Chili Verde Recipe : Chili Verde Recipe: Add Flour

Today we’re cooking up a mean batch of chile
verde which is really good. I love chile verde. Okay we have our meat, our pork here. We’ve
added our olive oil, our salt, our cumin and our garlic. With those things however you
like it you can tweak it. But that’s just how much I like I’ve shown you. It’s browning.
Now don’t get your face up in here. The grease, that oil is hot alright? Just be careful.
You want to make sure that it’s all up in there. Now we can see it browning. This is
great. Now we’ll just brown about this much. You want to add our flour. Flour we add the
flour because it will thicken the entire thing. You want to add about this much, a heaping
tablespoon. You don’t want to add so much that it’ll taste like flour but we want to
add enough to make it so when we add the chicken broth it will, when we add the chicken broth
it will be like thickening, it will be creating like a roue here and it’ll thicken. Just want
to mix it up. And that’s what it’ll look like. Just like that. Don’t add too much. You can
always add more but you can’t take away. So that’s how much we’re going to add right now.

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