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Greetings Gastronauts! This is Keef Cooks,
I’m Keef and today I’m going to show you how to make something that will make so much difference
to your soups and sauces and stews, you just won’t believe it. Chicken stock. [ MUSIC ] So I don’t know why stock cubes are so rubbish
– they just don’t have the body and depth of flavour and unctuousness that you get from
a real home-made stock. And that’s why restaurants generally always make their own stocks. And
it’s not at all difficult to do, so let’s do it! Ingredients for the stock, I’ve got an onion,
couple of carrots, couple of sticks of celery, a teaspoon of thyme, a teaspoon of whole black
peppercorns, and 2 or 3 bay leaves. And a chicken carcass, or any chicken bones that you’ve got kicking about. And a couple of litres of water. So, prep the veg. Just top and tail the onion,
and quarter it. Leave the skin on, ‘cos that adds a bit of colour. Chuck it in the pot.
And the celery, just cut it into big chunks. And the carrots – I don’t normally peel them
unless they’re really grotty. Again, cut into chunks, throw them in, throw
in the chicken carcass and the peppercorns, bayleaves and thyme. And then fill that up
with water. Now you’ve got 3 options. You can use a regular
saucepan, in which case you would need to simmer it for about 3 or 4 hours with a lid
on, and keep checking the level of liquid. Or you can use a pressure cooker, and that
will take between 30 and 60 minutes, or longer if you wish. Or, I’m using a slow-cooker,
and I’ll leave that on overnight. So I’ll come back tomorrow and show you how to finish
it off. [ COCK CROWS ] Right, so the stock’s been cooking away for
hours and hours and hours. Now we drain off the liquid into a big pan, and then we’ll
pop that on high heat to reduce in volume by about half. So there’s about 2 litres there
and we want it down to 1. OK, we’re down to almost a litre, so I’m just
going to add a teaspoon of salt…taste it…yum! That’s nice. So I’ll put that in a container
and stick it in the freezer for a couple of hours and that will make the fat separate
out on top. So I accidentally left the stock in the freezer,
so it froze solid. Not the end of the world, but it’s easier to get the fat off when it’s
semi-solid. Just scrape off as much as you can, ‘cos you don’t really want fat in your
stock, it should be kind of pretty clear. Right, here’s our stock. It is wibbly and
wobbly and tasty and unctuous. And that’ll keep for ooh a few days, probably,
in your fridge, or you can freeze it in smaller quantities to use when you need it. It’s wonderful
stuff and you should always have some around – not that I ever do! [ LAUGHS ] And that’s that, I hope you enjoyed it. Now
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11 comments on “Chicken Stock @Chicken Recipes”

  1. Mr Krasker says:

    Cracking stock Keef. I roast a chicken then pull off most of the meat then make a stock with the carcass.

  2. Gil2727 says:

    Nice stock video 🙂
    I freeze stock in silicone muffin molds (1/2 cup) pop them out and put them in a ziplock, then back into the freezer.
    Great for recipes, the portion is already there.

  3. David John French Golf says:

    Keef still waiting on my lamb shoulder mate!!!!

  4. shariful jewel says:


  5. BillQuag - says:

    I really do appreciate Keefe Cooks…it helps to prevent widowers like me from starving!

  6. MrCurry says:

    Thanks Keef. Such a simple, low stress method worth the slow cooker. I guess people get deterred from long-cook time recipes, but i see the actual amount of time you need to spend "working on it" is minimal so I'll use this approach some time.

  7. MrCurry says:

    *with the slow cooker, not "worth" the slow cooker! Doh

  8. BahstX says:

    Wibbly and Wobby and…Timey Wimey!? Yeah, I find most Boullion cubes to be WAYYY to salty-even the Spanish pimente ones that are supposed to be a tomatoey veg one.

  9. George Tempest says:

    Keef, you don't look very focused in this video ;oD Here's a tricky question – where can I get proper boiler hens? Probably have to grow some to make stock out of them, butchers look at me funny when I ask for them…

  10. Carmen Dawn Allan says:

    Excellent. I Don't Like,Processed Stuff. You Made My,Day. 😊.👍

  11. Sandra Nevins says:

    Pro or con to roast bones or not to roast bones?

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