Chili Verde Recipe : Chili Verde Recipe: Add Tomato Sauce

And we’re making chile verde today. It’s sitting
here, we’ve added everything we need to. Now you can add tomatoes, you can chop up tomatoes.
We’re just going to add tomato sauce, we’re just going to add a little bit. You know,
I’m just going to pour some in. You can add it for taste, I like to add it for the look,
I like when it’s a little more red. We’re just going to pour it in, we’re going to pour
in half. I’m going to stir it up, and see what it looks like. Alright, it’s a little
more red, less green, that’s good. I’m just going to add the entire thing. You can chop
up tomatoes, you can do whatever you want, I’m just adding tomato paste today. It’s all
up to you, up to what you like, if you want it more red, or if you want it more green.
Alright, stir that up. Alright, now we’ve seen, it’s a little more red, that looks great.

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