Cheesy Smoked Sausage Potato Au Gratin ~ Slow Cooker ~Whip It Up Wednesday

Hey guys, it’s WHIP IT UP WEDNESDAY today on
Fun Cooking, and today We’re gonna do this one on th e fly!
We’re gonna whip up a cheesy smoked sausage potato au gratin, in this slow cooker I hope you’ll come back and see how we
do it Whip it up Wednesday is a crock-pot collaboration founded by it Linda’s Pantry Suttons Daze The Kneady Homesteader Moore2Life and Wilhelm’s kitchen So the ingredients were going to use today,
thinly sliced dehydrated potatoes mushrooms, sour cream powder, dehydrated minced onion, turmeric, garlic powder, salt, pepper, Parmesan cheese, heavy whipping cream, freshly grated cheddar cheese, water, a jar of creamy alfredo sauce, and smoked sausage I’ll be right back to show you how to make the sauce okay, So the first thing I like to do is mix all of the dry ingredients together So we’ve got our sour cream powder, pepper, turmeric, salt, garlic, the onion flakes, and the Parmesan cheese I’m just gonna whisk this together Chopping up any of the parmesan chunks I just feel that mixing your dry ingredients and spices together first just helps to blend all the flavors together So you don’t get different tastes in different bites, okay- Now that we’ve got that we’re gonna take the alfredo sauce, I like to scrape all my containers I mean I paid for it. I want to use it and that throw it away I’m gonna add my water and my heavy cream and we’re gonna mix this together And then we’re gonna add in our dry ingredients I’m gonna mix it up really well You may think that this is kind of thin But you have to remember you we’re using dehydrated potatoes and the excess liquid is gonna rehydrate those So now that we’ve got that mixed, on to the next step, and I’ll be right back Okay, so now that we’ve got our slow cooker over here I’m going to put down a layer of the dehydrated potatoes – about half of them Then I’m going to pour part of the sauce on Then we’re going to do a layer of the smoked sausage Yeah, that’s good,
and we’ll fill in with some of the mushrooms And then add some cheese And then we’ll return to the potatoes and put the rest of those on Put the rest of the sauce on You want to try and get sauce on all of the potatoes
that way they can rehydrate
and once again We’re gonna scrape our container, so we get every last bit of flavor And then I’m just gonna kind of mash the potato slices down into it and we’ll go back with some more sausage And the rest of the mushrooms and then we’re gonna finish off with a topping of cheese Okay, I’m gonna put this on high Cover it. I’m gonna let this go for about three or four hours when it’s done I’ll give you a exact time that we went for and I’ll see you when we get to that point Okay, so we’re back. It’s been about three hours I’m gonna put this down on warm now, and we’ll take a look and see what it looks like Or maybe we won’t!
No I’m just kidding so how does this look? Let’s take a helping of this So the potatoes are nice and tender,
it smells wonderful I Really want to take a bite of this But I’m gonna let it cool down for a little bit because,
I like the skin on the roof of my mouth I’m gonna go take some pictures, and then I’ll bring you back, and we’ll give it a taste Okay, so I’ve let this cool long enough that I should be able to keep the skin in the roof of my mouth Let’s go ahead and give it a taste It’s a really really good flavor The potatoes texture is just right.
I think this one’s a keeper!
If you would like the recipe go to There you’ll be able to print out the recipe and also scale the recipe up and down hope to see you next Wednesday for our Next slow cooker meal y’all. Have a good one

8 comments on “Cheesy Smoked Sausage Potato Au Gratin ~ Slow Cooker ~Whip It Up Wednesday”

  1. Suttons Daze says:

    This sounds so good! You had me at cheesy sausage……haha You've been added to the playlist.

  2. Moore2Life the pantrylovinprepper says:

    Dear heaven on earth! and you used dehydrated potatoes! I think I will have to try this and do a video response on it because this is perfect for our house! And I will use my dehydrated potatoes!

  3. Celestra Oceans says:

    That looks amazing!!!! Gonna cook this soon!!!

  4. The Kneady Homesteader says:

    now THIS is slap yo' mama good! hahaha My kids would LOVE this! How do you like the casserole slow cooker? I want one! LOL I added you to my playlist and can I just say, your intro is amazing! LOL

  5. Charnell Pinckney says:

    Looks good Ed! It was like a potato au grate lasagna. Enjoyed watching?

  6. Andrea Parker says:

    That looked Amazing. I will definitely give this one a try!

  7. Bobby Bland says:

    Sounds good with the Christmas Ham… Yum

  8. Lisa Ravin says:

    Im going to have to try this.

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