Cheesecake menggunakan Rice Cooker | Cheesecake cooked with Rice Cooker

Today i want to share how to make fluffy and moist Cheesecake This recipe is cooked with rice cokker and suitable for those who do not have an oven Add sugar, plain yogurt, cream cheese egg yolk and also butter. Mix well Then put the sifted wheat flour Stir with a whisk and mix well then set aside Beat the egg white and sugar with high speed until thick and stiff You can try to swivel the dough bowl for 10 seconds if the dough does not fall means the dough is ready for use or beat until it forms a horn Mix the egg whites into the first batch put 1/3 part each Repeat until all egg whites are finished Pour the dough into the rice cooker and cook as usual for an hour or until cooked depending on your rice cooker. Flip the cake immediately after the cake is cooked so that the cake does not sink at the bottom Decorate your cake according to their creativity The cake is ready and ready to be eaten If you like this video press the like button, comment and share Don’t forget to subscribe To get the latest video notifications press this bell button

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