Chocolate Cake in Pressure Cooker

Break the eggs in a small mixing bowl  Mix it well  Use a spoon/ whisker/ electrical whisker to whisk the egg mixture  It will be easy to whisk the egg mixture if used electrical whisker  Now let’s learn the preparation of cake without using any instrument  Here I am using a spoon to beat the egg  beat eggs until foamy  It may take around 5-6 minutes to beat the eggs until foamy  beat the eggs until completely incorporated for soft and spongy cake  After mixing, add melted butter to the egg mixture  Mix it well  use solid butter instead of melted butter  beat the egg mixture until foamy  You can use a blender to mix the egg mixture, but here we are preparing the cake without using any instrument so mix it with spoon  patience is required to beat the egg because it is a time taking process  After mixing, add a cup of sugar  Mix it well until combined  You can use powdered sugar instead of crystal sugar.  Mix it well. It may take around 10 minutes to mix with egg mixture After Mixing, add 4-5 drops of vanilla essence  Mix it well  you can use any essence that is available to you for good taste, here we are using vanilla essence  Now let’s add dry ingredients  In a mixing bowl sift 125 grams of Maida flour  Add 1/2 tablespoon of baking soda  Add 2 tablespoons of cocoa powder  sift the flour  such that the air gaps will be seen  Cake will be spongy due to the air gaps  mix it well  now add the flour to the egg mixture  Mix it well and ensure that no lumps are formed  Mix it well by gradually adding the flour  Mix it well without any lumps  Mix the egg mixture along with the remaining flour  Mix it well until combined  Add milk gradually and beat the batter until smooth. Pour some more milk and mix it well  Adjust the consistency and add the milk  Don’t add too much of milk adjust the consistency and mix it properly  Now the batter is ready for the cake preparation  Let’s now see the baking the cake  Take a pressure cooker and fill it with sand  Use salt instead of sand  Switch on the stove and place the pressure cooker on it  close the pressure cooker  Remove the whistle  Take a baking tin and add a tablespoon of butter  Grease it with butter  such that the cake won’t stick to the bottom of the tin. You can use any baking tin  Use square shaped tin or round shaped tin for baking the cake  Sprinkle some Maida and spread it around the tin  such that the cake won’t stick to the bottom of the tin  Now pour the cake batter  fill 3/4th part of the tin with batter  leave enough space for the cake to expand and rise as it bakes spread the cake batter evenly around the tin  After 5 minutes open the lid and check the sand  Place the cake batter tin in the cooker  slowly place the tin  close the cooker  Adjust the flame to medium  After 10 minutes switch off the stove and remove the lid  remove the tin from the pressure cooker carefully  check the cake for doneness   insert a sharp edged knife and see  the knife should come out clean  otherwise bake it for another 5 more minutes  cut edges of the cake with a knife  such that the cake will come out easily  tap on the tin  Tasty, and spongy chocolate cake is ready now  transfer the cake to a serving plate and cut it to desired size and shape  chocolate cake is ready now which is prepared without using any instrument 

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