Chicken And SPICY Rice ONE POT Dinner

so one night a week Jules and I throw
axes in the backyard ax throwing lead so we need something that’s easy to cook
delicious easy to eat and will give us the fuel we need to win welcome friends
welcome back to the channel today we’re going to do another sort of one pan
chicken and rice dish this time it’s chicken rice black beans a little bit of
tomato and some hot pepper cinnamon and cumin so there’s a there’s a lot of
spices going on in in this mix so I’ve got some chicken thighs here of course
you could use whatever chicken you like and I’m just putting salt and pepper on
both sides just to start building that flavor okay the pan is hot these induction
burners heat up really quickly so I’m gonna hit this with a little bit of oil
now what I have here is a cast iron pan it’s an enameled cast iron pan that can
go in the oven and something that you can put in the oven is very important
for this dish because we’re gonna finish it in the oven so this oil will heat up
really quickly and as soon as it’s hot put the chicken in skin side down and we’re just trying to brown the
chicken we just want to get a little bit of color on both sides we don’t need to
worry about cooking it all the way through okay see good color doesn’t need
to be too brown because it is gonna go back into the oven to finish browning
okay I’m gonna say that the chicken has a good initial browning so I’m gonna
take it out of the pan stick it in a bowl put it on our plate whatever you’ve
got doesn’t have to be fancy and now back into the pan with a couple of bell
peppers and a diced onion okay and we just want to fry this off until it’s
softened and the onions are translucent and I’ve used a red pepper and an orange
pepper because that’s what I got at the grocery store I’m one of those people
that shakes my head and you know sort of rolls my eyes when I see cookbooks or
chefs telling you that you have to use a
certain color use what you can get use what you like I don’t think the color of
your bell pepper really matters all that much maybe it does leave me a comment
and tell me what you think okay that doesn’t take long to soften up so now
we’re gonna put in the spices and the first thing to go in is a cinnamon stick
some ground cumin some hot pepper and I’ve just sliced these into larger
pieces and then some garlic so I’ve got three cloves here as much as you like or
as little as you like and I’m just gonna put that through press because who wants
to chop garlic now we just give that a stir
and we’re just gonna fry this until it becomes nice and fragrant which again
won’t take very long okay looking good next in is the chicken
stock okay so I’ve got this on medium high heat I want to bring you stock up
to a boil before I add the rice I’ve also held some of the stock back so that
I can adjust it later if I need to I can add a little bit more so as this comes
up to a boil you can put in your can of black beans and of course these are
rinsed before I put them back into the can to show you that I was using canned
black beans and a can of cherry tomatoes now if you live somewhere where you can
get fresh cherry tomatoes all year round use them if you grow cherry tomatoes in
your garden like I do use them we just happen to be at a time of the year where
I don’t have them and I like to have a couple of cans in the larder because
they work really well in a dish like this look the stock reach a boil and I
mean it doesn’t have to be a raging boil but just just so that you see that it’s
starting to come up to temperature okay a few bubbles close enough now we put in
the rice and I’m using basmati rice because I really like basmati rice I
think the longer grain works well in this dish but again if you have a
favorite rice or you have a rice that’s always in your cupboard go ahead and use
it it doesn’t have to be buzzed Motty I’m just going to kind of sprinkle this
on carefully make sure it gets everywhere all over the counter too
apparently now I put the chicken back on skin side up and we just lay it on top
and as chef Jon says pour in the accumulated juices and the last thing is
a little bit of salt and pepper on top probably doesn’t need much but I find
just a little bit of dressing at the end really helps the flavor later and it
helps to crisp up that skin and I’ve got an oven preheated at 375
and I’m just gonna stick this in and it’ll cook for 45 minutes to an hour
until the chicken is fully cooked through hey Jules Hank Lynch
oh so friends we have here some supper yes another one pan meal tribute right
yep chicken and rice thank you this time though I put in some black
beans and there’s some extra spicing in there so I can smell it it’s got a very
uh I can’t quite put my fingers on it my finger on it well it smells great though
there you go here’s the bark Oh cinnamon cinnamon and cherry tomato oh okay yeah
zoom in you got it so I mean the chicken the chicken is gonna taste like chicken
it’s gonna be moist and it’s gonna there’s really low all right so I’m
gonna taste the chicken I don’t taste the beans and the flavors all in the
rice yeah absolutely I mean how hot is it mmm I just wait mmm
let’s talk what the smells more that’s nice something for my case I think I
would up the cumin a little bit I think you could still approach a little bit
more cumin and maybe another cinnamon stick you get a lot of cinnamon on the
nose but it’s not so forward in the flavor but that’s the thing about
cinnamon right cinnamon is all about the smell really there’s no no flavor to
cinnamon if that makes sense this is ohm yeah flavor in your mouth – cinnamon if
you’re not smelling it you don’t have don’t have it um I think this is a nice
change from the other flavorings that we often put in our rice dishes yeah and
and the hot pepper you can go as hot or not as yeah and then the the cherry
tomatoes again you could put in different colors if you don’t want to
just have red and you would go well like I think if you complan
like some cauliflower cauliflower broccoli on the side yeah would be kinda
nice I think you could probably even if your pan is the right size slip some
broccoli right into this okay so would you bring too much extra moisture into
the hole I don’t think it would you maybe cut back a little bit on the on
the on the chicken stock now I didn’t I held some chicken stock
back and I didn’t put any more in Oh while it was cooking and it probably
could have used just a little bit less than I did put in I was gonna say it it
doesn’t seem like you you’re doing with that it don’t have to have to watch it
you have to watch it and I love everything’s the same mm-hmm right
everybody’s ovens different everybody’s pan is different the rice can be
different the weather can be different there’s so many variables but that
doesn’t mean it’s difficult just a matter of looking and going oh yeah that
looks like it needs some more yeah and it’s not anything you don’t have to
hover over it you can just you know take a look pretty casual keep it casual if
you’re me you forget so you have to set a timer to go and look but other people
seem to have a knack for looking for you clean regularly
I kind of remember most of the time so give this one a try thanks for stopping
by see you again soon take care you

