chef Olivier Canal interview from la Meuniere in lyon city(In French)

Welcome back everyone to the French Cooking Academy. As you can see today, it’s a special episode because we’ve been invited in a typical bistro from Lyon called the Bouchon Lyonnais where we are going to be able to meet the chef and also the maître d’ (head waiter) of the place and try to get an explanation of what exactly is a bouchon lyonnais. And, as you can see from behind, the name of the place is La Meunière a really well decorated It is something very special. So let’s not wait, let’s get started. So, good morning, Annick! Good morning! Thank you for having us. We are today at the restaurant, at the “bouchon lyonnais” La Meunière 11 Rue Neuve and I will count on you to explain to us the real difference between the classic restaurant and small bistros like this one which we call “bouchons lyonnais” in Lyon. A: It’s a place generally very small and full of decoration because on the walls there is all the history since our grandmother’s day. And it’s a place which differentiates itself by the convivial atmosphere. People share the table, dishes are served on platters, with simplicity, there’s no French-style table service, nor English-style We serve nice comforting dishes, it’s a generous cuisine. Voilà. We sometimes have a more informal attitude towards our customers. Often, with the more frequent ones, one “fait la bise” (a familiar way – kiss – to say hello and good bye) We also choose or wines very carefully. S: That’s very important. A: Yes, quite important! We have a beautiful selection of wines, especially Beaujolais wines. We offer every possible kind of Beaujolais wine. That’s the most important wine, I’ve always associated lyonnais cuisine with Beaujolais because it’s a social wine It is easy to drink and not too strong due to the fruity notes You can share it and it’s not very expensive. It’s really the wine associated with lyonnais cuisine. S: That’s a true love story. Well look, thank you very much A: Thank you too. S: for the explanation. It was a pleasure. Now we’re going to talk to the chef. A: Let’s call Olivier! S: Alright, let’s go. Hi Olivier! Thank you for inviting us to your restaurant, to your traditional “bouchon lyonnais” O: Good morning, thanks. S: We’re in La Meunière on 11 Rue Neuve in Lyon. We are here in an institution of lyonnais cuisine. So the first thing that we would like to know is what motivated you to open up a bouchon lyonnais? O: I come from the gastronomical world. I only made gastronomic dishes. I kinda got bored with it. All of the minutiae and fuss fatigued me. I wanted to make cuisine that was relatively out there: local, a bit historical, everything that we like. So I told myself it would be great to have a bouchon someday. And so, when this one was for sale, I stopped high cuisine in order to, finally, make food that I liked! Generous food from our region. S: So that’s great, to have that opportunity that must be seized even just in general when one has the opportunity to have a bouchon like this O: Yes it’s a great opportunity, there’s not so many old establishments like this one, soon to be 100 years old, so it’s pretty old. It’s such a pleasure to make true lyonnais food, especially when people come in here and have a gleam in their eyes because they’re somewhere full of history with all of the charms of the region. That’s just the best. S: Ok so speaking of cuisine, we just spoke to Annick who explained the convivial and familial style so as head chef of a bouchon lyonnais, the type of cuisine we will find, the type of dish we would typically find, “grosso modo” what should one expect? O: In Lyonnais cuisine, there’s lots of tripe, lots of things like that, then there’s the classics, like the “tablier de sapeur” which is a tripe that’s been breaded. There’s cinnamon, then all these sort of cheeky dishes like bourguignons, tripe in tomato, “cervelles d’agneau” (lamb’s brains) innards, in fact, yes there’s a lot of those. Because actually, mothers from Lyon, when they started to cook, they would work with these innards that the bourgeois didn’t want. So they took these dishes and made them for their families and the families made restaurants. S: So for each bouchon, are there kind of “favorite dishes” that the chefs like to make? O: Definitely. Every chef has their own specialty. Here it’s “l’oreiller de la belle meunière,” a huge game pie that we have right here S: It’s magnificent! O: It’s got seven meats inside, which are five poultries, and some veal and porc which add fat and a bit of flavour So it’s a little fancy, there’s some foie gras in there and some other stuff. But there you have it, it’s a huge pâté croute that comes from a French specialty, “l’oreiller de la belle aurore” that’s based on game meat but we transformed it to have it all year and gave it our own name “l’oreiller de la belle meunière” to make a crusted pastry based on poultry. S: How do you prepare this? How is it served? We’ve got this here, this huge pie O: I’ll cut a slice and serve it on a big stainless steel plate with a little bit of salad Because generally, it’s to share. I mean, come on, it’s a big slice. S: Yeah it’s impressive! O: There are some foodies who try to have it all themselves but generally everyone is sharing it. S: Ok If you want, I can cut a little slice S: Let’s do it, let’s taste it! Ok we’ll taste! I’ll get up. No problem Here’s the plate I mentioned Ok I won’t put any salad, that would be useless Here’s a good slice S: And this is a type of “pâté en croute” ? O: It’s part of the pâté croute family, yes. S: And speaking of pâté en croute, there are some competitions, right? O: Yes, there’s a worldwide competition I’ve been twice and won two awards. The first was the Prix de la Confrérie, awarded by those who are in the pâté croute fraternity and last year I won the Prix Espoir because I have hope, I guess I’m just a kid so… I was really happy about it. S: So about utensils, There are people who want to know what kinds of knives this French chef uses what his preferences are I don’t really see any Japanese knives O: Yes, exactly. S: So here we can see some knives that were specially made O: I have a knife-maker in Saint-Genix-sur-Guiers, so it’s a little outside of Lyon, who makes these knives. He’s a French knife-maker. If we’re going to cut pâté croute, we have this serrated knife that I got finished with a straight blade at the end so when I cut, the blade finishes the pâté croute. Here’s the classic, the knife I use most often, a thin one. The size of blade really works for me. It’s just better. I have this paring knife for vegetables, S: So with a minimum of knives, a whole arsenal is not necessary O: Personally, I’m not for an array of like 36 knives I think just a knife that feels good in the hand. It’s the habit that counts so just stay eager. Ok. Well look, Olivier, thank you so much No, thank you! for showing us all this so that maybe afterwards we would be lucky enough to come back and try more specialities. Thanks, see you soon! It’s been a pleasure Au revoir! Bye! And that’s it guys, that completes the video for today so don’t forget to write down this address if you come to Lyon This is the bouchon lyonnais called “La Meunière” 11 Rue Neuve in the first quarter I put all the details in the video description of course And you have to try this specialty here an “oreiller de la belle meunière” this pâté en croute as we call it this encased, seven types of poultries with foie gras encased in a beautiful short crust pastry It is something you have to try But that’s it for me I’ll see you all in the next episode on the French Cooking Academy Take care, all. Bye bye. Thank you to the whole team from La Meunière

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