Chili Verde Recipe : Chili Verde Recipe: Add Chicken Broth

Today we’re cooking up some chili verde. Alright,
now we’ve added our anaheims which we chopped up, and to the meat, we now want to do some
chicken broth. Just get your chicken broth, pour it on in. It’s real good. Alright, take
a look at this. This is what it’s going to be looking like. Get our chicken broth here,
stir it up. Now I’ve got two cans, I’m going to add one more. That’s just not enough. So
let’s chop it up, I mean open it up. Alright, alright. Alright, now we’re going to turn
it up a little more, we’re going to let it sit right here. We’ve added it, you can add
if you want it thicker, don’t add as much. If you want it runny, add a bunch. Alright,
you can, one can can stretch it a little more. So just do what you want. Play with it. Add
a little more flour if you want it to be a little thicker. Just, I didn’t add a lot.
I didn’t want just the taste of flour, but that does thicken. So that’s good.

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