Chivito Sandwich | Taste the World #6

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  1. Barry Lewis says:

    Although i'm not Uruguayan (obvs) I hope I did this thing justice, it is truly one of the tastiest sandwiches i've ever had! If you'd like to try it, head here for the full recipe write up
    or if you want to see more 'taste the World' videos, check out this playlist

  2. Chelsey Abbott says:

    This looks delicious minus the egg and the tomato

  3. The pug addict says:

    Please make a giant milky way or biscof spread please

  4. davidf2281 says:

    Drinking game: one shot every time Barry says 'gosh'.

  5. Tyrope Games says:

    3:46 are we just going to casually fail to mention your slicing method there? I'VE BEEN RUINING TOMATOES FOR TOO LONG TO NOT POINT THIS OUT!
    Sorry, my fingers couldn't stop screaming there. Cheers Barry! No more mushed tomato slices for me.

  6. ledzepgirlnmful says:

    Oh my! Looks absolutely naughty and most delicious !!!
    Congratulations to 🐶 Amy on her weight loss !!

  7. Tobias Due says:

    Try to make æbleskiver from Denmark

  8. Sander & Kayleigh Bijzitter says:

    Could you do a ‘kapsalon’ from the Netherlands? It’s a dish with fries, cheese, doner, lettuce and garlic sauce. Really delish. Thanx

  9. Roshan J. Gandhi says:

    Loving these taste of the world videos. Always looking for new flavours / items to add to my "menu". Keep it up, Barry!

  10. CHRIS R says:

    This looks unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Charlotte Opdahl says:

    You should totally make a Francezinha (little french girl "sandwich") from Porto, Portugal!

  12. Brandon Cavazos says:

    that is NOT how you pronounce “Leche” in “Dulce De Leche” lmao

    You pronounce the “leche” part right but the pronunciation video did the “dulce de” part right.

  13. Pakahi Princess says:

    Looks scrumptious! Quick tip… I would spread the mayo layer on the bottom bread before the lettuce. It is oil based and acts as a waterproof barrier between the bread and any moist ingredients in the sandwich (or burger). Keeps the bread from 'sogging out'.

  14. MrZip420 says:

    tfw when flavors come close to knocking you out of consciousness. 11:09

  15. sjagoefta says:

    Never ever rest you steak on kitchen paper again, Barry! All the delicious juices will be soaked in the paper. Such a waste 😭

  16. Lassi Kinnunen says:

    Giving the cross section was kinda unnecessary seeing how everything was visible already

  17. naujnitsuga says:

    I'm argentinian and had no idea of the story about Chivito. Looks great and it must taste even better!

  18. ShiivaWilding says:

    Welsh rarebit burgers, now there's an idea!

  19. NatNat Mikazuki says:

    I'm from Uruguay, hello! Lol. You have to use the translator in Spanish to pronounce chivito, you said it perfectly the first time hahaha.

  20. Allan says:

    Definitely making this tomorrow, one of the best sandwiches I've ever seen

  21. TheVerosyv says:

    Go Amy!! Much love!

  22. Kondition-Kode-Nine says:

    Ohhhhhh, all those lovely steak and bacon juices just devoured by kitchen roll………..!! Yet still a great samich!! I want one now!!

  23. Anja C. Appleby says:

    New subscriber, your channel is so entertaining and I enjoy your videos very much. I will try this tomorrow, it looks fantastic 👏💯😻💖🙏

  24. Matthew Wilson says:

    Yay Amy!!!!!

  25. Vandlol Woop says:

    that poor poor steak – died a second time in the pan

  26. IrianGaming says:

    German Curry Wurst with Chips Red/White! Or Doner Kebap! Or Crispy pig's knuckle. Or Hunter's Schnitzel! Or Cheese Spätzle!

  27. Matthew Wilson says:

    Cretan from Québec is delicious

  28. Paul Drake says:

    Good for you, Amy! You'll live longer and have fewer joint problems if you keep the weight down. Congrats!

  29. evdweide says:

    Suggestion: take a frozen meal or pizza and make it lok and taste GOOD.

  30. Tod Davis says:

    Do an Australian lammington

  31. KimShea22 says:

    Great job Amy! I know from personal experience that pregnancy will pack on those pounds lol. Happy Thanksgiving Barry & fam! I know y'all don't celebrate it over there, so I'll eat some turkey for all y'all 🤣🤣 Gobble gobble! 🦃🦃

  32. Carleen Pring says:

    Everything is better with bacon!

