Chicago’s Best Gluten Free: Chesa’s Gluten-Free Food Truck

(upbeat rock music) (upbeat rock music) – In the loop food trucks
are a lunchtime fav cause there’s a little
something for everyone. And I’m particularly
excited to try Chesa’s today cause the sign on
the truck says, you get stuff free. Woohoo, free stuff! – I do not think it means
what you think it means. – Your business is
born out of necessity. – And so I have Celiac Disease. It was difficult for
me to find food to eat. So I was like, oh my
God I’m always hungry. And I was like,
someone needs to start a gluten free food truck and–
– [Elliott] Why not you? – [Chesa] Yes. – [Elliott] So you
guys are killin’ it? – [Chesa] Yes. – What are your staples, ‘ what are the ones people
keep coming back to you for? – So we do the All
Hale Kale Salad and then the Lob,
Crab Mac and Cheese. – I wouldn’t expect that
to be something that someone with gluten
issues could eat. – People who do have like
Celiac or gluten intolerance having macaroni and
cheese is like a delicacy. It’s like oh my God. – I love it! Mac and cheese is one
of the best foods ever. – I grew up in Wisconsin so
anything with cheese is so– – That’s not your fault. – Thank you, thank you.
– You’re welcome. (upbeat rock music) – People will be thinking
that inside of your food truck is like a Tardis. – It’s bigger on the inside. – Is it, I hadn’t noticed. – Spoiler, we’re not inside
the food truck right now. We have some water boiling. – Okay, take the
gluten free pasta, elbow macaroni that’s made
from rice and potato flour. Just dump it in, I let it cook for about
three to five minutes. We’ll skip forward all
the water boiling bit, okay, you guys can… What’s next with our pasta made? – We’re gonna add our
cumin and chili powder. – Just straight in? – Let the Gods tell
you when to stop. – When the food Gods,
when they speak sense too, you don’t wanna know about
the voices in my head. – Okay. – [Elliott] Next stop
a little dried parsley and garlic powder but
not without checking in with the food Gods, of course! – That sound good guys,
you agree with that? They’re answering, they agree. They said that’s a good amount. – Now we can add
in the crab meat. – This takes our mac and cheese
and it does something else. This takes a basic
t-shirt and adds a bow tie and a jacket on top of that. – Cause it says like,
I wanna be formal, but I’m here to party too. – We’ve got blended
cheeses in here. Do I put the whole thing in? – [Chesa} You Can. – Because when you said
when the Gods gave you– – Yeah. – And they were saying to
me, they were saying like, Elliott just add
the whole thing in. – Yeah, so then
we’re gonna add in the Parmesan Alfredo cheese. Finally the double
Cheddar cheese. – [Elliott] Oh yeah, oh yeah! All right, mac and
cheese is made. Hail Kale. – We first wanna start with
the extra virgin olive oil. Maybe two tablespoons worth. Massage once it’s all in. – Could you change the music? I like like strange
music when I’m massaging. (mystical instrumental music) Oh yeah, thank you,
that’s more my speed. (whispering) You’re beautiful. I don’t care what other
people say about you. You’re worth it, shhh, relax. Garlic powder and
gluten free soy kick this massage up a notch. – So then you want to
add in the fresh veggies, I have tomatoes,
cucumbers and red onions and shredded carrots
and then the same with the shredded broccoli. You just top it off with a
little parsley for color. And we are done. – Then you and I can get back to the truck–
– yes. – and we can eat. (jazzy instrumental music) – I have clout in this city.
– Oh. – I know a few
people so I set us up a nice intimate
dining experience, here in Presidential Plaza. You get to add the protein and
we’ve already talked about. And this is your fried chicken? – Yup. – Well I think we
should dive right in. (jazzy instrumental music) – The cumin and the different
little layers of spice does a little dance
on your tongue. With a robust, party flavor
that you couldn’t find anywhere else in a mac so. – That’s so smart. I wouldn’t know that mac
and cheese was any different to real mac and cheese.
– Yeah. – I’m even going
to be a good boy and try some of this Hale Kale. That’s a good combo! Thank you for opening my eyes. – No problem. – And thank you for making
my taste buds dance. It’s a mac and
cheese for everyone. It does not discriminate. (jazzy instrumental music)

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    First viewer Boi

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    She looked so bothered lol

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    3:17 she’s was like why you touching me lol 😂

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    This is the most hilarious Chicago's Best episode!!!!! Ugh!
    My side is hurting from laughing!
    Funny and that food looks amazing!!!!

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    Her hair is thicker than my wallet

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