Chocolate Phosphate Soda Pop Syrup Recipe || Glen & Friends Cooking

welcome friends today in the kitchen
studio we’re going to do another one in the series of soda pop videos that we’ve
made and today we’re making a chocolate pop although historically this would be
found in pharmacist notebooks called a chocolate phosphate so in this pot I’m
starting out with some water to the water I’m adding sugar and this is cane
sugar and put that in and I’ve got this on sort of a medium high heat now I’ve
got some cocoa nibs and the cocoa nibs go in while that starts to go up to
temperature I have half of a vanilla pod and I’m just going to cut that open and
scrape out the seeds now the pod and the scrape seeds go into
the pot I’m just gonna give this a stir Oh
salt you also need a pinch of salt so I’m gonna get that and put that in as
well now we don’t really want to bring this to a boil you just want to bring
this up to just below a boil and simmer it until the sugar is dissolved and then
we’re gonna remove it from the heat and let it steep for fifteen or twenty
minutes okay now I have a second pot and to that I’m going to add some cocoa
dried cocoa powder unsweetened of course that goes in and then I’m going to
strain the liquid from the first pot into the second pot so I’ve got a fine
mesh strainer and we’ll just pour that in okay now give that a whisk you’ll put it
back on the heat we’re gonna bring this to a boil we’re gonna whisk it
constantly and boil it for about two minutes okay that should do it
so I’m going to pour this out into this glass measuring cup and then I’m gonna
stick it in the fridge to chill before we taste it then this looks all chocolatey yes we
are having a chocolate phosphate it’s called the chocolate phosphates so I
have acid phosphate that I get from my friend Darcy and I will link to that
below he makes this out in London Ontario ok now I haven’t put the
phosphate you know we have to still put phosphates let’s check it before we put
the phosphate in and see what it tastes like it smells chocolatey mm-hmm so we
just put a couple of drops of acid phosphate in each glass
oh I have a spoon great give it a stir needs well probably not
too much that brightens the flavor you don’t like it well I can’t really
describe ok first of all I can’t really describe what the acid phosphate did to
the flavor it it seems like it filled it in which i think is the word I used last
time you did this it changed kind of fills in the flavor
it definitely changes the flavor now I’m gonna put an extra squirt in mine and
see if that catches it again chocolatier ok so there’s there’s cocoa nibs in it
ok and there’s cocoa um you don’t like cocoa big fan of cocoa yeah I know which
is odd right I mean it’s a very subtle difference between cocoa and chocolate
and all these other flavours but there’s something about cocoa wait don’t
oh ok two squirts of acid phosphate so I’m not I don’t think I’m a fan you
know would say I’m it’s not it’s not my favorite either I mean this this was all
the rage in the late 1890s or so this this chocolate phosphate you find it in
all kinds of different pharmacy recipe books but I can see how people like it
though I can see how it would be very popular to a lot of things that are
popular and I’m not fond of to me the chocolate is a little the chocolate
flavor is a little thin and it’s a little bit too much like cocoa without
the fat does that make sense it is and this is might be your bias you might
inherently always associate chocolate flavor with beef that fact that that
fact filling in your mouth that yeah in that same way that people associate
vanilla with being sweet yes so I think if you’re exploring pop like we are this
is gonna try this is fairly easy right yes um you know someone it’s like a
melted fudgicle I really will kind of like fudgesicles they make fudgesicles
anymore I haven’t seen a fudgicle fudgesicle in a long time anyway
thanks for stopping by I hope to see you again soon take care you

100 comments on “Chocolate Phosphate Soda Pop Syrup Recipe || Glen & Friends Cooking”

  1. Henric von Winklebottom says:

    Well now you have to make fudgsicles now that you've mentioned it.

  2. worshipgeek says:

    "Chocolate soda" is pretty weird, and I think it's exactly for tge reasons you stated. We expect chocolate things to feel "creamy" or "thick". I grew up drinking egg creams in the New York area. I hear they originally had egg in them, but, by tge tim I was drinking them (like, 45 years ago), they were basically chocolate milk with soda water added. It was still weird, but had enough "body" to seem at least better than a chocolate phosphate.

    I still like chocolate ice cream soda, though. But there the ice cream serves as the "fat foil".

  3. Dear _Obi says:

    weird idea, could you carbonate milk??? if you can use that instead of carbonated water

  4. PrototypeX669 says:

    Maybe a touch of instant coffee might add to the depth of flavor and bring out the chocolate notes. It would make it more rich and less sickly chocolatey, flat flavors. Or maybe even some coffee liqueur 😍

  5. Draketh Namikaze says:

    Glen, it's a travesty that you don't have more subscribers. You are hard-working and deserve it.

