs is brought to you by: (light electric guitar) – My name is Jen Biesty, I’m a chef/owner of Shakewell
restaurant in Oakland and I’m gonna make some
delicious recipes for you today. We’re going to start off
with some beef short rib, which is one of my favorite cuts of meat, a tough cut of meat, it takes some cooking but there’s a lot of fat in there that’s going to release into the meat and it has tons of flavor. This recipe combines a beef provencal dish called beef daube with some subtle flavors that you’d find in a mexican mole. This is a piece of slightly aged beef, and we’re just going
to do some Kosher salt, some nice, fresh ground black pepper. This is the provencal end of it, we’re going to add some red wine, you can just use some cooking wine, gonna put a little fennel in here, we want big pieces of
vegetables, we’ve got some onion, so that they retain themselves throughout the whole braising process. This thyme is gonna give a nice
aromatic flavor to the beef, So one of my favorite things to eat is the big pieces of carrot from a braise, because it absorbs all that flavor. So we gotta get some nice
garlic cloves in here, alright so we’re going
to put this in the fridge for a couple hours, let’s say two hours, but ideally, at home,
if you can marinate this the day before, that would be best. We’re going to add some
oil to the fat side because we’re going to get
that to start rendering. So, we’re gonna just let
this cook for a few minutes, brown the beef a little bit. Then, we’re going to add the vegetables, when you add your wine, you’re going to want to
cook the wine by half, let it cook off, you don’t wanna have too strong tanninny flavors
coming out of that wine. We’re going to start with
a twist on this recipe, we’re going to add some tomato paste, the tomato paste is just going to give it a nice bit of richness. Ancho chilies, so this is a dried poblano, it’s also called a pasilla,
it’s going to bring this braise to a whole nother level. And then, we’re going to add a little bit of bittersweet chocolate, this is a 60 or 70 percent
bittersweet chocolate, and then coffee, so
whatever nice ground coffee you have in the house is fine. Okay, so I’m actually
using chicken stock today instead of veal stock
because I feel chicken stock is a little bit more readily available, quarter chicken stock, you never
want to boil, you just want a light, lazy bubble simmer. We’re going to get our lid on and then this is going to go in the oven at 350 degrees, two and
a half, three hours. We’re gonna get together
a cauliflower puree. I choose cauliflower puree
to go with the short rib because it’s simple, it’s earthy
sweet, it’s creamy and rich its gonna really compliment
the flavors of the chocolate and the coffee and the ancho chili with the beef and the red
wine, which are really bold. (jazzy organ music) Whenever I make a rich dish like this, I like to pair it with
something that’s refreshing, this is kind of a version of a gremolata. You can feel the oil coming
off the lemon when you zest it. Then, we’re going to do
a little orange zest, a little bit of raw garlic, capers, beautiful wild arugula,
some flat leaf parsley, and then we also have some
pickled fresno chilies. Alright, so the short rib is done, you can just see how tender it
is, it’s going to be so good. So we’re going to start our plate, cauliflower puree, ah
this came out so good. You don’t need to slice this, what we’re going to do is we’re
just going to take a spoon, we’re going to pull off a
nice piece of this beef. Alright, this is a good sized portion, but you’re going to eat it,
you’re going to eat it all. This cooked for three hours,
I think the sauce is perfect, these carrots are going to be so good, I’m going to put a
couple on the plate here. Then, we have our gremolata,
pinch of pepper, bit of salt, just going to give it a
couple drops of lemon, couple drops of extra virgin olive oil, here we go, then I like to put a little extra virgin
on the plate as well. There you have it, this is your chili chocolate braised short rib with red wine marinade, cauliflower puree and a zesty, citrus gremolata. (drumroll)

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