Chorizo Breakfast Burrito on the Blackstone Griddle

there’s nothing quite like a spicy
breakfast burrito especially on Cinco de Mayo let’s get
the morning started right over here I’ve got some chorizo sausages small onion
green pepper eggs I’ve got some seasoned potatoes tortilla shells and cheese some
to get our seasoned potatoes down first dump these on so the instructions say
these will take about 15 minutes so that’s perfect do about a half a bag
there and we’ll get them in a flat layer you can hear a little bit of a sizzle
all right next up we’re gonna do the chorizo these are in the casings so
we’re gonna take them out so I’m just gonna do two for this recipe and this is
simple just take your knife cut it open and then you’re just gonna peel back and
throw her down just like so and then as soon as you get them down take your
spatula and just kind of chop it up like this you can just start breaking it off
and a little pieces who as soon as you do you’re gonna get
that chorizo spice right to the eyeballs it’s delicious stuff right there I try
not to do it too hard because I don’t want to ruin the nice seasoning I have
on my griddle but sometimes you’re just gonna do what you got to do right there
we go and now we combine you’re gonna get our chorizo in with the potatoes let
those finish cooking all right it’s getting close so now let’s get our green
pepper and onion cut up so with these I like to just cut around the edges cut out this little bit of membrane
which is bitter get all the seeds out cut into real small strips like so and
then I like to just stack them like this I’ll cut them into smaller dice so the
green peppers done we’ll do our onion next I like to cut
the ends off get this out of the way cut it in half and then I can peel I always
peel this last layer off get that out of the way now just make some slices and
then come across this way all right so now we can add this into the mix all
that deliciousness mix those in gonna add just a little bit
of canola oil that mix everybody around make sure they’re
happy and then now’s a good time those potatoes are starting to soften up we’re
gonna chop those up with the chorizo in there and get it into a nice fine dice we want to be a we want to make them
small because we’re gonna put these in those tortillas to make a burrito and I’ll tell you what with the way the wind
is going today that spicy chorizo is going right to my eyes spicy and now we
combine again let’s get all these ingredients together give it a chop chop
chop all right so we’re nearing the end now we got to do the eggs so I got four
eggs so what we’ll do with these we’ll crack them it’s one two three and for okay you’re gonna whisk them
with a fork and the more you whisk the fluffier
they’ll be so I like to give it a good go you really want to break down those
whites the best you can I’ll say you probably whisk it for at least a minute
so as soon as that’s done we’re gonna pour it right onto the griddle like so
and you want to do this slowly so it’s not splattering all over the place
and if you got a slope like I do use your spatula to keep it from running off and just work it back keep it into one
pile there we go beautiful just like that and now what you can do
is just pick it up in the middle give it a flip give it a flip keep it a nice
pile then I like to put down a nice handful of cheese this is a four cheese
Mexican blend and you just fold that cheese in like so
almost like an omelet I’ll let that start to melt so that’s looking good the
chorizo and potatoes are looking good let’s get one of our tortillas just kind
of warm it up a little bit then we’ll take some of our potatoes in chorizo get
that down on one edge there grab some of that add those to add just a little bit of taco sauce
to mine spice it up and then quickly we’re just gonna fold like so fold it and roll look at that perfection all
right so now we eat let’s cut this guy open so you can see what it looks like
oh my god believe that is that not insane
look at how cheesy eggs and everything in there whoo man I’m excited for this
one here we go mmm super spicy that chorizo is perfect a little bit of that
taco sauce the seasoned potatoes are nice and soft then we got the peppers
and onions and cheese and eggs real nice aftertaste hey if you guys
like this Blackstone video you’re gonna love one of these two right there check
them out and I’ll see you over there

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