  6. Michelle Jones says:

    The town I grew up in in the 80's had an old-fashioned soda counter and they sold phosphates. The strawberry was my favorite but the chocolate was pretty good, too.

  7. Bonnie Rex says:

    Leave out the phosphate and add some whole milk or half and half instead and you basically have an egg cream!

  8. Harrison Smith says:

    I like this. Almost every other cooking show I’ve seen loves the end result. Here, you guys tried something out and we’re like “ehh, not for me.”

  9. pschroeter1 says:

    You left out a critical essential ingredient, a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

  10. erikak1970 says:

    This looks like it'd go very well with a large dollop of whipped cream on top or scoop in some ice cream….

  11. Damián Vila says:

    This needs lactose, right? Just like a cream soda, but with more chocolate… Oh! How about a cream soda with peanut? and caramel. A little salty…

  12. Janet Anderson says:

    This is fabulous- I remember the old Craigmont pop sold at Woodward’s food floor and chocolate soda was my favourite but theirs was quite chocolatey. The torani syrup makes a decent chocolate soda…

  13. Linda H says:

    LOVE a chocolate phosphate . . . and haven't had one in many moons. Thank you for showing us how to make this fun and delicious soda fountain classic.

  14. G says:

    I think it would taste better if it was a chocolate flavored cream soda

  15. TheEvilTurtle says:

    Hey Glen, I’ve been watching every video of yours since the Coca Cola video! I would love to see you take a crack at Sprite/7Up, my family’s favorite drink when we’re sick.

  16. Mary-Catherine Kunz says:

    Thanks for sharing. I like the “fat” in chocolate as well. Adding milk or cream would seem appropriate but then it would not be a Chocolate Phosphate. Stuck on this one.

  17. GeorgeCMcRae says:

    Kind of like a cousin to the N.Y. egg cream. Which is a shot of cream and a shot of chocolate syrup and soda water. I think it sounds good! I'm a big fan of egg creams. We used to have a drink called Yoo-Hoo, which is still made!!! I can't remember if it's carbonated though.….. update, Yoo hoo is not carbonated, so that's that. I would reconfigure the recipe with added chocolate.

  18. 13Dixiefried says:

    Jules: "It's not my favorite either"
    Also Jules: Takes another drink


  19. GeorgeCMcRae says:

    Fudgesicles! and a recipe!!!!! And also, my wife is NOT a fan of chocolate , sodas or any concoction, So it means more for me!!

  20. Jensuechiv says:

    Glen has a farmer’s suntan! 🌞

  21. Messylife says:

    Put some heavy cream in it

  22. Dark FuZe says:

    They still got fudgsicles(?) In the us. At least where I am.

  23. Judith Burke says:

    Have you considered trying chocolate syrup to make your soda?

  24. Mike Corey says:

    The name sounds like something I should throw at Nazi bunkers.

  25. Michael DeBusk says:

    Most recipes I've seen for chocolate syrup called for equal parts (by volume) sugar, water, and cocoa powder.

    You might also try adding some powdered milk to the cocoa. This is the "secret ingredient" for Fox's U-Bet chocolate syrup.

  26. Kinkajou1015 says:

    I've seen chocolate sodas as a thing in the past, but super not for me. I'd probably drink it and think it's carbonated YooHoo from the way I understood your description, and I'm not a huge fan of YooHoo.

  27. Paula Simson says:

    Needs a scoop of ice cream!

  28. Kate Wood says:

    You could probably boil down the syrup you made and use it in milk or on ice cream. I think there's something to the idea that we now associate chocolate with the heavy creamy fatty flavor, because chocolate is now used in so many desserts, and usually in very fattening desserts. I also think that in the 1890s, chocolate was not as widely used in desserts as it is now, because a) it was more expensive relative to other costs/income and because the quality of it varied more widely then. I read a food history book once that mentioned that in the 1800s cocoa was often adulterated with other products and so sometimes it wasn't very strong tasting or had other unpleasant flavors. This same book posited that this was the reason why if you surveyed very elderly adults (people over the age of 75) about whether they prefer chocolate or vanilla ice cream, they were more likely to say vanilla, while the opposite is true of younger generations. Of course I read this book way back in college in like 1999/2000, and I don't remember the publishing date, so the generation being referred to has probably passed on by now.

  29. John A says:

    Natural or Dutch process cocoa? Looked like natural cocoa powder.

  30. Caleb M says:

    The idea of carbonated coco seems a bit off putting

  31. David Beebe says:

    Does this taste like Yoohoo chocolate drink

  32. ChuggityMuggs1 says:

    Well gee you forgot the mandatory ten cups of sugar no wonder you 2 don’t like it.🤣🤙🏻

  33. Jon Seopa says:

    Here I am patiently waiting for a mountain dew/mellow yellow pop.

