Chaffle Sandwiches – Reuben and Cuban (Cubano)

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the common questions that I get in the comments is what chaffles would you
recommend for sandwiches and two of the first requests that I got were the
Reuben sandwich that came from Sarah Clark and a Cuban or Cubano and that was
kind of triggered by a question that Kyle Walker asked so thank you guys
that’s what we’re gonna make in this video first the Reuben then the Cubano
let’s get making the Reuben typical base batter of one egg beaten
twitch will add 1/2 cup of shredded mozzarella 1/4 teaspoon of caraway seeds
a tablespoon of pork rind crumbs and 1/2 tablespoon of brown mustard I use
Dusseldorf mix it up and divide into it’s been five minutes let’s see how
they look and we’ll assemble our Reuben bottom swiss sauerkraut I don’t know if
there’s an official order for all of these things I’m just trying to do it in
a way that will melt the Swiss as much as possible a couple slices of deli
corned beef and a little bit of Thousand Island dressing
now Thousand Island dressing has 2 grams of carbs per tablespoon so that’s about
as much as I want top it slice it and let’s give it a taste this is really
really good I wanted to just keep eating and eating and never tell you how good
it was that’s how good it is I think if you really like the flavor of caraway
you could easily go up to a 1/2 teaspoon of caraway on on these
I’m not a big caraway fan I like you know at the taste of caraway without
getting punched by caraway so for me quarter teaspoon right in the sweet spot
I think you could also take these and you know maybe hit them with a little
cooking spray and then put them on a griddle just to get a little bit more of
that griddled Reuben taste and that might further melt the Swiss but this is
a winner I I think going forward this will be my go-to recipe for Reuben
sandwiches so thank you Sarah for the recommendation and now for the Cubano sandwich and this
was kind of inspired by a question / comment by Kyle Walker who wanted me to
try out some different sandwiches and wanted to know if there was something
that would stand up to pulled pork and I felt this particular recipe would so
let’s get to making it we start with 1 large egg beaten to that I’m gonna add 3
tablespoons of the keto Connect microwavable bread flour give it a good
mix and for this recipe we are using the – mini griddle and we’re going to start
by adding one slice of Swiss cheese on each then we’ll put half our batter on
each side not real equal it’s been about 5 minutes
so let’s get them out we’ll start with a couple of pickle slices followed by some
deli sliced ham and yeah I know I could put on more some pulled pork and some
yellow mustard now for this sandwich I chose to do the
cheese on the outside of the bun I suppose I could have done it on the
inside or if I had some Sargento thins I think I probably could have done both I
could have made each one of these Chen cake bun things with a slice of Swiss
some batter and another slice of Swiss similar to the cheesy keto connect bread
that I did in the video that I’ll link to up here here we go this is also
really good as evidenced by the fact that I took about four bites there
before my review I just couldn’t stop now I don’t know that any keto friendly
or low carb bread is gonna get you that same sort of Cubano roll consistency I
like this I kind of enjoy having the crisp on the outside it gives it almost
sort of a panini type of a texture with a crisp on the outside and the
softer on the inside but this is a win also so two great suggestions keep them
coming and thanks for watching

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