Chili Chicken foolproof recipe |Chilli Chicken restaurant style!

I’m using two chicken breasts for this recipe that I have cut into bite-size pieces now to this I’ll add some grated garlic salt black pepper powder light soy sauce and a bit of white vinegar I’ll just mix everything up and let this marinate for at least an hour add in some corn starch to the chicken pieces just mix it to coat them whenell that looks perfect heat some oil to fry the chicken pieces fry them till they’re nice and crispy time to get them out and drain them on absorbent paper fry the rest I have some cornstarch in a bowl I’ll add in water mix it up and the slurry will be used to thicken our sauce I’ll just add in a bit more water mix it up and just keep it aside to make the sauce – saucepan some oil I’m using the oil in which I fried the chicken has a lot of flavor in it let it heat up I’m using some finely chopped celery sliced green chillies onions and bell peppers cut into triangles also some spring onions the oil is hot so I’ll start with the celery quickly add in some garlic you could add infinely chopped garlic or grated garlic like me that works fine let’s add in the onions and the bell peppers add in the green chillies according to your taste adding some chilli sauce again as per your taste salt remember we’ll add soy sauce as well pepper powder and light soy sauce light soy sauce is even more for saltier than the dark one combine the sauces according to your taste keep a check on the salt add in the chicken pieces coat them with the sauce toss them around for a minute I’ll add in some of the spring onions and add in some ajinomoto or MSG this is optional and a bit of sugar do you hear the banging noise? some repair work going on at the neighbor’s we’ll wait for the sugar to melt and then add in our slurry or the corn starch add in some water if you want a gravy so, I’ll just add in a bit of water and cook this that’s thickening up I want a bit of a sauce because I’m serving it with rice so I’ll add in more water adjust the water and the slurry amount of slurry you add to it to get the right consistency for the sauce that looks perfect I’ll just turn off the heat add some vinegar give it a mix that’s ready to plate serve the chili chicken hot with rice or noodles garnish with sliced green chillies and chopped spring onions

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