18 comments on “Chicken And SPICY Rice ONE POT Dinner”

  1. q5123 says:

    That yellow can is a banner uniting all us Canadians.

  2. Mr Entity says:

    How are all your enameled pans so pristine? I use mine once or twice, and they are completely discolored forever.
    Also, in regards to colour of peppers: The darker it is, the sweeter it is. It DOES make a difference, but once you get past green it isn't super noticeable.

  3. spiderbroj123 says:

    Will you ever try to replicate dr pepper? Or was the coke chronicles ardous enough lol

  4. Keet Randling says:

    re: Bell Peppers: Green ones are unripe red peppers, some people don't digest them well. Yellow, Orange, Red, and Purple peppers are ripe.

  5. Girruuth says:

    The green peppers are the immature fruit. all bell peppers start out as green and ripen to a different color. mostly red, but the orange and yellow are also the ripe versions. the fully ripe peppers are sweeter than the younger green peppers.

  6. ROVER25X says:

    Red, Orange and Yellow Bell Peppers do taste similar but Green ones are more bitter, my partner does not eat the green ones, I like them, I recommend trying Beef Green Pepper with Black Bean Sauce.

  7. Kinkajou1015 says:

    Looking great. I personally enjoy all bell peppers and can taste differences when raw. Cooked, is a bit hit or miss in being able to taste a difference because they blend with the other flavors.

  8. Incognito At Unknown says:

    I can almost smell those onions, peppers and spices. Although the colour of the bell pepper doesn't matter the flavour definitely does. The taste you get out of a pan of orange and yellow bell peppers is definitely milder than you'd get out of a pan of red or green bells.

  9. redoorn says:

    another great idea

    at 8:17 are they asking me to actually cook? 🙂

  10. Michael Vilain says:

    Actually, I don't like the taste of green bell pepper all that much. Red and orange taste sweeter to me, so my Red Beans and Rice and Cajun pork chops have red bell pepper in them.

  11. Joshua Brewer says:

    I love this series. My wife and I have been trying to eat meat more sparingly. Could you try a vegetarian recipe in this 1 pan series?

  12. blazkowiez says:

    What garlic press is that?

  13. Sean Emmanuel says:


  14. Nikolay Ouzhinsky says:

    try to make 1940 fanta pls

  15. Geno E says:

    The flavors are different but the preparation the way you do it this kinda reminds me of Paella. Looks like an awesome tasty dish!

  16. Dean Winchester says:

    I do have to go with team "bell pepper colors" here, to me the green ones taste drastically different to red/yellow/orange. And oddly enough I really like the green but not the others so much.

  17. Christoffer Sandberg says:

    Awesome will do it. I will add saffron, my part of Sweden loves it. I think it will do well with this dish. Great!!

  18. DamnSoSlow says:

    I find green bell peppers to be a bit too bitter for my liking. Otherwise the other 3 colors I find pretty identical.

  19. Heath Newland says:

    Buffalo wing sauce (franks red hot) does the job of providing the spice when you are missing those ingredients

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