Cheat’s Tarte Tatin in a Ricecooker ! Wait… What ?

Hi guys, The Frenchy here ! Welcome to “FRENCH GUY COOKING” ! Smile my friends because today we are making something sweet ! just imagine a pastry with some gorgeous fruit wrapped in a buttery caramel. You’ve got it , we are making kind of a tarte tatin as known as an upside down apple pie But… I knew it… we are going to use quinces
in addition to the classic apples and must of all we are not gonna cook it
in an oven instead we are gonna use a kitchen
appliance used by millions, no by billions of houses in Asia… the inevitable rice cooker please welcome the billions rice cookers tarte tatin yum yum first Let’s make the dough. According to the french
tradition the dough has to be made with puff pastry yeah but everybody knows that in a tatin
pie the dough is nothing but an excuse to eat huge
caramelized chunks of fruits… Plus, with the ricecooker thing, the steam would make the dough go spongy… instead
we will do very simple cake batter in a bowl go 5 tablespoons of flour 5
tablespoons of brown sugar one heaped teaspoon baking powder a pinch of cinnamon one egg, 1 tablespoon oil , 2 or 3 tablespoons milk mix it well the batter is ready. let’s prepare the fruits I’m using my favorite variety of Apples
“REINE DES REINETTES” in French or in English “KING OF THE PIPPINS” Now for the quince, this is an amazing
fruit disgusting when raw but delicious when
cooked it will take a beautiful sunset color
and the taste is spectacular ! Fragrant, sweet, tangy ! I use one quince and two small apples Cut the fruits into big chunks remove the
seeds and the cores warning the core of the quince is very
hard and does not change after cooking so be sure to remove it all.
a good tarte tatin is all about Caramelized fruits and I ‘ve got a good cheat’s on caramel. Fill one third of a microwave safe cup with salted butter. cover it with brown sugar till you reach
two-thirds of the cup boom in the microwave for 30 seconds ! Mix it up. it should look syrupy. In Japan, rice cookers can be found in every house
this appliance is especially popular among the students
and you know what I did not invent anything they have been
baking it for years… yes but the question remains: why are
you doing so in the Western world of ours ? because it
makes me think and thinking makes me feel alive ! grease
the bottom and the sides of the rice cooker with butter. you can even add a light coating of oil . don’t be shy
on this step, because you really want it to unmold
afterwards. spread the caramel stuff on the bottom. place the
chunks of fruits. make it tight. cover it up with the cake batter Now let’s cook it. Before we start I must
warn you that there exists a tiny tiny risk of
screwing up your rice cooker… I bought mine for 20 bucks five years ago an it’s still working like a charm. that said, let’s
burn it up. figuratively speaking of course. Start
the rice cooker the global cooking time with mine was
under an hour if it stops before it , then start it again after about 40 minutes you can start to
test the doneness of your cake. Use a knife or a
skewer and stick it in the center. if it comes
up clean with no better on it then the cake is
properly baked if not , let it cook a bit more. now comes
the tricky part Unmolding the tarte tatin could be a
bit annoying. for example you can (A) burn yourself pretty bad with
the caramel and (B) end up with a scrumptious yet
told shapeless hell of a mess. but don’t be scared I got
good tips for you after baking let the bowl of the rice
cooker cool down till you can safely touch it with bare
hands. then place it on high heat for 1 minute this will loose the caramel on the bottom
now using gloves, places a stand or a plate in the bowl and flip it over. gently
lower the hand holding the plate you should feel the weight of the cake. if not back on high heat and do it again. A gorgeous and smart TATIN cake I eat it warm with a dollop of “CREME FRAICHE” or heavy cream you won’t be able to
resist this sweet and caramelized cake. well that’s it. tell your friends
your mom or whoever thats you did that in the rice cooker
then might not believe you but you did it. have fun, comment and don’t
forget to subscribe for the next video…

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  1. Larry Chiang says:

    YES!!! Tarte Tatin!! 🙂

  2. CrazyRachel1984 says:

    Wow! The rice cooker is pretty versatile, think I'll pick one up!! Great video

  3. CrazyRachel1984 says:

    Wow! The rice cooker is pretty versatile, think I'll pick one up!! Great video

  4. Amy He says:

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  5. Keith Parr says:

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    Love your Chanel!

  6. liveandlovepassion says:

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  7. armination says:

    i bought my rice cooker for 12 euros…and i threw it already out of the window.. once started, it didnt stop cooking.. if i would cook my tarte tatin in my rice cooker, i think calling the fire brigade will be unevitable..

  8. Evan Kovan says:

    This is glorious,but now i've got to find a rice cooker.

  9. johnisalegend2 says:

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  10. Evelyne AINOUZ says:

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  11. fordhouse8b says:

    This seems very similar to baking in a Dutch oven or the kind of baking hikers do on the trail.

  12. rojen145 says:

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  17. lim st says:

    My mom would not let me do this because she doesn't want me to damage her rice cooker plus there are a few ingredients I can't find but still I love all of your videos.

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    Cheat's Tarte Tatin in a Ricecooker ! Wait… What ?

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  28. chef mike says:

    Another clever posting. In the United States we call this upside down cake. It's done with pineapple traditionally, yet apple pear, cherry basically any fruit that will hold up can be used.
    So now, we both know two recipes, that are the same thing, that can be done in a rice cooker. It's what chefs strive for. Lol.

  29. CharlineLikesC says:

    Unfortunately I don't have a rice cooker, but I appreciate your philosophical approach that you are doing it, because it makes you think and thinking makes you feel alive 🙂
    Btw. I tried making the quiche in the frying pan, just because I wanted to see, if it works and I took a couple of pictures that I should probably put together in a video…
    Maybe in between the holidays I have some time to work on that…
    Having restraint possibilities in the kitchen like having no oven really is a challenge that tends to inspire me. Like last week I improvised a double cooker, melted chocolate and did Oreo truffles, since I could not bake proper Christmas cookies!
    I like your innovative twists and cooking methods and I enjoy your videos a lot!

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  50. David says:

    Hey Alex, I'm one of the few people who screwed up their rice cooker and it looked like sick on a plate. 🙁
    Despite those tiny complications I really enjoyed your recipe and the bits I saved tasted great…though it looked pretty sad. I think it was because my rice cooker was too small and it went too hot. Next time I want to bake it in the oven. Do you have any recommendations for time and temperatur?

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  52. Charles Daussin says:

    My roommate made the authentic rustic apple tarte tatin a year or so ago for French class and it was amazing.  One thing that can add an awesome tang to the crust or filling is adding a small amount of apple cider vinegar to the dough/cake batter.  Also soak the apples in water with a small amount of the apple cider vinegar mixed in to keep the color and keeps the tang of the apples while cooking.

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