  33. MiggyManMike says:

    Loose the tomato and i'm there :p

  34. Eamo says:

    Definitely gonna try that… just without the egg… and perhaps add halloumi cheese… yeah boi 😎

  35. noel alonzo says:

    Hey. Uruguayan here. It's a great chivito. Some things… The stake can be hole. It doesn't need to be cut. You can add what you want also. Some add olives and peppers. It's the best sandwich ever
    Love you Barry

  36. Maple Chan says:

    Me: Running to the bakery to get some fresh buns, AND super market to get the rest of the ingredients…not caring it just snowed here an being -10 degrees C..I WANNA/NEED TO MAKE THIS…PRONTO
    Thanks Barry and Uruguay 👍👍❤❤🍺

  37. floyd75dylan says:

    Your meat recipe videos are being sabotage by meat free farm adverts.

  38. tek singh says:

    on tasty there is this producer called rie and she has this episode called make it fancy where she gets packaged food and makes it fancy

  39. tek singh says:

    the Indian dessert is called gajar halwa, it is served with ice cream or cream ! soo nice … ive been watching your channel for 6 years now and would love to see an indian themed dish

  40. Maple Chan says:

    Barry also does You Tuber- Mark Wiens' "yummy-face"….BUT who does the best 🤔🤔

  41. peter obermuller says:

    This video was great. Seeing Barry eat uncooked cheese was a surprise however.. 😀

  42. brikhouse22 says:

    I don't like toasted buns either. I like chewy bread.

  43. David Dea Gea SNR says:

    Can you do a Cuban sandwich from the film chef?

  44. Jamal Tyrone says:

    Still waiting for you to do the pizza burger…

  45. Sam Warrior says:

    That sounded like his phone was taken over by some klingons lol

  46. brianartillery says:

    I'm making one of those. No arguments. It's big, untidy, and evil. And it's perfect. Thank you, Barry, for bringing this to my attention. A splash of HP Fruity sauce would top that off a treat.
    Any chance that you could make the 'Spam, egg, sausage and Spam' sandwich, which is based on an idea from 'Monty Python's Flying Circus'? That is beautiful evil on a plate.

  47. Connor Dixon says:

    Please make a Danny Devito Dorrito 😂

  48. Sir Mangler says:

    Stop making me so hungry for things I don't have!I'd love to see you pick a cut of steak and do some amazing and different recipes with it!

  49. vanessa smith says:

    Little gem or baby gem lettuce is my fave. Just like iceberg but sweeter

  50. Auntie A's Kitchen says:

    Hi Barry Love the sandwich and the story. If any of your viewers want to make a simple white roll perfect for sandwiches then I have cooked two different types and posted recipe on youtube, they are not difficult to make at all:) And keep in the freezer really well. 🇬🇧🇰🇷

  51. Niji no shita says:

    I can't think of a savory dish you should make, but maybe try Kaiserschmarrn 🙂

  52. Dystopian Paradise says:

    Looks Delicious! Thanks, Barry.
    A couple of cringeworthy things though, most important first, you really need to maintain your knives better Barry.
    A properly sharpened and honed knife would have easily glided through that tomato and anything else you want to cut.
    Also, seeing that freshly cooked steak being plopped down on a paper towel and having it absorb those wonderful juices instead of back into the meat made me wince.

    For clarification: Sharpening, simply put, is basically re-doing what the manufacturer did when they ground the edge of the blade to a specific angle and does not need (usually) to be done all that often.
    And honing, which should be done every day, is just re-aligning the thinnest part of the edge back to true.

  53. Moronicron says:

    Make Palt from northern sweden with lingon berry jam

  54. Penelope Polins née Meyer says:

    That was stonking but sadly not doable in my Kosher kitchen. Well done to Amy too xxxxxxx

  55. Angela Vlogt! says:

    And that is a very good looking heartatack on a plate! Nice video! i will try to attempt making that without the meat. Thanks for making it!

  56. Marco Centurion says:

    As an Uruguayan, a couple of comments:

    * The steak should've been left whole. And it should be A LOT thinner!
    * You put the ham and mozzarela on top of the steak while it's still cooking, that way the ham warms up and the mozzarella melts.
    * We usually use low moisture mozzarella, cut in thin slices.

    Appart from that, that chivito (pronounced chee-vee-toh) looks very good!!

  57. Dan Jones says:

    You should try welsh cakes they are simple but so good

  58. Kelly Palmer says:

    Your puggies are perfect 💕

  59. Jason Bowers says:

    Never fail to impress 👍

  60. Lewis Harris says:

    Wow!! Just wow!!

  61. Crazy Steven says:

    When is the behind the sense vids coming back

  62. Rosyclaire says:

    It would be lovely without the horrible steak.

  63. An na says:

    My husband is Spanish and its pronounced "DUL-SEH-DU-LEH-CHAY"

  64. Jaiden Lee says:

    Happy Thanksgiving, Barry! Why didn't you show your cooking of your Thanksgiving dinner?

