Cleaning pots and pans

Hey guys! When I first started cooking I
accidentally burned my curry just like this. So today I’d like to show you how I
clean pots and pans. Unfortunately, dish soap probably isn’t
going to help much. I mean, I’ve tried. And it’s not a good idea to scrape your pots
like this if you don’t want scratches all over them. First, add baking soda and water
to the pot and boil it. The burned pieces should rise to the top. And now you can easily clean the rest
with dish soap. As for the outside, use a cream cleanser
with calcium carbonate– the same thing I used in my rusty knife video. For the parts that are still difficult
you can use waterproof sandpaper. Last, this isn’t necessary but you can also use
stainless steel polisher to make it shiny. Just make sure the polisher is safe
for cooking equipment and rinse it well. If these videos don’t come often enough
for you, I now have a vlog channel for more laid-back cooking videos where I
film recipes I actually make in daily life. This is a sneak peek of my next
cooking vlog–coming soon! Thank you for watching!

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  1. JunsKitchen says:

    In Japan, traditionally we clean our houses (and tools we use in daily life) thoroughly near the end of the year. This time I decided to clean some of my pots and pans. Hope you'll enjoy it!

  2. Fahrenheit41 says:

    Nagi’s like I look good while checking himself out in the pan

  3. 丸いスペース says:


  4. 朝日 says:


  5. francois nlp says:

    the best is not to come to this state of the big pig

  6. blosh says:

    I thought my earphones were broken

  7. Tom Riddle says:

    Bruh, just use the kitchen gun.

  8. Lephret Thanatos says:

    Jun: Cleans pots and pans when dirty

    Me: I'll just buy a new pot.

  9. なるりの says:


  10. Silentgrace11 says:

    The baking soda trick works wonders! Sometimes you don’t even have to use baking soda. My regular regimen for cleaning my stainless steel skillet (which is almost impossible to scrub unless you clean it while it’s still piping hot) is literally boiling water in it first, using a splash of cold water on the back of the pan to make it cool to the touch, and then quickly and painlessly scrubbing out the inside. I suppose elbow grease would work as well, but it’s much better to work smarter, not harder 😉

  11. Glazeye Creations says:

    Your hands are so sexy.

  12. Elza says:

    I like red cat very much))

  13. sickb2200 says:

    Nice, now about those counter tops the cats walk on…🤢

  14. Bob Stephens says:

    Forbidden cola.

  15. Puffy says:

    Is steel wool an option to help clean burnt spots on pans?

  16. memes_gbc says:

    i only watch for the cats

  17. Chairofthebored says:

    Damnit I had to throw away a really nice 3qt saucepan that I loved and now I hate not having the right sized pot in my house. This would have saved me the time and money i'll need go get another one! Sonofabitch

  18. channel和田 says:


  19. BuLL eTZ says:

    Ammonia/oxy clean works better then all those together, and faster

  20. BlackCollarBish says:

    Came for the cleaning tips. Stayed for the cats.

  21. Blakelikesfood says:

    I'm supposed to be sleeping.

  22. Fu ku says:


  23. Rowland Hoskins says:

    Who else thought he was going to have the cats lick the pots clean?

  24. no u lol says:

    never knew a video of cleaning pots and pans could be so entertaining

  25. Ahmed Ballour says:

    can u restore my girlfriend ?

  26. Angsty Teen says:

    2:16 when daddy asks me to sit on his face

  27. Mysticalx says:

    What if someone poured that gunk in an empty coca cola bottle. Don't actually do that though.

  28. 小塚祐矢 says:


  29. めっさムラムラ〜!?出たーでた!でたぁ〜. says:


  30. Jims LoL says:

    Finally we discovered how Coca Cola's made

  31. Sara says:

    Thumbs up! 👍🏻

  32. Endia Ogwo says:

    I am 100% sure that I’ve eaten that calcium carbonate stuff before

  33. emily says:

    Bro his accent is literally gone wtf it wasnt that long ago when i watched him that he has a very thick accent

  34. Defaullt Make says:

    HDMI stove

  35. game changer says:

    I love the curious spectators. If you didn't clean their pans well enough I'm sure they would ask you to do them again properly.

  36. yoongi had me like says:

    Nagi: Ah such beauty…Can you believe that a cat can be just so perfect?

  37. Charles 192 says:

    You keep everything so clean and you see there’s a kindergarten portrait on my bed room wall

  38. Pillow_Cookie _ says:

    Those 600 dislikes are people who can’t cook

  39. pyroman010 says:

    Cat like a boss.

  40. wld alpha says:

    How it’s made: Coca Cola

  41. igorvas XZ2 says:

    Plágio e crime

  42. ilikeceral3 says:

    No poki?

  43. Marina Martins says:

    Alguém do Brasil? ❤

  44. Smokey Bacon says:

    Jun: cleans everything thoroughly every so often

    Me: I can’t use this pan it has scratches, this one is falling apart, ah yes, this one seems useable

  45. Jax LLJ says:

    My kind of cooking too haha, your English is brilliant and can I have your cats please? Ha ha ha

  46. Basya Kek says:

    Почему видео про то как чувак кипятит кастрюлю с содой набрало два ляма просмотров. Он бы ещё снял видео как чистить зубы

  47. pqikwe says:

    Jesus loves u

  48. Priscila Golob says:

    Esse homem é fantástico 💛

  49. Ulysse 73 says:

    Je suis malade. J'ai regardé jusqu'à la fin

  50. babyS zheng says:


  51. Büşra Demirbaş says:

    I like your relation with the cats, nice videos thanks

  52. フリーランスと猫 says:

    Could you help to me to clean up my house, please? ついでにうちの家も掃除してほしいぐらいです🙂

  53. test says:

    Like brand new.

