Chicken in Milk?! | Jamie Oliver & Gennaro Contaldo

If that chicken was a woman would you
marry it? Mm-hmm-hmm. Yeah. Just asking. Hello, you lovely people, it’s
me. And Genarro. And we’re gonna cook a beautiful dish: Chicken in milk. This is a
massive, massive recipe on I did it in this book,
“Happy Days with The Naked Chef,” a long time ago. We’re gonna have some fun with it.
This is gonna be a whole bird with lemon, sage, garlic and we’re gonna cook it in
milk. When you put lemon in milk it will split into little curds Don’t be under
the illusion that this chicken is anything like one you’ve ever had
before. This is something completely different. So the first stage of this little journey,
you get a whole bird, rub it up with salt and pepper. Yeah,
leave it, leave it to me. Really season the outside of the chicken. Get a nice pan
that snugly fit this bird and this way it’s gonna be moisture in and it’s
just gonna gently, beautifully cook it. I’m gonna take butter. As soon as you add
the butter is gonna start caramelizing. We want to get colour on the chicken. And
when it looks like the butter’s burnt, we pour it all out of the pan and we put a
fresh one in. It’s gonna be really, really good. Okay, so that’s colouring up nicely.
I’ve got the sage leaves picked here We’ve got our little friend, Mr. Cinnamon.
A whole bulb of garlic goes. Some people might think that’s a lot, absolutely not.
Leave them in the paper and just give them a little spank. That just cracks it.
By keeping it in the skin you get much sweeter flavour so it’s not gonna be pongy, garlicky. It’s gonna be gentle and sweet and gorgeous. And the other thing
is the lemons. I’m just gonna take the zest off like this. Just look at that. Just show them how burnt that is. Look at that. So that’s burnt butter, right. We are
gonna get rid of that. We don’t have to clean the pan out because there’s
actually sticky goodness on the bottom of that pan. So, then we’ll go fresh
butter. Sweetness. And that’s actually the key. We want that sweetness to
really cook into the chicken. Ow! That, see, that’s karma. It’s exciting, innit? It is, indeed.
You can see we’re getting good colour now. We’re gonna take this out again. We’ve
got burnt butter again. Some of you might feel that this is wasteful. It’s
not really wasteful. You don’t do this process
very often but you’ll get in a unique flavour from doing this. So let’s just
turn that heat down. Go in with the last knob of butter.
The cinnamon. We’re gonna go in with the lemon zest. Then the garlic and that’s
gonna fry and the flavour is gonna be phenomenal. And then this frumpy old herb
called sage, the minute that that hits the chicken fat, the sticky goodness in
the bottom, the lemon, the garlic, the cinnamon, the fat it’s gonna completely
transform. So, this is a really incredible flavour combination. Seasoning goes in,
pepper goes in, then just when we feel that we’ve got a nice bit of frying
action happening, then we break it–oh yes– with milk. So, there we go.
Then we go back in with the chicken. Add a squeeze of lemon. Go, go on, give it a squeeze of lemon, it’s nice. And that will split the milk. So, what you’re
gonna get and observe from this is, like, little, delicate curds of cheese and then
the whey splits out and kind of gets all the sticky bits off the bottom of the
pan and out the chicken so you get kind of like milky gravy and then curds of
cheese and then you’re gonna get something really, really special. So, in an
oven, 180 degrees Celsius which is 350 degrees Fahrenheit, and we will cook this
for about an hour and a half and I’ll turn it a couple of times. So, an hour and
a half is past and, in that time, Gennaro’s made a little mashed potato.
We’ve blanched off and steamed some Swiss chard, some broccoli, spinach. And
now for the pièce de résistance. Oh, my, my, yes! There she is. Look in here, guys, there’s almost
like homemade ricotta here and it’s just phenomenal. Serious flavour. Traditionally
you would use polenta but we’re going to use mashed potato. Look at that. Really
special. I’m gonna put the greens on. This is what it’s all about. I’ll just put
this over the top. And when you get the curds from the milk, it’s a phenomenal
thing. Something a bit different. That little hint of spice from the cinnamon
is spectacular. Put them on top, yeah. And that’s it.
Chicken, cooked in milk, lemon, sage, garlic, mashed potato. Something really, really
special. So, shall we? Shall we? Oh, my God. That juice is delicious isn’t it. And the
cinnamon’s subtle. And the garlic with the mashed potato with the juice. I like it. I
love it

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