  34. farpointgamingdirect says:

    Now…go make some KFC to get the taste out of your mouth…😁

  35. Sam Groves says:

    I think there is a reason why chocolate phosphate dropped off the flavor lists once other flavor combinations were discovered. Something might be perfectly enjoyable as long as you have nothing better to compare it to, then it gets dumped.

  36. Yirktos says:

    Never heard of this soda but the name reminds me of Data's cellular peptide cake with mint frosting X_X

  37. Keegan Monkey says:

    Loving these soda pop videos!

  38. 1p6t1gms says:

    An egg cream soda?

  39. Justin Selgrad says:

    Try making a Green River phosphate.

  40. Teknologik says:

    I make something similar but i cant ever bring myself to drink it without adding some whipping cream/heavy cream or milk to it

  41. Funko Nevs says:

    I don’t think I’d like this either, but who knows!

    Glen – are you ever bringing back your “most popular recipes on YouTube” series?

  42. femgoth says:

    Ooh. I may try making some of this specifically to freeze it as ice lollies.

  43. imarobotking says:

    yuo guys should look into the scottish national drink called irn bru! personally i love it (but im scottish so that is a given) but many folks dont like it. its an interesting hard to describe flavour

  44. Serena H says:

    Am I the only one that wants him to compare this recipe to Yuhoo

  45. Pious Skeleton says:

    I'd try it again with lactose.

  46. bfhammer says:

    Glen is the Mr. Rogers of cooking. It's the only way I can explain my fascination watching these videos. 🙂

  47. Groagun says:

    You almost pin-pointed it for me: I wasn't thinking 'Fudgesicle', that is it's own and separate thing, I was thinking the standard chocolate Popsicle. Is that what it tastes like?

  48. Ahmad Sleiman says:

    Do redbull

  49. tjs114 says:

    In my very small town, we actually still have an operating soda fountain at the town pharmacy. The "soda jerk" that works there is nearly 90 years old… He's the retired pharmacist and his grandson is the actual pharmacist now. He makes things like Egg Creams and phosphates the same way he did in the 1950s and others from modified recipes his grandfather brought from the East Coast in the late 1800s. As a retired 'old school' pharmacist, he compounds his own acid phosphate because the commercially available stuff isn't quite right.

  50. Gino Feretti says:

    Wouldn't that be before coca cola?if all you wouldn't have known the sodas we know today that surely was something special.

  51. Louis Delorme says:

    There's something about a carbonated chocolate drink that weirds me out for some reason

  52. Gino Feretti says:

    Perhaps you should use nitrogen as gas in the soda instead of carbon dioxide. Nitrogen gives a creamier texture. They use it for Guinness beer for smaller creamier feeling bubbles. And of you thin they had these sodafountains in farmacies, they surely weren't that different from pub fountains.

  53. BeastOfTraal says:

    Use that chocolate syrup to make an egg cream the milk gives you the creaminess that's missing

  54. Stephen Morton says:

    try adding the acid phosphate drops first then a bit of ice and then a generous bit of syrup.
    add the soda water last and plunge in a straw.

  55. MrAlFuture says:

    Hi Glen! This was fascinating. I wonder how the drinking experience would change by:
    1) filtering out the cocoa powder after the rapid boil, for fewer nucleation sites to retain more CO2, and
    2) replacing some of the cane sugar with lactose for a different mouth feel… creamer perhaps?
    Anyway, thanks again for all your experiments and history lessons!
    Warm regards from Tasmania

  56. Brenton Stumpf says:

    Maybe this is recipe deserves the Glen touch to modernize.

  57. Gwynne Virts says:

    Glen, the thumbnail of you holding out an unknown beverage just pulled my curiosity from the atrocities of my government and I thank you. I would much rather watch someone making food curiosities than human atrocities.

  58. Christopher Sampson says:

    Is the kfc series dead?

  59. peachmelba1000 says:

    And they both tripped balls for 12 hours.

  60. Mitch Graham says:

    Forget "Two scoops in every box!", They have "Two squirts in every glass!" 😂😂

  61. Wendy gaudley says:

    it might be better to use it for a soda, and put some vanilla ice cream in it

  62. Thomas Chavarria says:

    i love these soda videos!

  63. MaximAvs says:

    Fudgicles!! Boy does that take me back!

  64. CrimsonFlash says:

    Fudgecicle ice cream.