  54. Loopy says:

    Wow never have I ever felt so inspired to wash dishes in my life

  55. My Life says:


  56. Ann Dubois says:


  57. Anj Jelic says:

    It's like his cats are the judges of him and his cleaning and how good it'll turn out hahaha

  58. WeirdoCentral says:

    This makes me ecstatic I have a couple pans like this I couldn't get the burnt shit off of. Thanks Jun!

  59. آَۭمِۧۘ مۧۘہۧ‌‍ۘجۧۘہۧ‌‍ۘاۧهۧۘہۧ‌‍ڍۧ says:

    ♥♥احبك جداً

  60. מאלי שוורץ says:

    So useful! Thanks🙌🙌

  61. Sharlly Hu says:

    These pots be lookin cleaner than my neck my mum would probably say if she watched this,
    Since she always tell me after I have a shower,
    said in mandarin
    Mum:hey! Your neck is sooo dirty, next time you shower, clean your neck!

  62. Elly Rivers says:

    You are a magician!💚

  63. Mai olivia Høgnadóttir says:

    No one did it when 5-minute crafts did the rust removing

  64. xmelissa._.turnen x says:

    I like HIM cleaning things

  65. Setony LOL says:

    Can you review your house or your room when you are filming this video I think your decoration is so attractive to live.

  66. Lauren Elaine says:

    Jun, your aesthetic + filming skills are on point. 10/10 would watch again.

  67. DaRandomPotato says:

    I use the pan, to clean the pan

  68. Raven Gray says:

    Is this even possible

  69. Ana Vila says:

    Este video es super sactifactorio..!!!!

  70. Kitty Gamer says:

    how to get my view: put a cat in the video

  71. Jennifer Huang says:

    this is just something i noticed, but jun doesn't purposefully try to make his videos 10 mins, they end when they end and that's so wholesome and i love it

  72. Nagato 長門 [Pain] says:

    I didn't know washing dirty pots could be this entertaining. OwO

  73. Lily Ngo says:

    this man is my hero
    which really shows the saying “not all heroes wear capes” lmfao

  74. Toki says:

    1:10 DIY pepsi

  75. Galaxy_ Æsthetic says:

    Now kids, this is Science.

  76. TomBluu says:

    Love your videos !!! Great channel!!!

  77. Baran Çalışkan says:

    i am watching this because i saw cute cats at the back jsjsjdjx

  78. Gavin Kerslake says:

    very cool.

  79. ebatsadoma says:

    Какие прекрасные коты uwu

  80. Sarah Weiler says:

    Jun you’re a genius. I legit would never have thought of this. It’s so simple I’m frustrated I didn’t think to do this!

  81. Mavish Tasadduq says:

    I love how your cats just watch you clean it

  82. Vishnupriya mohan says:

    Omg 😲😲😲😲……perfect husband for a girl…………..he he he he is well knowledgeable in everything he does………love from Chennai India

  83. Khuslenzaya Ts says:

    I just watched a video by some jealous hater that spent 10 min trying to convince people that Rachel and Jun are a fraud and don't deserve this many views/subs. I had to rewatch some of my favourite videos (such as this one) to chill and remind myself that people who actually watch their amazing content know why Rachel and Jun are so popular. For instance I've watched this video when it first came out and now I watch it everytime I burn a pan and sometimes just because I feel like it

  84. ワタル@目指せ脱社畜 says:



    you've got golden hands jun!!!

  86. Die Potato says:

    I saw “cleaning” and I clicked immediately

  87. Taisho 29092016 says:


  88. Jefferson Lopes says:

    Cool! 😄

  89. Nur Raheemah Mohamad Almutangalli says:

    Anybody know the name of the product cream cleanser calcium carbonate that he used?

  90. Almut zur Linden says:

    Dear Jun it is a pleasure to watch what you do, how you treat your cats and they correspond accordingly and your movements what ever you show is interesting . Thank you!

  91. Utopians Dream says:

    I don't know what I'm doing wrong but when I wash my pan with a sponge and dish soap it smells like the soap. No matter how many times I wash it with clear water the smell won't go away. It gets even stronger when you put it on the hot stove. It smells then like burned soap.

  92. rabbit white says:

    He make such a good husband?

  93. Leonor C. says:

    It’s almost midnight and yet I’m having an urge to go clean my pots and pans…

  94. angel of the shadows says:

    Oh my god, they look like you have never used them before, it looks awesome Jun

  95. angel of the shadows says:

    2:39 wow, i can see myself in it (if you know what i mean 😂)

  96. DanekanePlayz says:

    This channel is the fricken best

  97. Xxkawaii DJxX says:

    1:31 Hey cat can you see how clean is it look its shine isnt it soo cool right

  98. SurprisinglyWaffle says:

    Wait if Jun said this is how he cleans all of his pots and pans does it mean he burns curry everyday

  99. Fujii Takashi says:


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