Chipotle Chicken Tacos | Jamie Oliver & Donna Hay

Hi guys, hope you’re well. So this is very
exciting because I have my dear friend – and incredible cook, and cookbook author
Donna Hey is in the house. – Hey babe’s It’s so lovely to see you from Australia
I’ve been a massive lover of her work for many many years. As I flick through
this book it is just full of colour, full of optimism. The kind of vibe of this
book is week like so I’m presuming this – is good delicious healthy food for busy
people. – Yeah, super fast food to make you feel good so the thing I discovered when I wanted to do
like a veg forward book is that if you’re trying to convince someone to
cook something Tuesday Wednesday night, cooking with loads of veg actually is
more prep than just throwing a steak in a pan and making some salad or whatever.
So I really had to work hard to make it doable. – And do what it say’s on the front – Yeah, it was really tough. – We’re gonna cook a from this book today. What are we
gonna do?- So it’s very veg forward but it – does have some chicken in it. – Yeah. So
we’re gonna do um one of my favourites – Which is chipotle chilies in adobo sauce.
– Oh amazing. What I love about your books is they
always deliver, so this is the Udon miso soup with crispy glazed salmon I would
say that’s quite a Donna dish and we buy – salmon every week and we get bored. – When
I first started out I would have to travel far and wide to get really great
Asian greens, and things like that and then they started appearing in the
supermarket’s. – You’re Sydney right? – Yeah Aussie is sort of founded on being a
melting pot. But I love flicking through the book,
it’s very optimistic it’s got it does feel like a melting pot of lovely
flavours. So what’s happening here you’re chopping 2 cloves of garlic what’s this
for the marinade for the – Same marinade for the chicken and the cauliflower but I
just want to roast them on different – trays because I want that cauliflower to
have a little bit of a kind of – Char a little bit. And then these chipotle Chile’s come in
adobo sauce. This sauce is really smoky – It’s already got paprika and garlic. – Oh
delicious. So we chopped up those lovely chilies
and then you mix that into your marinade. – Yeah – Amazing colour – It’s really deep and
red – So garlic the adobo and Chile’s maple syrup, salt and pepper – Just lastly,
couple of tablespoons of olive oil in that marinade – Smells amazing.
That same marinade right you could apply the same sort of love and care to a
lovely piece of code or barramundi you – would use. – You’ve got a good Australian
accent don’t you. – Yeah I like to think I could pull off a little Australian accent here and there. – So half on the
cauliflower, half on the chicken – Yeah – Lovely chicken and lovely veg. – Just down to two
trays. – Easy prep, easy marinade. How long you cooking that for? – 220 nice and
hot, 20 minutes. – Brilliant, we got tacos which we can just
buy. – Yes, I like the corn ones because I like the flavour
knock yourself out whichever ones you want. Now I like to make this pickled onion
but it’s sliced onion in vinegar, bit of salt. How about a little bit of lime in
yogurt and I like a zingy little dressing. – And what’s yogurt I’ve used
yogurt before. – This is something totally different you’ve never heard of, it’s called yogurt. The thing about yogurt is it’s quite neutral so it’s neither sweet
nor savoury, but then when you add that lime you can kind of take it
into a place which is really lovely on spicey and chicken and all that stuff.- Can
you have a try of that for me because I – don’t know if it’s got enough lime in
it. – A little half squeeze, go on girl. So if you’re wondering why I’m sat down not
doing any work today it’s because I put my back out. I wish I could say it was
something really exciting but I was putting my three year old shoes on and
he just wriggles and my back-when ping ping with the cabbage you’re just trying
to achieve a little extra bit of color – and crunch and goodness.
– Yeah. – And sweetness as well isn’t it they are quite nice and sweet these ones. So I
reckon we’ve had about 20 minutes in the oven – Oh yeah. How’s it looking? – I think
you’re gonna like it, it smells great. – Oo these sticky bits are amazing. – Yeah
now we can eat those bits huh. – So is this one for me? – Yeah. – I like the
way it’s caught the little caught bits here very nice. If the boys are
coming around for a little poker tournament what kind of food are you cooking them?
I mean this would go down well. – I did make them something like this the other
night and they really loved it. 16 year olds that time of night
they kind of wanted sweet stuff. Come and have a look at this, I mean that is just a
little handful of pure deliciousness it’s really nice because this kind of type of
food always have that impression of junk but there’s a lot of love, a lot of care,
its veg first, flavours massive but that lime yogurt is so cooling, and so much
loved with that hot chili yes it’s delicious the crunch as well and I’ve
now got a glow a little hum of heat. – It is nice isn’t it? – Yeah. Thank you. – Oh, you’re welcome.
– That was a joy, I wish you all the luck with a book. Go on you tuck
away and that’s it so thank you very much guys. If you loved this video give
us some feedback in the comments box below, and have a look at Donna’s book,
click the link and go and have a look at it and lots of love thank you very much. -Thanks babes.

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