  65. Jim Nicholas Sr says:

    Sharpen your knives,,,, Is Mozzarella the only cheese you eat cold, you said you don't like cold cheese..

  66. jedisix says:

    Don't encourage people to cook a sirloin steak to well done. That's an abomination!

  67. Grace D says:

    Yes Uruguayan here !!!
    You did a great job !!!
    It proves Uruguayans are not vegetarian!!!
    See if you can make alfajores???

  68. m m says:

    Can you make a chicken or lamb biryani thanks

  69. Aaron Dempsey says:

    You should definitely try some Russian/Lithuanian foods, Chebureki and Cepelinai. I'm obsessed with Cheburekas I try and make them as much as I can, Simple enough too! Or try the most Irish/Dublin thing you can make with a nice Coddle!

  70. Kim Josephine Stoll says:

    Its about time that someone(or Barry himself) got him a proper kitchen knife!
    Poking/piercing the tomato before cutting it in slices?
    Now thats the definition of a dull knife!

  71. shamapes says:

    me: Snowing and -12ºC: Rushing to the bakery for some fresh buns and to the supermarkets for some ham and steak to make this ASAP! THANKS BARRY!
    And he also does You tuber- Mark Wiens' 'yummy face' when he tries out new foods 😀

  72. kjgomes says:

    Did anyone else get a little OCD when he sliced that tomato without hulling it, and then when it cut the sandwich, you could see the unhulled tomato?

  73. Naylove says:

    That is a g.o.a.t sandwich 😁😂

  74. Wiggedy Check says:

    You might find it easier to cut buns if you use a bread knife. That chefs knife looked awful to use.

  75. Dana Reed says:

    that looks so good

  76. Philip Thompson says:

    Sausage stovies!

  77. twocvbloke says:

    Certainly looks pretty good, makes me hungry for a steak now… 😛

  78. David Taylor says:

    Question. 8.15 the eggs, did you clean out the pan before cooking the eggs?
    if so? whyyyyy you threw some of the best flavors away. frying the eggs in the steak and bacon grease is STONKIN

  79. Rob says:

    Hey Barry, you should try making Pavlova! From 'Oceania', as the origin is debated between New Zealand and Australia (definitely from Australia), it's a great summer dessert. Not quite the time over there but it's traditional at our Christmas time which is in summer!

  80. Naram-Sin of Akkad says:

    "dressed up as Samuel L Jackson in that one" please don't be black face. Please don't be black face. Please don't be black face. Oh thank God.

  81. Kay PriceFord says:

    Hi Barry, I love your videos. I all from the southern United States and I love red beans and rice. You should look for a Cajun red beans and rice recipe. I think you'd like it.

  82. Toby Tarrant says:

    please sharpen your knives

  83. beccasmama63 says:

    That looks yummy but I would have cut off the stem part of the tomato first. LOL

  84. Peyton says:

    I love the pugs so much. My dog is a german shepherd/pug mainly believe it or not!

  85. ultragames007 says:

    Great video! , I wanna watch you make dulce de leche someday.

  86. markjs46 says:

    Good on you Amy – don't let those sweet girls (all 3!) send you back up! Mark from Bournemouth

  87. Dani and Mike says:

    I would love to see your take on my cheesy bacon and pepperoni carbonara

  88. Bernadette Groves says:

    Can't put the bacon in with the steak. The steak had raw bacon juices on it. NO, no.

  89. Charlene Genge says:

    That looks yummy

  90. David says:

    Good thing I'm not there or else that steak would magically disappear.

  91. EmoPikachu93 says:

    I'm really happy to hear Amy is healthy. That's the news I love to hear.

  92. Nifty Ink says:

    I vote you try Pao de Quejo from Brazel. It's my favorite!

  93. Jennifer says:

    You should try dutch pea soup!

  94. Peter Smafield says:

    I don't like crisp bacon, I like my bacon cooked but limp.

  95. Dawn Ludlam says:

    show the world New Zealand "Lolly Cake " ! so crazy. but so delicious ….

  96. Yulia says:

    You should make carbonnade flamande! It's a kind of beef stew made with beer. In belgium we call it 'stoofvlees'. It's really really good! (and of course you eat it with chips 🙂

  97. kkrispy2009 P says:

    Yummmmmmmm food porn

  98. biohazard 918 says:

    You should try Khachapuri. It's a sort of georgian cheese bread. It's generally shaped like a boat and filled with cheese and topped with an egg. You tear bits of the crust off the boat and dip them in the cheese in the middle. Like a pizza crossed with a fondue with an egg thrown in.

  99. Monty Python the Flying Circus says:

    2:39 and how is bacon, lettuce, ham, cheese, tomato, and steak meant to taste like goat? I though it would have tasted more like chicken. 😆😆😆 and isn’t this technically a Chivito roll or bun rather than a sandwich…

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