Chili Verde Recipe : Chili Verde Recipe: Serve

Our chili verde that we’ve been making is
ready to eat. I’m going to show you two ways to eat it. One way, I just get a bowl. We’re
not going to put it in a burrito this time, we’re just going to not make it burrito style,
we’ll just scoop some up. That looks really good. Alright put some in a bowl here. Then
I’ve got the tortilla, I’ve got the cheese and I’ve got the cabbage. Let’s get a little
bit of cabbage. And you can chop this up as thick as you want, as big as you want. I like
to add about this much, then we’ll get a lime or lemon, whatever you like, get that on there.
My mouth is watering. Salt it up, get a little bit of cheese why don’t we. Get your tortilla
and just, just like that. It’s ready to eat. And you serve it just like that.

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