Chicken in the aroma cooker #vanlife

hi everybody it’s Chris again and I’m
bringing to you another wonderful meal of my creations and you will see that my
creations are so simple that a dummy could do it 10-step maybe I’m a dummy I
don’t know anyway i’m going to make peace with the chicken breast and some
spices i was going to add baby potatoes but they went missing and i’m at a
walmart DC they won’t give me anything any upheld so sheer make me sit in the
parking lot for the next 24 hours alright so the only things going into it
it’s garlic powder piece chicken and poultry seasoning the Pope receiving has
no MSG in it all it has is thyme salt oregano mustard red pepper black pepper
and sage just easy stuff stay away from the msg it’ll give you a heart attack
okay I was just looking at this and this package of 20 ounce package 1 and 2
quarter pounds of chicken is it says a total of 600 calories for the whole
package cuz it’s five servings it’s going to be two servings so we’re going
to call that 300 calories and the peas as you can see a great value because i’m
also a cheap bastard our 60 calories and there are three servings in here so it’s
180 calories and we’ll be splitting that what’s that 90 so 390 calories for this
meal I do not count that animal fats are good fat butter and such are good for
you your body needs animal fat stay away from the fake fat and another thing
everyone soy products kill your tilt test testosterone stop drinking soy milk
it’s not good for you if you’re a man if you’re a woman drink it all up okay now that you have a look at this
this is chicken he’s everything i really wish i had the potatoes to go in there
i’m sorry i do not i mean more than you know i don’t like a lot of carbohydrates
that do love baby potatoes and what i just said about the soy everyone needs
to do some research on SOI SOI is a poisonous plant and it’s been fostered
off on us i farm okay I don’t farm boy bangs I could I don’t want to but it’s
called a rapist each plant and it is poison it has the same capacity to
adverse control pills if you take gigolo soy and might as well be saying if
you’re taking her control so if you’re trying to get pregnant that’s bad and we
might be turning little boy babies into little girl babies I’m sure about that
either just my opinion okay like I said I believe that made a mistake when I was
talking about the rape seed plant that’s what they make canola oil out of that is
so bad that the government wants us using the soy has other problems that it
causes with me and men and their testosterone so I got a little mixed up
there but the boys still a bad just belgium mad genican wanna fight so
highly okay and this will be the end product
you know like I said unfortunately forgot the baby potatoes you could have
used you know candor the real thing that would have cooked them all on the 15
minutes it takes to cook this meal and you can use any vegetable you want to do
this with I usually actually use brussel sprouts for this one also if you like my
silly vids give me a like and subscribe thank you

9 comments on “Chicken in the aroma cooker #vanlife”

  1. Vasiliy Agiy says:

    That chicken came out looking delicious! Thanks for the food tips. You know I guess it's a good thing that I naturally don't like soy products hah

  2. Schwifty Music says:

    I learned something today 🙂

  3. 0sum gamezzz says:

    Yeah, soy sauce kept China's population so low…It's government had to introduce a 1 child policy.

  4. kveebee says:

    Animal fats/natural fats are good AMEN!!

  5. Rruk Of All says:

    Very nice video…Tfs

  6. momfrom NJ says:

    "Cause I'm a cheap bastard"

  7. Brian Coley says:

    That chicken came out looking like fish!

  8. B r i Brahzz says:

    My favorite meal to cook is chicken livers n onions I use the 12 volt lunch box real cheap and real healthy fire up your mitochondria with some organ meats, witch is the healthiest for us to consume. So all I use is some good olive oil spread over onions a good amount of Redmond's sea salt fresh ground pepper through livers on top of onions oh and a few cloves of garlic then pour some balsamic vinger whorchester soss some Bragg's cider vinger also dank soss wrapped up tight in tin foil and fast for another hr waiting for grub time!!

  9. Joanne Blackburn says:


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