  65. Picasso John says:

    Congrats on over 1000 uploads Glen

  66. Ted Copeland says:

    I made chocolate soda this week too! I go the natural carbonation route with champagne yeast, and my recipe ditches the cocoa powder but adds a little coffee to round out the flavor. Did any vanilla flavor make it into your finished product? I added vanilla extract after my syrup was cool because I didn't want the volatile compounds to dissipate during the boil.

  67. jeffphotodude - says:

    At 1:36 I was waiting for your disclaimer: Now folks, this is 100% Canadian coco (like your cane sugar disclaimers lol).

  68. Alfred Neuman says:

    No Name came out with a Chocolate Soda a couple years ago. It was disgusting and didn't last in our store for very long.

  69. mountainmanwoodworks says:

    Would cracking the nibs, help release more chocolate flavor?

  70. DovidM says:

    Broma processed cocoa powder more easily dissolves in liquids. It results in a better tasting drink than Dutch process cocoa powder.

  71. planecrazy2 says:

    Try to make a strawberry Italian cream soda. My local buca di beppo used to have "sassy strawberry" that I want to recreate. Maybe someone sells a syrup that will satisfy.

  72. GrowHow says:

    Perhaps you need to do a recipe for fudgesicles

  73. InvisibleAvenger says:

    Maybe give a a chocolate egg cream a try in an upcoming video; you could even make it a twofer and do both an egg cream and chocolate egg cream in the same video.

  74. Mark Blease says:

    gotta make some home made moxie, or something similar

  75. TheDystopianDollHouse says:

    My grandmother was born in 1923, and when I was growing up she would talk about her dad taking her to the drug store to have a chocolate phosphate when she was a little girl. It's cool to finally have a better idea of what she meant by that. I'd love to try one for myself.

  76. Dude on a computer says:

    Thumbs up for "Fudgicle"

  77. Patrick Keller says:

    Just wanna say be carefull how much phosphate you consume, the kidneys are only designed to handle certain amounts of phosphate (usually from proteins). I lost my kidenys to high amounts of added phosphate in sausage, cheese and cola.

  78. X says:

    I might be wrong, but I can imagine what it'd taste like, cant say I'd enjoy it

  79. Robert Orr says:

    How does this differ from "YooHoo" brand chocolate soft drink?

  80. Spaghettaboutit says:

    Try a second attempt with lactose or something that will give it a creamy taste, like what you did with cream soda.

  81. Spaghettaboutit says:

    Try to recreate YooHoo -it's very American…..I don't know if they have it in Canada…..

  82. Angelo Tognon says:

    What does acid phospate mean? Phosphate is some kind of salt of phosporic acid (like sodium phosphate etc)

  83. Blake says:

    It would be interesting to see you try an old fashioned ice cream soda. Here's a video of one version

  84. Debi Turner says:

    🙂 the mouth feel your missing.. is a scoop of vanilla or chocolate ice cream (it would have been requested as an "all chocolate" soda.

  85. Alex Homer says:

    Anyone remember the movie "Picture Perfect" from 1995?…

  86. Ewie M says:

    I wonder how Coca Cola would taste without phosphoric acid?

  87. Tremori says:

    Birch beer please?

  88. Jim Williams says:

    Mix with cream soda?

  89. xerotolerant says:

    Please please make some bicarbonate of figleaf

  90. SandmanFightingSys says:

    I think it’d be good in a float

  91. JakeMcCoyNetwork says:

    Glen, I’d be real interested to see you make an Orange soda with some natural flavoring…I know how artificial crush and Fanta are but I wonder if you could capture the true flavor of Orange in a soda made with real oranges…thoughts? Keep up the good work.

  92. Zadiel Vazquez says:

    Soo a carbonated yoohoo?

  93. pjbrady47 says:

    My mother, now in her 80s, told me as a child that she liked "chocolate coke" and I don't think she meant a phosphate but an actual cola with chocolate. I tried finding a recipe but no luck. Anyone ever hear of such a thing?

  94. Brian Smith says:

    Make your own fudgesicles!

  95. raydlevel5 says:

    Hey Glen & Friends! Could you try to simulate Red Bull next? Thank you, I love your soda videos.

  96. 8stringmonkey says:

    The pharmacy where I grew up used to drizzle a bit of sweetened condensed milk and added a maraschino cherry in theirs.

  97. Lucy Fuir says:

    Its carbonated yoohoo

  98. DPhoto says:

    Have you guys done any egg cream drinks? This reminded me of egg creams, though I’ve never had one they always seemed so appetizing.

  99. Donald Sayers says:

    Citric acid would work as well and be a little more natural.

  100. Omar Haukss says:

    They used to produce chocolate soda here in Iceland in the 80's. Absolutely disgusting. Tried it once, didn't even finish the can. They stopped producing it shortly after.

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