Chili Cornbread Skillet | Flavor Makers Series | McCormick

Chili and cornbread
have been joined in the bonds of holy matrimony
since the dawn of time. Today, this classic combo truly becomes one
in this chili cornbread skillet. [MUSIC] Let’s start by browning our ground beef
over medium-high heat. We won’t need oil for this guys
because it’s a nonstick skillet. We just jumpin’ right in.
Break it down, break it down. We don’t want any pink, so we’re gonna wait
till it all gets brown. All right, this only takes
a few minutes to cook through. Alright, from here
I’m gonna add one packet of our McCormick
Chili Seasoning Mix. Throw it right over and make
sure everything gets brown. Everything gets chili-ized. It’s not a word, but I’m
just gonna go with it. And on top of that we got
some “Cam” brand kidney beans. Throw that right on top.
I got my tomatoes. Toss those on top too,
even it all out with some water. So, we want to stir up
all that spicy, beefy goodness. We’re gonna bring that
to a boil. Reduce the heat to low. Cover that up so that heat can
make our flavors meld together. And that’s how you make chili,
but we’re not stoppin’ there. We’re gonna grab a
medium size bowl and add some corn muffin mix.
Throw it all in there. All the mix.
We got some milk and we got an
egg. And that’s all you need.
Give that a good mix. This is the texture
right here we wanna see. It’s fine
if it’s a little lumpy, that’s what we want. Okay.
Everyone’s gonna remember where they were the day
we added cornbread to the chili. Hold on your hats people.
That’s beautiful right there. That is, that is nice. Now that we’ve blooped that,
cover it up, don’t touch it. Jus’ cover it up.
Cook it for 10 to 15 minutes until that cornbread
is cooked through. I know I guess we should. Let it, let it cook. Oh, look at
And here we go. I am no longer the best-looking
corny thing in this house. Let’s top this baby with
some shredded cheddar cheese. Do not be afraid
of the cheese. We’re gonna smother it
in that cheese. All right? Some cheese for corn bread,
some cheese for me. And then, we’re gonna take
some sliced green onions, garnish that up in there,
some nice color on top of that. We’re gonna cover it up.
Let that cheese melt over it, and then you’re ready
to serve cheesy, beefy, moist, and pleasy
all in just one skillet. [MUSIC] Make sure to check out
the Flavor Maker app. You’ll find all
the Flavor Maker videos and tons of delicious recipes. You can even scan
your McCormick Spices, add them to your
digital spice rack and create shopping list plus
a ton of other cool features that I haven’t
even explored yet. Have fun cooking guys.

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