Chicken Tikka Masala Recipe by Vishwash | Amazing Chicken Masala Gravy Recipe | Chicken Tikka

So for chicken tikka masala you need to marinate the chicken first So you can see I am using 400 grams of chicken breast It is thin sliced and long Thin sliced because it cooks well and long because I like it that way Apart from that I am going to use ginger garlic paste garam masala powder red chilli powder.This is kashmiri red chili powder It gives a very good color to the chicken turmeric powder,coriander powder,black pepper powder,kasuri methi and salt to taste Plus we will need a small amount of curd and we will need one lemon. So let’s start by adding the spices together I am adding juice of half a lemon This is more than enough for this much of chicken approximately two spoons of ginger garlic paste One spoon of garam masala powder one spoon of red chilli powder small amount of turmeric small amount of coriander powder like half tsp half tsp of black pepper powder salt to taste.But I am adding half tsp now and I will add more later Plus we will need fenugreek leaves which is kasuri methi so we can add half tsp of them to it And now mix it all using a spoon or with your hand Now I will marinate it for 3 hours See you need to marinate this for at least 3 hours and now add curd So If you marinate for enough time the chicken you will get very soft and juicy chicken And will also cook well so marinate it for approx 3 hours atleast And if you have time you can marinate for the whole night it is up to you So to make the gravy we will need a small amount of ginger garlic paste garam masala powder red chilli powder,turmeric powder coriander powder,cumin powder some dried fenugreek leaves a small amount of milk cream salt to taste And we will need some amount of butter which will be added in the last I am using 3 finely chopped tomatoes If you can’t finely chop it then also it will be fine since we are using a blender to blend it 3 small onions finely chopped Plus If you look at these onions I have chopped them into pieces which will be added in the end Similarly I have removed the seeds from tomatoes and will be added at the end plus I am using cinnamon sticks green cardamom,black cardamom and 5 cloves Also I will be using some cooking oil now my chicken is well marinated and we can start now My oil is hot now I haven’t added a lot of oil but just greased the base Add chicken pieces to this Don’t overfill the pan So we will cook this chicken for 5 minutes on each side So the total time you spend is approx 15 minutes let us fry this for 5 minutes and keep stirring it so that it doesn’t stick to the base So look at the color of the chicken it has already been 5 minutes and I have just flipped it The color looks quite golden. You can use a spoon to keep checking we will cook it for 10 more minutes and after that we will start making the gravy It has already been 15 minutes the chicken has been cooked perfectly so we will transfer this chicken to another plate So we can start working on the gravy Okay so now we will start making the gravy So add cinnamon sticks so I am using the same oil from frying add green cardamom and black cardamom with cloves fry for like 30 seconds then add onions and ginger garlic paste now I am adding onions to this some finely chopped onions fry the onions till they are cooked and now we will add ginger garlic paste approx 1 spoon of ginger garlic paste toss it one thing about onions is that they should always be cooked on medium or low flame because they get burned easily keep frying the onions for 5-7 minutes keep stirring and tossing in between since I am using a non stick pan it is easy for me. but if you don’t have a non stick pan keep tossing it So it has already been 5 minutes I have added tomatoes now after adding tomatoes fry it for more 4-5 minutes after that we are going to add spices to this keep tossing it Okay so the onions and tomatoes they look cooked now so we will start adding spices to this add a small amount of turmeric like 1/2 tsp 1 spoon of garam masala powder add 1/2 tsp of cumin powder add 1/2 tsp of coriander powder add 1 tsp of red chili powder we will fry all of this for 2-3 minutes and I am going to add some salt to this now we will also be adding water after some time Let us fry it for like 2 minutes Add salt as per your taste S o I am getting a very good aroma of this gravy So now I am going to add some water After that I am going to blend it in a mixer So we will make a smooth paste of this Add like generous amount of water up to 300 ml of water and let us boil it for 3-4 minutes on high flame okay so this looks nice and we can wait for 5-7 minutes to switch off the stove So that it cools down before you put it in the blender Always cool it and then blend it in a blender or mixer Okay so let us pour this So now our puree is ready Let us strain it So that you know we remove all the seeds and skin of onion tomato all of that Use a strainer to do the same And make sure you are getting the maximum juice out of it It will take some time so just be patient with it Okay so now I have added some oil in that I have added the bay leaf and then my chopped onions which are cooked now Now I am going to add tomatoes to this Keep the flame high Okay so after frying this onions and tomatoes for like 2 minutes We we will add like a small amount of butter So now I am going to add this puree And I don’t want to waste it so I am going to add some water in my container and add it to the gravy Now this is good So now we are going to add the chicken pieces Keep the flame high And let us wait for more 5-7 minutes Okay so this is almost cooked now Add cream to this And bring it to a boil Just wait for like one more minute And after that it will be done Okay so this chicken looks perfect Now add a small amount of kasuri methi Now we are good to go You can serve it with roti or rice whatever you want So If you guys like our cooking and our channel please subscribe to our chanel Like our video and comment When you comment it will reach out to more and more people And it also motivates us to make more and more videos

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