Please Subscribe to my channel SR Kitchen and dont forget to hit the bell icon How are you? Welcome to my youtube channel Today we are going to make Chicken Broast Biryani We are making with another recipe A very tasty dish will get ready in no time with very less spices بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْمِ First we will take the chicken Wash it properly Clean all the cuts properly Take red chilli powder Apply properly on the cuts Rub with your hands Red chilli powder is almost one and a half tea spoon We are done with red chilli powder one tea spoon salt apply on all the chicken Lemon juice is almost three table spoon Apply on all sides You can also use citric acid instead but lemon tastes good Marinate for 15 minutes Yogurt is one third of a cup Try to take viscous one you can sieve the yogurt in a silk cloth and use the thick one I am using fresh Garlic Ginger Paste It is 3 Tbs Two table spoon of lemon In spices Salt is half tea spoon I am using less cuz i already applied on the chicken before You can vary this according to your taste Turmeric is one teaspoon Red Chilli powder is one table spoon One table spoon is coriandrum sativum Garam Masala is one table spoon This is my secret deggi masala i have given the link above Mix it properly It is mixed well add all the spices inside Add garlic ginger paste Lemon juice three table spoon olive oil mix it well Apply on the chicken Fill in the cuts Place it on all sides Add some inside it and mix it It is marinated I am keeping it for two hours you can place it inside the fridge for whole night The mixture is settled by now add one cup water inside the pressure cooker Place the chicken inside add the masala on it Steam it for 15 minutes It is steamed by now Now we will fry it in a pan to give some color we wont drain away the water It would be later used in the biryani masala so that all the flavor and taste comes into that Fry until golden brown Fry it from both sides Flip the sides after five minutes Make this side golden brown too For 1 kg rice I have fried two cup of onions I have given the link above of how to make it I have taken 250 g of tomato and have added three green chilli inside i have made its paste I have taken one cup of yogurt and have added half packet of biryani masala you can also use one whole packet mix it well Salt is one tea spoon As for biryani the boil rice are specially made I have given its link above Turmeric is one tea spoon Red chilli powder is half tea spoon You can use it if you like Garam Masala powder is one table spoon I have taken two table spoon of garlic ginger paste The mint i have taken is fresh You can add it if you like Coriander leaves you can use as much you want For one kg rice i am using one cup of olive oil You can increase or decrease the quantity of rice I have added Garlic Ginger paste inside Add all the spices Add the mixture of yogurt and biryani masala Add the water of steamed chicken inside we won’t waste that Crush the golden onions with hands add them inside The scent is beautiful and the mixture have become a bit thick Keep the flame moderate Add rice Add mint and coriander leaves Layer it with the cooked mixture Add the chicken and add food color Steam it for 15 minutes at low flame Time is completed so lets dish out Use a plate to mix it ٱلْـحَـمْـدُ للهِ Chicken broast biryani is ready Do try this Friends If you like my recipe then subcribe to my youtube channel Like and comment Keep us in your prayers Take care of yourself and your beloved ones Meet you guys with another recipe till then اللہ حافظ

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